Expert Maytag MFX2676FRZ Review 2021

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Maytag MFX2676FRZ

rating: 4.3
  • Lots and lots of space
  • Freezer door hinges at the bottom
  • Grab-n-go door

Maytag MFX2676FRZ French Door Refrigerators


The Maytag French door fridge is an excellent choice for any homeowner. However, you may want to consider all of its features before making any commitments to the fridge you want in your home.

By Editorial Team | 5th June 2019

If you’re looking for something that will add stunning visuals to your kitchen, this Maytag is an excellent choice. It is made of beautiful stainless steel that resists fingerprints, making it perfect for family homes. The shelves are made of durable material that gives off a sense of boldness and adds to the style inside your home. A fridge has never looked so good – so let’s explore a bit more about this model from the trusted brand.

The Maytag can fit a wide amount of groceries within its 26 cubic feet of storage. It also has a PowerCold feature, which makes it easy to adjust your temperature for a short period of time in order to cool groceries faster. After a certain amount of time, the temperature will return to normal and you won’t have to many any manual adjustments.

If you’re upgrading from an older fridge, you’ll love how easy it is to organize this refrigerator and find everything you need. It has LED lighting located underneath the shelves, making it easier to see what you need without worrying about items blocking light. In addition to the lighting, you can enjoy optimum sealing of the Maytag that lasts for years, keeping cold air in and groceries fresh.

Features of the Maytag MFX2676FRZ french door refrigerator

The dispenser that is included in the machine uses an advanced water filtration system that purifies the drinking water and keeps everything clean and healthy. Another great feature of the ice machine is that it can hold up to 3 pounds of ice while other models and machines can only hold up to 1 pound. When the bin is full, you will be able to serve an entire household several cups without ever worrying about running out.

The refridgerator includes 5 shelves that are designed to prevent spills from occurring. The shelves can be adjusted so that you have more space in the fridge for any of your grocery items. You can fold them upwards to increase space for taller items and then fold them back down to increase your shelf space. With all of the spacing in this fridge, you can fit all of your groceries inside without any hassles or struggles.

The Maytag French door fridge has a large bottom drawar that allows you to keep items separate from others in the fridge. While most fridges have this drawer available on the inside of the fridge, the Maytag has it separated so that it can be accessed without opening the main doors of the appliance. It also includes 3 crisper drawers along with 5 additional storage bins – 3 of which are a gallon.


The Maytag French door fridge has been designed for comfort and luxury. You can count on this brand to bring out revolutionary and highly efficient designs for appliances, but this Maytag takes the cake. It has an immense amount of storage space on top of several unique features, such as a 3 gallon ice dispenser and a large seperate drawer that’s perfect for bulky items, meats, party platters, and anything else you may need to store.

This fridge seems to have been meant for individuals with large families or those that love to cook. An entire month’s worth of groceries can be held securely in the Maytag, allowing you to enjoy having enough space for every part of your cooking arsenal.

While it comes with an extended warranty for 10 years, this only coveres the compressor. The compressor is the main part of the fridge that keeps everything functioning, but several other parts may need replacement or maintenence work done.

Another thing you may want to consider is the Maytag’s effect on your energy bill. While it is nice to have so much space, it seems to come with the price of some extra dollars spent on your electricity bill each month. However, if you value your space in the home then the slight increase in price is nothing to be worried about.

All in all, this fridge is amazing and has some great features that are beneficial for all individuals that own their own home or apartment. It’s ideal for families and others that love to cook and enjoy knowing exactly where everything is. The beauty of this machine certainly matches up to the functionality of it.

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