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Philo IPTV

rating: 4.6
  • Over 40 channels in the basic package
  • Ability to expand trial period by 5 days
  • Only $4 more to gain 10 more channels

Philo IPTV IPTV Services


Philo is an IPTV service which is backed by networks such as Discovery, AMC and Viacom, plus more. 

By Imogen Groome | 22nd May 2019

These networks don’t offer sports as part of their bundles, but the upside to this is that there is a lower monthly cost for this service. Users can enjoy unlimited storage with a 30 day time limit, which is pretty generous, and you won’t have any restrictions when it comes to skipping ads on these recorded programs. If you have missed a show that aired in the last few days on a channel, you can replay it. There is a simple user interface for browsing popular shows, live TV and favorites, meaning you won’t get confused when you first load up the service. To start with, this service was only available on the web, iOS devices and Roku players, but now people can stream with Philo IPTV using Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV devices. There is also support for up to 10 user profiles, and each one has its own set of recordings and viewing histories, meaning you won’t have to share recording space with a family member or find someone has deleted your favorite show to make room for theirs.


The basic $16 a month package provides users with access to over 40 channels, including TLC, Nickelodeon, the Lifetime channel, BBC World News, Animal Planet, the Food Network and AMC. If you increase the subscription by $4 to $20, you gain access to 10 additional channels, which include MTV Live, NickToons, Discovery Family, the Cooking Channel and Destination America. This is definitely an IPTV service for those who are into reality TV and movies more than news and sports, as the major broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox are not included in any subscription.

All you have to do to access a 7-day free trial is enter your mobile phone number, or you can subscribe using your email address. If you enter your billing information within 48 hours of the 7 day trial, you’ll gain another 5 days of free access. If you cancel before the end of the free trial, your card won’t be charged. Furthermore, there is no contract involved with Philo IPTV, so you can leave the service whenever you want.

Basic$16 a month (no contract)
General$20 a month (no contract)
Supported Devices and Apps

Philo IPTV is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android Chrome, web and iOS. The site includes information on its trial page about the exact setup you’ll need according to the device you have. For example, if you’re browsing on Mac or PC, you’ll need to be in a web browser to load up Philo IPTV. Those who want to get their reality TV or documentary fix on their iPhone or iPad should ensure they are running iOS 9 or newer. This can be done by checking for software updates and ensuring you have the latest setup installed. If you use an Android phone or tablet each day for bingeing on your favorite shows, ensure it’s running Chrome 54+ and Android 7.0+ or above. Again, you can check for software updates on your device or check the system properties if you aren’t sure what setup you have running. The list of supported devices and apps may seem limited, but the site assures us there will be more available soon.

Inexpensive serviceNo sports channels
Backed by major networksNo major news networks
Multiple support channels
Contact and Support

As a first port of call, Philo IPTV has a help center available for customers, where they can enter their query into the search bar and check the results which appear on the screen to see if any match what they’re looking for. You can also click on the speech button in the bottom right hand corner of the help center page to access the Philo bot, who will search the database for queries also. If the help center doesn’t have the answer you require, you can call, chat or email them. To call them, dial 855-277-4456, and their phone line is open between 10am and midnight (ET). The live chat is open during the same hours, and all you have to do is click on the widget on the contact page to load it up. If your query applies outside of Philo IPTV’s customer support hours, you can submit a request on the online web form. You’ll be required to enter personal information such as your email address and name as a minimum. You can also enter your phone number, and it’s required that this is the number associated with your Philo IPTV account. Then you proceed to enter a description of your query, where you describe the problem you’re having. There is also an option to provide attachments to illustrate the issue, and you can either add files from your desktop or drop them into the box. Then all you have to do is submit the form and wait for a response via email.


Philo IPTV is a great service for those who aren’t interested in having access to sports channels and want an inexpensive way to get their fix of reality, lifestyle and documentary shows. It was originally designed for college campuses but as of 2017 it has been available to the general public. Facebook co-founder Andrew McCollum leads the company, and with a combined $25 million invested in the business by networks Scripps, Discovery, Viacom, AMC and A&E, it’s clear they see something worth working with. Indeed, this service is seen as one of the most affordable IPTV services around, and with a slick and professional-looking website with easy navigation and a clear interface, there’s little doubt that IPTV is a legit service.

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Imogen Groome
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