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Cable Free IPTV

rating: 4.0
  • Over 500 Channels
  • Multi Device Platform
  • Beautiful User Interface

Cable Free IPTV IPTV Services


Cable Free IPTV is a streaming provider company that focuses on delivering top-notch services to its customers.

By Editorial Team | 9th November 2018

If you look at IPTV subscription reviews, you probably already know this provider. Cable Free IPTV offers internet protocol streaming of over 500 channels as well as a large library of movies and TV shows On Demand. They offer four different packages of one, three, six and twelve months and are relatively cheap compared to other companies. The service functions through an app that you download to your devices or to a TV box which you may purchase from Cable Free IPTV itself. This service is supported by a large number of devices and is not limited to a single platform – you can use it on your phone, PC, Mac, TV box and just about any other device. They support all major credit as well as debit cards and also accept PayPal so payment shouldn’t be a problem – IPTV is spreading in third world countries and underdeveloped areas very quickly, and it has been made as easy as possible to pay to accommodate these new markets.


Cable Free IPTV offers premium streaming of over 500 channels as well as a large amount of movies and TV shows that you can watch on demand by browsing them in the company’s catalog. They offer live television on their 500+ channels and a vast library of Videos On Demand in their stored media catalog. Sadly, they do not offer any time-shifted media such as Catch-Up TV or start-over TV but their other features make up for more than the lack of time-shifted TV. Before subscribing to a feature, you can ask for a 24-hour trial membership which will then help you determine if you want to subscribe – you will get all the features of the service for free, without any activation or cancellation fees and without credit checks which makes it easier for everyone to try out the service. With the free trial, an extensive list of channels and humongous library, Cable Free IPTV is definitely one of the top IPTV service providers for 2019.

One Month$20
Three Months$55
Six Month$110
One Year$200
Supported Devices and Apps

Cable Free IPTV can be loaded on any of your favorite devices, whether it’s an Android phone or TV box or tablet, or even a PC or a Mac. You can find the apps on the Amazon store as well as the Google Play Store, but also on the Cable Free IPTV website, where they are classified into categories – Android box and Nvidia shield, Android smartphones, Amazon Fire TV equipment and for a number of other devices. Find the necessary app, install it and you should be well on your way to cutting your TV bill while still getting hundreds of channels more than with a normal TV connection! In order to use the service, you have to download the app, install it on your device and connect it by the internet to Cable Free IPTV. The company’s website has ample material to help you install your IPTV yourself, at home. If you want to let them do all the work, they have a TV box that they can sell you along with their subscription, but of course, it will cost you extra. This is a characteristic of only the best IPTV service providers and if you live in the USA, IPTV reviews should already be pointing out your choice.

Large selection of channelsLack of box + subscription programs
Large availability across devicesCompany website is up to standard
Relatively cheap
Video On Demand
Contact and Support

You can contact Cable Free IPTV over a number of channels. They have an integrated chat system into their webpage which always has a customer service representative on the other side of it, ready to talk to you about your problem. While this will solve 90% of requests, for the other 10% with more complicated problems, there are even more options! If you want, you can contact them at their address at 18762 Seminole Blvd Seminole, Florida. You can contact them by email here: Cable Free IPTV has a very limited number of contact and support methods but they are used very effectively by its customer support team. The program has a 7-day money back guarantee, and their Terms of Use claim it’s actually a 30-day guarantee so I suggest you sort that out before subscribing to the service, even if they do have an excellent track record so far. IPTV reviews claim that Cable Free IPTV’s customer service is pretty good, so you shouldn’t have any trouble.


Cable Free IPTV has very competitive pricing, but it’s definitely not the cheapest IPTV service in its market. There are quite a few services under $20, but $200 per year just sounds like too much as well. It has a limited number of subscription programs and they are inadequately balanced with regard to price. Also, Cable Free IPTV has around 500 channels, which is in the lower to middle range when it comes to IPTV but they’re still among the best-paid IPTV services of 2019 simply because they’re fast, reliable and not the most expensive provider out there. They seem to have decent customer support which will answer all of your needs in a timely fashion.

This subscription service also offers a very significant function – starting your own IPTV company if you wish to do so. Just e-mail them for more information and this may be that lucky break you’ve been looking for! In case you want to become a reseller, you can do it easily with this service provider as they allow for the option. All in all, this is what makes Cable Free IPTV one of the top IPTV service providers of 2019 and an option to consider if you find yourself looking for a new IPTV connection.

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