DreamHost Hosting Review

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  • Choice between monthly and yearly plans
  • Free WHOIS privacy protection
  • 1-click WordPress and Joomla installer

DreamHost is a privately owned hosting service endorsed by WordPress and they have a unique 100% uptime guarantee.

By Editorial Team | 19th November 2018

DreamHost is a hosting service that currently powers over 1.5 million websites. They provide various types of hosting at affordable prices, all while maintaining their guarantee of 100% uptime, which is also their main selling point. This is a perfect service for small or medium businesses since it also provides 1-click installation of both WordPress and Joomla, as well as a number of other web apps. Also, this service appeals to developers since it allows for the creation of new cloud servers within 30 seconds and supporting apps such as MongoDB, Redis and Ruby on Rails. For every hour that a website stays downed, DreamHost compensates with a day of free hosting, so the company strives even harder to avoid any downtime.

Packages and Pricing

DreamHost offers several types of hosting including Shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated Hosting. Additionally, they provide WordPress and WooCommerce hosting at different rates. All of their plans give you a choice between monthly and yearly signup, with the monthly choices being more expensive.

Majority of the shared plans include unlimited traffic, at least one SSL certificate and website, but the Shared Unlimited plan also offers unlimited websites, SSD storage and e-mail hosting.

For DreamHost’s VPS hosting has four plans, they all include unlimited bandwidth and hosted domains, as well as a Linux Ubuntu OS and fully managed service, but they differ in included RAM and storage capacity, ranging from 1GB to 8GB of RAM and 30GB to 240GB of storage.

The cloud services start from $4.50 per month all the way to $48 per month, with the cheapest service getting 512MB of RAM and 1 vCPU and the most expensive service having 8GB of RAM and 4 vCPUs.

Another hosting type provided by this company is WordPress hosting, aptly named DreamPress. It offers three unique plans which can be purchased monthly or annually. The main differences between the packages are the number of allowed monthly visitors, the amount of SSD storage per plan as well as priority support for the most expensive plan.

Finally, their WooCommerce hosting offers only a single plan for $24.95 (normally $29.95) per month, with WooCommerce and a Storefront theme pre-installed, as well as Jetpack Professional, managed resource scaling, 30GB storage with 50GB storage expandability and three monthly calls to a special concierge phone support system. The company also offers dedicated servers with DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage, full Root & Shell access and 24/7 support and server monitoring. This service starts at $169 per month and you have to contact them to get it.

PackagePricing (per month)
Shared Starter$2.59
Shared Starter Unlimited$7.95
Shared Starter (Annual)$4.95
Shared Starter Unlimited (Annual)$10.95
VPS hosting (Basic)$13.75
VPS hosting (Business)$27.50
VPS hosting (Professional)$55
VPS hosting (Enterprise)$110
Cloud HostingFrom $4.50 up to $48
DreamPress Plus$29.95
DreamPress Pro$79.95
DreamPress (Annual)$16.95
DreamPress Plus (Annual)$24.95
DreamPress Pro (Annual)$71.95
Usability and Features

DreamHost is extremely easy to use both before and after giving them your money. They include an easy to use control panel as well as Remixer – a website building tool that lets you create your website without any previous knowledge of coding or design. You really wouldn’t need to be very experienced to fully take advantage of what they offer!

Performance and Uptime

This is where DreamHost excels. They offer a unique 100% uptime guarantee and they say they will compensate each lost hour with a free day of hosting services, which can mean a lot when you’re using one of the more expensive plans, but they try to contain downtime in all of their plans, with a high degree of success so far.

Help and Support

You can reach DreamHost by e-mail, live chat or phone. Also, for a fee they will call you so that they can get a hands-on approach. DreamHost uses in-house support and they stay close to their hardware so someone will always be there to take your call, probably while standing a few feet away from the server you’re calling about!


DreamHost is one of the finest hosting services available today. With their 97-day money-back guarantee, their unique 100% uptime guarantee and over two decades of experience, they have built a company to be proud of, one that is thriving and for good reason – they provide excellent services!

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