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  • Hundreds of different sources
  • EZ Stream Ti8 Plus comes with 1-year warranty
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Packed with unlimited hours of entertaining and movies for you and your whole family to enjoy!

By Editorial Team | 9th November 2018

EZ to Stream is an IPTV service established in 2017 which provides affordable internet streaming of over 500 channels on your devices at home. They offer attractive monthly and yearly programs which provide access to a wide range of categories of channels and have generally received excellent reviews. In addition to their yearly subscription program, they also have a month-to-month ‘Pay as you go!’ program, without any long-term commitments, but also without activation or cancellation fees. EZ to Stream also includes HD and provides thousands of On Demand entertainment options, and they use Plug & Play technology to get it done.


EZ to Stream offers a three-day free trial to test out the service without a box, only on your devices. However, they also offer several subscriptions, both monthly and yearly. Their monthly recurring subscription costs a very affordable $24.99 and provides you with access to up to three devices within your household. This service doesn’t come with a contract and can be stopped at any time, for any reason – but it also doesn’t come with a box – it’s a code that they e-mail to you and you can watch TV through your device. Also, the company website recommends that you buy an EZ to stream box which will provide you with the best picture quality and lag reduction.

For an additional $110 you can purchase the EZ to Stream box as a one-time payment, but you could also save an extra $5 if you got the Set top box and monthly recurring charge subscription – this one costs $129.99 and will give you both the hardware and the software, and after a month they’ll even cut down the price to a $20 monthly subscription.

The yearly subscriptions are similar – $259.88 yearly, and $359.88 if you want an EZ to Stream box to go with it. The subscription with the box saves you $50, and the cheaper option without the box saves you $40.

For these prices, EZ to Stream offers over 500 channels, divided into three categories – English channels, sports channels and adult channels. There are six adult channels, 70 sports channels and the rest are all various channels in English with a great degree of specialization and diversity. You can watch these channels live on any of your devices, but you can also get some stuff to watch On Demand, which is always a welcome sight.

One Month$24.99
One Year$259.88
Supported Devices and Apps

The EZ to Stream app will work on any Android box 5.1 or higher, as well as an Amazon Firestick and Nvidia shield. Also, the company has launched a website portal where you can watch TV on any device, on any internet browser, but it’s not available in the free trial. You can use Android or iOS or you can use their own set-top box. If you want to, you can even connect their box to a Mag 254 box!

Large number of channelsRelatively new service
HD and On Demand availableDoesn’t work on Roku
No long term commitments, cancellation or activation fees
Works worldwide
Contact and Support

You can contact EZ to Stream through the live chat on their website at https://www.eztostream.com, but you can also submit a form to them in their contact area. They reply within a few minutes and they generally have a very effective customer support service. If you are dissatisfied with your product, they even provide a 30-day money back guarantee, but to get it you have to return all the items in the original box.


EZ to Stream has very competitive pricing, an excellent offer and an incredibly high-quality service. With a month costing $20 if you are buying any subscription except for the monthly recurring one, it is one of the most competitive on the market with regard to pricing. Also, they offer a wide range of channels which can’t all be accessed by regular cable, which clearly puts them ahead of traditional technologies. Their customer support seems brilliant – their customers are happy in all the reviews we found and they seem to have very fair terms and conditions for their services. EZ to Stream is available worldwide and you only need an internet connection to access it, and you can pay with any major credit or debit card, as well as a regular bank account anywhere in the world.

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