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In the past, when we wanted to create something on the internet, we used our own devices to host it so that other people could use it. Hosting services revolutionized this by allowing you to purchase a certain amount of space on a hosting server, which then allowed you to run your webpage or program. Now, you can use that server space however you want. The resources available to you depend on the type of hosting service you need, with the cheapest and most widespread shared hosting, all the way up to dedicated hosting, where you are alone on your server.

How do hosting services work?

Hosting services employ a large number of devices as servers, and they sell the capacity of these servers to users. How much capacity you get (measured in bandwidth, storage space, RAM and many other variables) depends on the type of hosting you would like. The most famous hosting companies offer all types of hosting, along with several additional services, such as managed hosting, domains, assistance and of course, various levels of modulation so you can change your package depending on your needs by adding or removing applications.

Types of hosting services

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting services
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is the most well-known hosting service since it appeals to the majority of customers. This is usually the cheapest service and it can come with or without WordPress management. Shared hosting services put you and a number of other users in the same server and you are all using the same resources. This type of hosting has a few drawbacks, such as the inability for you to fine-tune your server settings as you wish, as well as reduced performance whenever there’s a spike in traffic on your server.

Cloud hosting services are similar to shared hosting, but instead of multiple users on one device, cloud users would have multiple virtual devices on their disposal, utilizing the resources of multiple hardware units. Cloud hosting services are regarded as flexible, scalable, safer, cheaper and faster than any shared hosting service, which is why they have had a drastic increase in popularity. When you require more resources, it’s very easy to just scale up to a more powerful package, and you can pay a relatively low price per month for the upgrade.

VPS hosting is the next step up from cloud hosting – with this hosting service, you will have your own part of a specific server with root access. This means that you will be able to modify the parameters of your server as you wish, adding or removing anything you please. You are joined by multiple other users on the server, but they all use only their own resources and stay out of yours, so a VPS hosting service would be better for someone working with a serious business or organization, sharing the same server with other organizations of a similar size. VPS servers are the next step not only in power but also in hosting technology, resulting in them being thought about as ‘the perfect middle’ between the cheaper shared hosting and the more expensive dedicated hosting. Speaking of which…

Dedicated hosting is a service provided by the bigger and better-equipped hosting companies and it basically means that you buy the space and resources of an entire server, which will be dedicated just for your needs. Nobody else will be on your server and you won’t share resources with anyone, but this will often be the most expensive option. Usually, a dedicated hosting will come with an unmetered bandwidth, 4-30GB of RAM and 4-8 CPU cores for processing power. Dedicated hosting servers usually have the best speeds as well as the best overall performance of any hosting service, but they are also usually the most expensive option and might set you back hundreds of dollars.

Hosting benefits and uses

There are a few upsides to hosting services that simply cannot be achieved by hosting things yourself. First of all, your hosting service has much better security than what you can produce at home for the price. They have backup generators, underground protection, security personnel and you don’t even have to worry about losing your laptop and your data with it. Even if some of your files do get lost, you can bring them back because of the various failsafes and disaster recovery mechanisms implemented in your server. Once you put something on the cloud, unless someone physically destroys the server (which is almost impossible with all the security measures in place), your information will be safe. This is one of the main reasons that people choose to employ hosting services instead of hosting their content personally.

Also, hosting services are very environmentally friendly, as you only use the energy you need, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. There is no waste as there would be while hosting something yourself. One of the best features of hosting services is profound operational agility, which has been described as one of the top motives for companies to transfer to cloud, VPS or dedicated hosting.

Finally, hosting services enable you to cut capital services spending and focus on what you need instead of shopping for hardware. By keeping their hardware in pristine conditions, these companies are able to make a claim that their speed, performance and especially reliability (with uptimes of over 99.99%) will beat any non-company hosting.

Hosting services are among the most important inventions of the last few decades. Now, anyone can utilize internet hosting as a way to share whatever they want, or as a way to grow their business. They are incredibly reliable, fast and secure, which more often than not, satisfies the needs of all their customers. Furthermore, hosting services are only as expensive as you need them to be, with multiple packages available and various upgrades at your disposal. You might even get a free, or a very cheap domain with some of the companies!