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  • Over 2000 Channels
  • Full HD
  • Beautiful User Interface

Sweet IPTV keeps things simple by offering the largest variety of channels to fit all of its customers’ needs.

By Editorial Team | 9th November 2018

Sweet IPTV is a new IPTV company, established in 2018 and growing rapidly. They have experienced a lot of positive reviews for their professionalism and provide over 2000 channels worth of streams, divided into a few language categories. What makes Sweet IPTV specific is the fact that they have over 500 Arabic channels, as well as a sizable number of Bulgarian and Italian channels. It’s not difficult to determine that this company is targeting the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and they’re succeeding – especially considering how cheap the service comes. The prices are especially affordable, making this website as competitive as any other, except with a very cheap price.


Sweet IPTV offers over 2000 channels, divided into several packages and package types. There are Arabic, Bulgarian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and various other smaller packages like Serbian and Greek to choose from, and each of them comes in a 3 month, 6-month, 1 year and 2 years variant. But before we start talking about prices, let’s just note that Sweet IPTV also has a 24-hour trial version that you can try out with absolutely no risks.

Sweet IPTV doesn’t offer any time-shifted media or videos On Demand, but what they do have has been perfected to work as conveniently as possible for the customers. This means that they’re going to observe their server status as closely as possible, keeping a public list of operational servers in various parts of the world. Also, you can buy a Sweet IPTV Android Box from them as well – they not only provide the software but the hardware too.

Three Months$60
Six Months$90
One Year$150
Two Years$270
Supported Devices and Apps

The Sweet IPTV app can be installed on a large variety of devices, including Android devices, WebOS, Samsung devices, XBMC/Kodi, iOS, CARS, Sweet IPTV boxes (Plug & Play technology). You can even connect it to your PC through VLC Player! If you buy an Android box from this company, their product comes pre-calibrated and all you have to do is plug it in the wall and you’ll have the complete Sweet IPTV channel list.

Over 2000 channelsNo time-shifting media
Streams WorldwideTrial only lasts 24 hours
Packet diversity and specialization
Works on many devices
Contact and Support

Sweet IPTV can be reached in a number of ways. First of all, you could submit a contact form on their ‘Contact’ page. Also, you could send an e-mail or Telegram to info@sweetiptv.com, as well as Whatsapp here: +201158668560. If all else fails, which all indicators suggest wouldn’t happen, you could show up at 11 Kaiyuan Road in Guangzhou, China. Their customer support is open 24/7 throughout the year with no off days, and you can contact them whenever you have a problem. According to all found reviews, the Sweet IPTV customer support is superb and more often than not, will solve whatever problems you might be having with the service at the moment.


In conclusion, we can say that Sweet IPTV is one of the most responsible streaming services today, but also the most specialized. They offer high-quality packages of specific language packs you might like, as well as equipment to enable you to watch the streams. They seem to have excellent customer support with a lot of satisfied customers and various systems through which they can deliver wonderful customer assistance.

Due to the prices that Sweet IPTV has determined, we can safely say that they are one of the cheapest services out there, but not the cheapest. While the monthly price approaches $11 when you buy a two-year package which provides a significant discount and a rise in competitiveness, they also offer 3-month and 6-month package and fail to offer a monthly one. However, this company seems relatively confident that if you try their 24-hour trial, you’ll want to sign up for at least three months, and considering their target demographic, specific language groups in the Middle East and Europe, this is a very likely strategy that deserves props.

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