ADT Home Security Review

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ADT rating: 5
  • Massive equipment coverage
  • Swift installation process
  • Excellent customer support

ADT sets a very high standard for other home security brands.

By Aleksandar Spasov | 16th January 2019

ADT Security is somewhat of an industry leader when it comes to home security systems. The company doesn’t rely on flashy features rather than solid security solutions overall. Their monitoring service is perceived extremely well with a great percentage of their users while they offer multiple options to protect our house from intruders.

While the prices with ADT are a tad higher than some other home security companies, they make up for it with their excellence in each important variable. You can pick from practically all types of security packaging depending on your preferences and needs. Furthermore, customers can choose to install the system on their own and avoid further installation costs.

Pros Cons
Base equipment doesn’t cost extra Not as much security camera choices as some competitors
The mobile app is fully optimized Ultimate monitoring can be costlier
Smart controls enabled for each feature of your plan
Price-to-value is extremely competitive

ADT offers a variety of subscription plans. Starting with their Basic Plan, homeowners get access to door and windows sensors and a control panel to run things smoothly. The abovementioned features are more than enough to spot possible break-ins or thieves at a monthly price of $27.99 (Landline Monitoring).

Taking it up a notch, the Basic Wireless Plan does pretty much the same as the Basic one but skips on the inconvenient process of putting sensor cables all around the house. The high-end cellular tech implemented in the Wireless reaches a full coverage of your home using tower defense signals. It starts at $48.99/month but it can’t be disarmed by cutting or removing your wires by burglars.

The ADT Pulse combines all Basic features of the service with home automation. The automation addition lets you set up your own security preferences – why stop at monitoring and alarms when you can gain benefits from Video Doorbells and Speech Recognition Control? For $52.99 per month, Amazon Alexa and Echo will be more than happy to assist you in setting up and taking your home security to the next level.

To finish it off, ADT Pulse + Video gets us everything listed before plus a video surveillance access. The price goes up a bit – $58.99 – but we get the full array of home security features. Other than the plan itself, ADT won’t charge you any fees for calls or customer support interactions. However, multiple false alarm alerts may result in fines from your city’s police department. Canceling any of the plans with ADT will have you pay 75% of your remaining contract’s value.

Plan Price (per month) Contract Length
Basic $27.99 -
Basic Wireless $48.99 -
ADT Pulse $52.99 -
ADT Pulse + Video $58.99 -

ADT offers an amazing volume of security features starting from digital keypads, touchscreen control panel, a keychain remote, wireless door/window sensors, door chimes, a high decibel alarm, light sensors, digital thermostats, and much more. All of the above act beneficially towards your home’s safety as they form a well-working, all-around shield against intruders.

Having covered all possible entry points along with video surveillance will make it nearly impossible for a thief to break into your house. ADT’s two-way communication feature acts as a swift answer to any possible intrusions while all of their cameras can even work in Night Mode so the shadows won’t be a hiding place for unwanted third-parties. Furthermore, the cameras can be monitored on your TV, computer, and even mobile devices.

The addition of Home Automation also enables us to “Be” in the house without really being there. We can adjust lights, open/lock doors, set the thermostat, and more by simply setting up the Automation feature of ADT. It eliminates the “forgot-to-lock-the-door” panic and gives us plenty of control over our home even when we are away.

Mobile Access

Living in the era of thriving mobile connections, it is expected that ADT can be controlled remotely. ADT Pulse comes with a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android, as well as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The application lets you check up on your home at any given point in time as the connection is high-speed and basically flawless. All home automation features are accessible from the mobile app, too.

In addition to keeping an eye on our home, we can reduce energy costs by turning off lights and setting the thermostat to a lower temperature when we are away. And what is more, you can turn the heat on some ten-twelve minutes before you come to your already cozy living room. Video surveillance is also a factor when it comes to smooth mobile automation – you can check when a camera is triggered by movement and make sure it is someone you know and trust. In any other case, ADT can be alerted in a matter of seconds and act on your call for assistance.


Usually, ADT will charge you $99 for a full professional installation. In cases of promotion or special occasions, we can skip the tax but it is there more often than not. While we can choose to install the system by ourselves, we recommend going for the professional installation, especially for the more expensive plans. We can also opt for a reduced cost if we are choosing the most elite ADT plan. All ADT plans also come with a six-month satisfaction guarantee. If we are unhappy with their services, we can get a refund on monitoring and even installation costs. Equipment, however, can’t be refunded.

Customer Support

Customer service is an important part of any trustworthy security system and ADT doesn’t make an exception. Their customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat and email. There is also a telephone contact but we advise you on using the live chat feature as it has the quickest response times.


It’s safe to say that ADT has all the needed tools to keep your home safe from intruders. They offer both simplified and more sophisticated setups, all of their subscription plans are packed with neat features, and customer support is always just a click away from aiding us. Their pricing is competitive and the user reviews on the brand are outstanding.

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Aleksandar Spasov
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