Vivint Home Security Review

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rating: 5
  • An industry-respected provider
  • Flexible payment options
  • Variety of subscription plans
  • Vivint is plainly incredible – they are quick, efficient, and friendly while keeping every aspect of our security at a high-tier level.

Vivint Home Security


Vivint is plainly incredible – they are quick, efficient, and friendly while keeping every aspect of our security at a high-tier level.

By Aleksandar Spasov | 16th January 2019

Vivint is among the most renowned home security brands at the moment. From thoroughly designed equipment, through competitive monthly fees, to amazing home automation features, the company has risen in ranks and maintains the status of a legitimate home safety provider. Their tech stats are off the charts and the mobile app lets us control everything in the security system without being even remotely close to our estate. The quality in those guys’ work can be seen from afar and it definitely gives them an edge over most of their competitors. The only thing that can make a customer think twice before signing with them is the long contracts. But if the service is so splendid, there’s no reason why the length of the subscription should matter.

24/7 Monitoring via multiple channelsUp-front equipment payments may be high
Modern security technologyLong contracts
A possibility for a No-Contract plan
SkyControl panel suited for all possible security settings

All of Vivint’s monthly plans enable an array of tools for customer use. Even the Smart Security Basic has more options than some Advanced plans of rival companies ($29.99). Yes, it is a bit more expensive than others but this is due to their ultimate security coverage. In addition, we can pay equipment costs in installments alongside our ordinary monthly fee which is not so often seen in such successful companies. The Basic Plan gets us mobile app control, Smoke/CO monitors, and a medical pendant.

The Smart Home subscription adds a responsive Home Automation feature to our plan which combines pretty well with the abovementioned features. In addition, we get the whole Automation panel for just $10 more and the installation fee remains $99 across all sub-plans.

Smart Home Video gets us all security tools of the previous two plans while adding Video Monitoring through a cellular network. Yes, it comes at $49.99 per month but a Vivint smart home is worth it. The customer service on all plans is remarkable but this can be best seen while using the most advanced plan.

PlanPrice (per month)Contract Length
Smart Security$29.9942 to 60 months
Smart Home$29.9942 to 60 months
Smart Home Video$29.9942 to 60 months

While many security providers use somewhat similar equipment for their security systems, Vivint Home Security excels by implementing their own equipment pieces into your house. A 24/7 cellular monitoring is expected for all parts of the household, controlled by either a user-friendly control panel or the optimized mobile application.

Door and window sensors can sense even the slightest change in scenery and alarm you of it. Motion detectors enhance this process even more so when you back them up with a Heat, Freeze, Smoke and carbon monoxide detector to their job efficiently to prevent any possible environmental disasters from harming our estate. Almost each of Vivint’s equipment pieces is built on their own so we can expect a unique approach to regulating our home security levels depending on our preferences.

The SkyControl Panel ensures easy navigation through all components of our security setup, with two-way talk option, camera live feed, and user-code protection. We can easily avoid false alarms by using the two-way talk feature and thus eliminate the possibility of False Alarm fees. A Vivint representative will try contacting you before alarming any authorities about an eventual problem. This makes sure you don’t stack up False Alarm visits from the police and saves both your and their time.

The wireless security cameras stream live feeds which are convenient to monitor no matter where you are located at any point in time. Homeowners can check on their close ones while at work and additionally check the surrounding of the house before going to bed. Even when on vacation, the Vivint Smart Home area can be controlled as a solid mean to maintain a cool mind about your property’s safety.

Mobile Access

The mobile app at Vivint is a virtual copy of the SkyControl. Each feature of our security system can be seamlessly personalized at a time of our choosing. The only thing we need is an Internet connection but that shouldn’t be hard to obtain. Vivint’s application is placed among the highest rated apps on Google Play and Apple Store which only hardens Vivint’s stable position when it comes to responsible home security services. The detailed menus in the app are capable of bringing hundreds of customizable options to our reach – motion detector settings, door locks/unlocks, home automation of every aspect – all of those are available through a simple click sequence.


Ordering a Vivint security system may take more time than anticipated but it is worth it. After the consultation and contract signing comes the moment to install the entire system in our household. Luckily, there is a professional installation team awaiting the green light from us. Knowing how much security we need is crucial to ease the process, both for us and the technicians. All inside installed equipment comes free of charge as only outdoor cameras/doorbell cameras must be paid for – $99 for the first one and $29 for the latter.

Customer Support

Getting a hold of the Vivint customer service is possible 24/7 which marks them as one of the most responsive home security brands out there. As expected, there is a phone connection present but the live chat channel is faster and more convenient for most customers. Every possible security question will be answered in a friendly manner while maintaining professional knowledge level and efficiency.

Comparison to other Home Security services

Getting a wireless home security from Vivint corresponds with a certain mindset. Their services may cost a bit more than the industry standard but the benefits are equal to the price. If not, more. Vivint is a company targeted by sensible customers, aware of their needs.

The good thing is that you don’t need experience in this field to choose them as a security partner. The security system provider operates well with homeowners of any preferences. They can help you if you are just a beginner in securing your home. They can also be efficient for someone who requires more advanced tools for security monitoring.

Vivint excels at their innovative security additions – all of their features are both easy to use and extremely effective. Their technicians know how to handle any possible equipment malfunction. Not that we think you’ll need them – all of the custom-made Vivint tools are produced in order to serve you for many years to come. Vivint is a brand which stays with their clients for as long as needed.


In conclusion, Vivint has got all it needs to remain a top pick in the home security field. They are straightforward, offer high-quality equipment, and are capable of covering all customer needs. Installation with them is easy as we don’t have to do anything more than just sign it off. Their subscription plans vary from Basic (which is still better than a big percentage of rivals) to Elite and pack an immense amount of security tools for our house. The breezeless mobile remote control app and the responsive interface of the system make it an eligible choice for every sensible homeowner right now.

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Aleksandar Spasov
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