Expert Broil King Baron Review 2021

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Broil King Baron

rating: 4.5
  • Offers high durability level
  • Highly affordable
  • Moderate and quick heating

Broil King Baron Gas Grills


When it comes to efficiently cooking meat, household gas grills are the best choice for it. This is where the popular and specially crafted Broil King Baron comes into the picture. This article is aimed at reviewing its top features, pros, cons, as well as its usage.

By Editorial Team | 12th June 2019

Broil King Baron is specially designed to offer an optimized and unique grilling experience to its users. For many people, the gas grill is considered the best equipment when it comes to grilling. This is due to its wide range of exotic features, aesthetics, and most importantly, durability and structure.

The Broil King Baron comes at an affordable price. It is a propane grill that consists of four unique main burners. Its structure signifies it has great flexibility. In fact, the grill is not an ideal choice for meat only, but also for many other types of food. Its side burner enables users to cook meat, vegetables, and a host of side dishes.

Speed is an essential factor when considering the purchase of a propane grill. The makers of the Broil King Baron ll put this into consideration and came up with the best speed they could offer. The grill takes about 11.5 minutes to heat up to a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This would definitely get that meat or vegetable almost ready, depending on how much you want to grill.

In order to understand the Broil King Baron, we would be looking into some of its top features, its pros, as well as its cons. Below is a rundown of the merits and drawbacks of the product.

Features of the Broil King Baron gas grill

Looking at the features of the Broil King Baron, one can see the grill was specially crafted to offer a great grilling experience. Today, finding the perfect grill to buy for your BBQ and other meals can be hard. The wide range of gas grills out there in the world sometimes makes it difficult. For this reason, we would be taking a look at some of the top features of the Broil King Baron, in order to help you see if it has just what you need for a gas grill.


The controls layout of any grill is an important factor that basically defines how well a user can handle and adopt its usage. The Broil King Baron has five unique control knobs, alongside an ignitor which helps in the generation of electric sparks to heat the grill. The control knobs are the right choice for controlling the amount of heat the grill emits. The layout offers enough space between knobs which enable users to easily switch on and off the grill without hindrance.

Value For Money

This grill comes at an affordable price rate. From its top features and versatility, we can see that the grill offers one of the best grilling experience anyone can find. Looking at how affordable the gas grill is, it is obvious that it is worth the price.


The kind of construction materials of any gas grill is a perfect definition of its durability. The stronger and maintainable it is, the more durability such grills is likely to have. Broil King Baron is crafted thoroughly from sturdy cast-iron. The entire grill is carefully designed with versatile grilling space for the delivery of a one-of-a-kind grilling experience. Its burners and grates are made from stainless steel and cast-iron respectively, giving it not just durability, but also a little bit of style and aesthetics.

It has four swivel casters supporting that provide support to the stand. Users can lock them and stop them from moving. But when it comes to moving the grill, all they have to do is release it.


Apart from all of its other benefits, warranties are great ways to signify the durability of the equipment. The makers of the gas grill offer a 10-year warranty on the stainless steel burners and a 2-year warranty on its other parts. The 10-year warranty offered on the burners is due to the fact that they are of more importance and users should be able to use them for a long period of time.


Space is very important whenever it comes to grilling. This often denotes the quantity of whatever dish you might be grilling. Although the space provided is ideal for making dishes for large groups of people, it would only fit about 15 hamburger patties if you were to grill those. Space matters a lot. With more space comes a large scale grilling experience. This would also lead to faster and less time-consuming preparation of dishes.

Cooking space is expanded along with the side burner. This helps with the grilling of meat and side dishes at the same time. The space it offers is just enough to accommodate a moderate amount of dishes.

Bottom Line

The idea of grilling has been around for quite a very long time now. With each passing year, better and more unique grills have been crafted to suit the grilling needs of people around the world. The Broil King Baron is highly designed to provide one of the best grilling performances today. In actual fact, its wide range of features is a contributing factor to its high rate of customer purchases.

Its warranty ensures users get to make use of the grill for a longer period of time. Versatility is given regards as the design allows for grilling of many special dishes including vegetables and meat. Space might not be as large as many would expect, but it still grills the right number of dishes for any family. The compact grill weighs about 154 pounds and is very much higher than most other grills with its height of 45.5 inches.

The cooking system of the Broil King Baron is designed to infuse liquid back into the dish through the vaporization of drippings, thereby adding a little bit of flavor enhancement to the dish. If you are planning on getting the grill, the above review should set you on the right part towards understanding what it truly offers.


  • Offers high durability level
  • Highly affordable
  • Moderate and quick heating
  • Even cooking of meat


  • Grilling space is below average
  • Meat would stick to the grill at high temperatures

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