Guardian Home Security Review

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rating: 5
  • emPower feature
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Adjustable monthly prices
  • Guardian is a constantly evolving home protection brand and we can see their success growing with each added customer.

Guardian Home Security


Guardian is a constantly evolving home protection brand and we can see their success growing with each added customer.

By Aleksandar Spasov | 16th January 2019

Guardian is a regional company which makes them a bit pricier than most other competitors but they manage to back that up with extended services and great customer support. Although their main aim is still wired security, they are gradually adding wireless home security systems and advanced home automation to their kit. Their high-end, secure systems are packed with enough tools to keep your home out of intruder’s way and the ultimate cellular monitoring with the dedicated subscription plans equals top-notch protection at all times.

24/7 MonitoringNot available in all states
Home AutomationRepair fees are rather costly
60-month contracts get us a fixed-rate guarantee
Multiple advanced security options available

The basic subscription for Guardian starts at $29.95 per month and covers house monitoring using a landline connection. This may not be the perfect option in today’s fast-paced routine so we recommend using it only if you are satisfied with simple yet effective security options.

The Essentials Guardian plan gets us a step forward with wireless monitoring and added features to customize and use to their maximum extent. Depending on how much security tools we need, we can enhance each package while the price will go up, of course. The Guardian monitoring station is ranked with a perfect Five Diamond Stars so this should be enough of a guarantee for their excellence.

The ultimate Guardian plan – Premium Security – comes with all the needed defenses against burglars and intruders. Video surveillance, home automation, both wireless and cellular monitoring available 24/7, smart home control, life safety, and all the basic features from previous plans. Depending on which options we want to include here, the prices will vary. Also, getting a longer contract may minimize the money-per-month spent so make sure to get a free quote on their dedicated website for further information.

PlanPrice (per month)Contract Length
UltimateGet a Quote-

Equipping your home against outside threats comes easy with Guardian. All of their packages pack a GE Simon XT Control Panel which is easy to use and work perfectly under any conditions. Door and windows movement sensors are also included in each subscription, with a starting number of 3 and the possibility to add more if we pay extra. Motion sensors are also a part of the mix, so we don’t let anyone pass our defenses.

As mentioned above, Guardian lets you choose which security tools to add to your system. They don’t force you with pre-made plans but rather give you the freedom to choose what’s best for you. A colored touchscreen can be used for easier navigation through the system and lets us customize all security actions by our needs. A carbon monoxide detector increases the safety levels of our home as it can detect unwanted rates of the element while heat and smoke communicators are aware of any possible dangers to us and our family.

Pan and tilt cameras act as the last man in the football’s team defense while the microsensors are able to spot even the tiniest movements in our home. Indoor and outdoor wireless camera assistants are responsible for the overall monitoring of our estate and the Area of Interest Sensor ensures they don’t get triggered in vain.

Thermostat and keypad door lock features are available for advanced home monitoring remotely. They can be used on a PC or a mobile device and are also capable of lights usage and garage door alarms. Having that much control over our home without even being there makes Guardian a solid pick for our security needs. Adding features may seem tricky in the beginning but a responsible customer support employee can get us through the process nice and easy.

Mobile Access

In such a rapidly evolving tech world, a swift mobile connection to your security setup sounds mandatory. Guardian have made sure that you get it without much hassle. emPower locks, lights, and thermostat can all be handled via iOS, Android, or Windows phones/tablets. Guardian has partnered with to provide its customers with a high-speed remote connection which adds up to its professional security controls. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play and can be easily downloaded and connected to our main home security profile.

Once you install it, remote access to all the Smart system features becomes breezeless. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have access to the Internet. Controlling both safety and home automation processes in your property is possible 24/7. No more nervous wondering if you left everything in the right state – a few taps and clicks will get it in order.


Installation of Guardian Protection is easy as it’s done by experienced company teams. We can simply contact a sales representative and ask for an install person to come by our house when it’s most convenient for us. Once they arrive, installation is seamless. They do all the work, you just point out what works for you. In addition to that, their response times are topped at 60 seconds so sometimes, we can even get a warning call before we even get to disable the alarm. Because that happens, too, but worry not, there are no listed False Alarm fees with Guardian.

Customer Support

Customer Support at Guardian Protection is available through a telephone contact only. While it may seem like a poorly packed options-service, the service here is flawless. All customer support employees are highly trained and equipped with the knowledge to resolve any security issues we might have. The support line is open from 6 AM to 1 AM EST which leaves only a 5-hour window uncovered. Also, it is available 7 days a week so we should be able to get help with our security system without much hassle.

Comparison to other Home Security services

As goes for proficient security system vendors, Guardian isn’t the typical provider. They are specialized in high-end security features which makes them more expensive than other competitors in the business. However, their price corresponds well with their features and value – having Guardian keep thieves away is a splendid solution, according to their many positive customer reviews.

The wireless alarm systems provided by Guardian manage to keep your house safe while acting on any possible threats swiftly. Guardian provides a certain image to their customers – a trustworthy and experienced security systems equipment serves well even as a reminder to intruders. Guardian’s tools are capable of ending their efforts as soon as they set foot on your property.

Guardian is refined, even exclusive for some. They’ve spent enough time in the field to know how to approach and satisfy customers, with their security systems getting better and better.


Guardian is among the evolving security providers – they started out slow but are gaining speed by the day. Their plans are customizable which enables more freedom for their customers – we can pay only for what we feel like will assist us splendidly. No more, no less. Their customer response times are incredible, installation is taken care of easily, and 24/7 monitoring ensures our home’s safety via multiple channels.

To summarize, Guardian is a top-performer in the security systems industry – they are capable, educated, and efficient. From the purchase through installation and maintenance afterward, the company is well-equipped to serve customers for a long time. They are well aware of their professionalism, which empowers them even more.

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