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rating: 3.7
  • Over 500 Channels
  • Multi Device Platform
  • Skip the Fees (no activation or cancellation fees or credit check)

ColossalTV IPTV Services


ColossalTV offers thousands of On Demand entertainment options, most of which comes in HD.

By Editorial Team | 9th November 2018

ColossalTV is an IPTV service accessible worldwide, and it provides everything you could ever ask from an internet streaming website, making it one of the best IPTV services out there according to IPTV reviews. The service was founded in 2018 and it’s based in Alexandria, Virginia, with an address at 3213 DUKE ST. UNIT 201. It enables subscribers to view more than 500 channels, including HD features. Also, the service includes thousands of On Demand entertainment options, which makes it incredibly desirable with its target customers. ColossalTV is special not only because of its channel availability but also because of its payment system – you pay as you go, with month-to-month service and there are no activation or cancellation fees, as well as no credit checks before subscribing, which makes it very convenient for its customers.


ColossalTV offers over 500 channels, from various categories. Categories include entertainment, news, kids, movies, sports, network, and adult channels. There are multiple channels available in each category, with additional categories such as weather, home improvement, and health including a smaller number of channels. This service costs $24.99 per month, and you pay on a monthly basis. It supports up to four devices per account, all within the same household. This makes ColossalTV possibly the cheapest IPTV service around.

They offer a free trial and a paid service. With the free trial, you get two days of free service, no credit card required. Their basic paid offer includes live television on all of their channels, using Plug & Play technology. ColossalTV offers the full HD experience – watch your favorite movies or TV shows without as much as a blink on the screen! While most of their channels are in English, ColossalTV offers channels in Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian and Irish as well. Neither the website, internet reviews nor the application provides information if ColossalTV supports time-shifted media.

Supported Devices and Apps

ColossalTV is available in the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Amazon Fire TV, for Windows and for Mac. They have not yet added capabilities to run on Roku, Kodi or XBOX, but they claim they will add these features soon. To use the service you download the app from the designated source and install it onto your device. It can run on any device, including smartphones and tablets, although only one out of the four permitted devices can be a mobile device. According to their Facebook page, ColossalTV supports Android box 5.1 or higher, Android phones or tablets & set top boxes (SP-110), as well as Amazon FireBox & Fire Stick, Nvidia shield and more. IPTV subscription reviews are very positive towards the compatibility of ColossalTV and its services. If you don’t have a set top box, you can buy one from ColossalTV itself at a very fair price!

Large number of channelsUnavailable on Roku, Kodi or Xbox
Professional supportRelatively new
No long term commitments
No additional fees
Contact and Support

This service has very high marks for its reliability, but if there is a problem, ColossalTV has excellent customer support, which can be reached in a number of ways. They have a form you can fill out on their website’s main page, but if you want, you can also call them at 888-904-6883. They have an e-mail option available as well, and you can contact them at [email protected] ColossalTV has a great track record in customer support, but if all else fails, you can reach them at their Facebook page at @GetColossalTV. So far, they have an outstanding record in both activity and quality of customer service, which means that whatever problem you’re having with the service, if it’s solvable, they will definitely solve it. If you’re in the USA IPTV reviews are going to be far more specific, so you’ll be able to learn anything you want about the ColossalTV customer service process – especially if someone has any complaints, which is rare. Finally, in order to avoid any unauthorized data transfers, ColossalTV makes sure that you have uninterrupted access to your IPTV with their amazing security – they claim their website is impregnable and that their security cannot be bypassed to access your personal information. This is done through encrypting all communications to and from the service.


ColossalTV is a new service in the IPTV world, but it doesn’t lag far behind the existing services. Instead, this service comes incredibly cheap, which makes it very competitive for today’s IPTV market, but it still has hundreds of channels to peruse. The low subscription fee, along with the non-existent activation and cancellation fees project a bright future for this service. Also, ColossalTV doesn’t require any credit checks, which has certainly found its target audience among customers who have hailed it as the best paid IPTV service of 2019.

ColossalTV boasts over 500 channels, which is pretty impressive by any standards, and since they’re available worldwide and fairly cheap for most western countries, it means that they will undoubtedly take up a larger percentage of the market as they develop their system. Their customer support seems to go above and beyond what is considered normal with other providers, and you can be sure that if you have a problem they will help you solve it. This gives the service a bright future since it’s very rare that something works exactly as described for a fairly low price. ColossalTV is one of the top IPTV service providers in 2019 just because of their amazing streaming quality and great potential for future success. In the past year, ColossalTV has served as an example of how a new IPTV business is supposed to look like.

Finally, if you want to use ColossalTV for more than just watching television, you can become a reseller and form your own IPTV company down the line, should you wish to do so. They offer a very competitive reseller package that will allow you to still profit while selling what are essentially, ColossalTV IPTV subscriptions at a discounted price.

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