Link Interactive Home Security Review

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  • 30-day money-back option
  • Customer support in various channels
  • DIY Installation

Link Interactive is smart, transparent, and highly responsive to all customer needs.

By Aleksandar Spasov | 16th January 2019

Link Interactive is one of the surprising additions to the home security family. This is mainly because they offer such a fantastic level of transparency with their deals. No hidden fees or confusing contracts – everything is clear with these guys and we like it a lot. All that we need to know is displayed in a user-friendly way to even home security rookies will have a smooth time browsing their site. In addition, Link Interactive relies heavily on DIY options so customers are free to choose when and how to install their safety configuration without the aid of professional help. And even if we need it, their customer support is up and ready to help us right away.

Pros Cons
Non-stop yearly cellular monitoring There isn’t a No-Contract possibility yet
Free of charge tech support Default contract length is 36 months unless we insist on a shorter period one
Crash and Smash protection
A seamless DIY installation process

The value-for-price with Link Interactive is incredible. They offer three monitoring plans for their users and all of those are more than capable of keeping us safe in our home. The Standard package comes with a $30.99 price per month, with contracts of 12, 24, or 36 month-length. We get a cellular monitoring system and ultimate home automation tools for quite the low price.

The Gold Plan is a bit costlier, with a monthly fee of $35.99 and the same subscription duration options. It adds a video monitoring option and some cool tools for you to explore. On the other hand, the Elite version starts at $40.99 and has it all – motion detectors, smoke detectors, mobile control, you name it, they have it. It is also quite cheaper than other competitor’s Elite subscriptions so this is just a plus alongside all of its amazing features.

A neat benefit to take advantage of is Link Interactive’s Agreement Discounts. If we sign a contract, especially the optimal length one, we get to receive a lower overall price depending on our credit statistics and additional equipment included. It may be a big investment but it will save you money in the long run.

Plan Price (per month) Contract Length
Standard $30.99 12 or 24 or 36 months
Gold $35.99 12 or 24 or 36 months
Elite $40.99 12 or 24 or 36 months

All equipment in Link Interactive is provided by industry leaders in developing security systems – GE, 2GIG, and a few others – and we are quite pleased with that they got there. Door and window sensors are available to detect any unusual movement in/around the house while the recessed door sensor enhances their performance even more.

Smart motion and tilt sensors take the system even further as they are capable to differentiate a burglar’s movement from a family member, with the Glass break sensor boosting the security levels as well. Heat sensors work alongside smoke and freeze ones while the carbon monoxide sensor completes the pack of possible disaster occurrences.

The Firefighter module combines forces with the Smoke detector which minimizes the chances of an unexpected fire going off without you noticing. Even if no one is in the house, the Link Interactive system will alarm the proper authorities and they will act swiftly. All equipment prices are included in your plan, and these prices are quite acceptable for such a wide variety of features. Let’s not forget, customers can even get an infrared motion sensor to identify thieves and alarm you via the mobile app on the second. In addition, all equipment is cellular so no wire-cutting will enable the intruders to bother you.

Mobile Access

As one might guess, Link Interactive has a partnership with, one of the leading developers in the business when it comes to security apps. The mobile application compatible with Android and iOS plays the role of an actual control panel. It has every possible option covered and can basically play the role of the physical module in your home. Live feed from all cameras is available through it, door locking/unlocking, too. All Home Automation features are a swipe away as well, so we can freely regulate energy savings, camera activity, and sensor sensibility.


A DIY installation is always preferred if you ask us. It saves up on installation costs and it brings a certain feeling of accomplishment, too. The absolute absence of professionals on call (for installation only, of course) lets users find out how easy it is to set up Link Interactive Security in their home. All equipment pieces can be placed in under an hour, with only the most advanced techs needing no more than half an hour to set up.

Customer Support

Customer support is always nicer when you have free expert tech support on hand. This is the case with Link Interactive and we can’t recommend their customer service enough. A phone, live chat, and email support contacts are available to resolve any possible security issues with our system. As there are no business hours listed on the site, we can assume that the support staff is available 24/7 which gives additional stars for the transparent provider.


Simplified pricing models, an easy ordering process, and even easier DIY installation make Link Interactive a true member of the modern home security team. They are constantly expanding their services, offer an incredible array of equipment pieces and can be combined with already existing tools in our home’s security. The customer support at the company is groundbreaking, and the only thing missing is the No-Contract option. However, with the excellence of their level, we don’t see the need to go month-to-month. A simple 12-month contract should be enough to get us started. Those guys are armed to their teeth and can certainly bring a high level of security to your estate, no matter which part of their equipment arsenal we decide to get for ourselves.

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Aleksandar Spasov
Aleksander is a freelancer from Bulgaria. He's travelled and is still travelling around the the world and has been writing and studying as he goes. He describes himself as a bit of a word freak and this is clear from his studies in English and Journalism. Although he is knowledgeable in a lot of areas, he has been researching and writing about anti-virus as his most recent interest. Read more.
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