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rating: 5
  • Near-perfect and constantly available customer support
  • Exceptional security utilizing the latest technologies and multiple layers
  • Excellent affordable hosting for any small or medium business

SiteGround Hosting


SiteGround is a hosting service that provides everything a small or medium website would need to run perfectly and also allows a little extra leeway for WordPress developers and ecommerce website creators through WooCommerce.

By Editorial Team | 29th November 2018

SiteGround is a relatively new website hosting service, launching in 2004 with only a single employee, but in the past 14 years, they have come to be one of the best hosting services available. They offer affordable and extremely reliable web, WordPress, cloud and WooCommerce hosting. SiteGround has been known to have excellent uptimes as well as incredibly efficient customer support with a vast majority of its users reporting top-notch dedication from the staff.

Packages and Pricing

SiteGround offers four main services, – web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting. Cloud Hosting offers four additional and distinct packages.

Across Cloud Hosting’s packages, they all have 5TB of data transfer, with the main difference ranging in the number of CPU cores (2 to 8 for the most advanced package), RAM (4GB to 10GB for the most advanced package) and SSD space (40GB to 120GB for the most advanced package). You will receive 100% support for installing and maintaining WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento with this service.

For web hosting and WordPress hosting services, the differences between the packages are in the number of websites (one for the cheapest package, multiple for the more expensive ones) and visits (10,000 – 100,000 visits per month for the most expensive package). Also, SiteGround provides unlimited databases and email accounts for all packages. This makes the service suitable for anyone, no matter how big or small they want to build their website and also makes SiteGround a candidate to be the best website builder around.

Also, the GrowBig package offers premium features, such as their famed SuperCacher plugin, free backup restores, and site transfers as well as priority technical support. Additionally, the GoGeek package offers PCI compliant servers, one-click Git Repo creation, WordPress and Joomla staging, free backups on demand and fewer accounts on your server to make room for whatever you need. The staging features are especially useful – you don’t want to be stuck making repairs to your website in the middle of a crisis!

All packages include a free website builder, SSL and HTTPS, a free Cloudflare CDN and daily backup, free e-mail accounts, 24/7 support, unmetered traffic, unlimited MySQL, cPanel & SSH, and a 30-day money-back guarantee! For WooCommerce, their specialty hosting service, SiteGround offers packages with built-in WooCommerce capabilities for all packages at the same price.

PackageSpecial PricePricing (per month)
Web Hosting (StartUp)$3.95$11.95
Web Hosting (GrowBig)$5.95$19.95
Web Hosting (GoGeek)$11.95$34.95
Cloud Hosting (Entry)$80
Cloud Hosting (Business)$120
Cloud Hosting (Business Plus)$160
Cloud Hosting (Super Power)$240
WordPress Hosting (StartUp)$3.95$11.95
WordPress Hosting (GrowBig)$5.95$19.95
WordPress Hosting (GoGeek)$11.95$34.95
WooCommerce Hosting (StartUp)$3.95$11.95
WooCommerce Hosting (GrowBig)$5.95$19.95
WooCommerce Hosting (GoGeek)$11.95$34.95
Available resources for every level of website creationRenewal pricing can grow to unforeseen amounts
Affordable prices compared to their competitionAppeals to developers instead of the general audience
Extremely easy to use, only basic/no instructions required
Very high uptime and fast loading time
Usability and Features

SiteGround provides the ultimate user experience when it comes to simplicity of use. Their website is easy to operate and provides all necessary information and they provide an interface that is incredibly simple to use. They have a tool called ‘WordPress Starter’ which helps you make a website and launch it, even walking you through the steps of creating your website. In 2015, they added a website creator based on a drag-and-drop process to their vast array of options so even instructions can be unnecessary. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out most hosting services, but you don’t even have to try with this one. The WordPress Starter even installs features and plugins you need, fully automatically.

Performance and Uptime

SiteGround performs exceedingly well compared to other hosting services. They have an average uptime of 99.99%, which is higher than the industry standard. Also, they provide a fairly fast load time at an average of 714ms over the course of a year, sometimes even dropping as low as 680ms! They utilize a number of technological solutions, both readily available and manufactured in-house, such as Linux containers, automatic backup systems, pro-active server monitoring, a unique anti-bot AI and their very own invention – secure account isolation! As users have repeatedly discovered, this company is more than a website maker – they deliver on their promises!

Help and Support

SiteGround pays a lot of attention to this part of their company – their customer support is excellent and responsive within seconds, all while handling thousands of requests per day. SiteGround employs over 230 people for this monumental task which is why it enjoys such high marks in its customer service. You can reach them 24/7 through live chat, phone or e-mail, and if you’re not using the cheapest package, you will have priority customer support 365 days/year. SiteGround customers on almost all reviewing platforms praise the service for its simplicity, affordability and having everything they need to create and run their website.


SiteGround is one of the best-regarded hosting services in the market, being consistently top-rated for reliability, efficiency, customer service, and innovation. They use new technologies that haven’t entered the market yet and this is what makes them different. The service provides managed WordPress hosting on all accounts should you choose to buy it, and for most users, that will be the main selling point. If you want to know how to create a blog on SiteGround, the process couldn’t be simpler – just pick a hosting plan, perform a domain name search to see if the domain names you want are available, review and complete the process. With such simplicity, it’s easy to see why SiteGround is considered one of the best web hosting services today.

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