Expert Eureka Easy Clean 71B Review 2019

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Eureka Easy Clean 71B

rating: 4.5
  • Light weight (4.85 pounds)
  • Wide mouth to be pick larger pieces
  • Live chat, telephone and live chat

Eureka Easy Clean 71B Handheld Vacuums


Stairs and upholstery are frequently neglected when it comes to indoor cleaning and this is because of the lack of the right equipment suitable for the job. The Eureka Easy Clean vacuum is a specially designed handheld vacuum that fits perfectly to the demands of the job. This Eureka 71B review will give customers a close and unbiased look at this vacuum cleaner’s features and functionality so they can decide if it meets their criteria.

By Editorial Team | 8th July 2019

The Eureka Easy Clean 71B is an affordable and perfectly-designed handheld vacuum that comes as a solution to your stairs and upholstery cleaning troubles. Despite being a corded device which can limit the user’s mobility, it gives an outstanding performance by cleaning any mess that comes across its path on a number of surfaces. This particular hand vacuum offers one of the best performances in the hand vacuum market and enjoys numerous positive Eureka 71B reviews on Amazon.


The Eureka handheld vacuum is a very effective handheld vacuum when cleaning hard floors, carpets, and stairs. It produces a very powerful suction that can comfortably suck up both light and heavy materials with ease. The vacuum has a brush attached to the mouth that can be turned on and off, depending on the surface of the litter and its materials.

A significant limitation to its usability is the fact that it is a corded vacuum cleaner. This makes it impossible to use in outdoor settings without a power outlet.  This extends to cleaning the interior of a car as has to be done inside the garage where a socket is within reach. This particular vacuum has the best flat surface cleaning capability but struggles when it comes to surfaces with crevices such as car seats and some upholstery. In our trial to establish its performance, the Eureka Easy Clean handheld vacuum only removed two-thirds of the dirt in the crevices of a car seat.



The Eureka Easy Clean vacuum is a five-pound corded device with a 5 amp motor for excellent suction. The design is fairly compact, although the weight is much higher than the other handheld vacuums. However, the hose compensates this minute drawback. If you are tired of holding up the vacuum, you can easily attach a hose to the mouth and navigate without having to bear the weight of the vacuum continuously. The only disadvantage of using the hose is the lack of brush functionality. To use the brush, users must disconnect the hose and use the vacuum directly on the surface.

Accessories and Parts

The brush on the mouth of the vacuum can be turned on to dig deep into fabrics like carpets as well as remove hidden or firmly adherent debris i.e. animal fur. In the same respect, it can be turned off when cleaning hard surfaces like wooden floors or the stairs.

The Eureka Easy vacuum comes with a crevice tool which is not as effective as the other brands because it loses a lot of suction power. In addition, being a very powerful machine, the Eureka Easy Clean is one of the noisiest handheld vacuum available on the market. This makes it hard to clean quietly and discreetly around the house.

The vacuum comes with a 20ft power cord that allows the user to cover some distance from the power source. Furthermore, the dust collector and filters are removable, washable, and reusable. The design allows fingertip control to maximize the user’s comfort and convenience while operating the cleaning device.

Customer Support and Warranty

Although it has a simple design, Eureka Easy Clean 71B website has all that the customer will need. The contact options range from a regular correspondence email address, a physical address for posting and letters, and a live chat room to interact with representatives of the manufacturer in real-time. They have even gone a notch higher to provide videos and tutorials online for the first time users. The website also offers a FAQ section where common questions and queries have already been addressed. However, a downside of the Eureka brand is that they only offer a one-year warranty for this product.


The Eureka Easy Clean 71B is the best handheld vacuum for cleaning flat surfaces such as floors and stairs. It comes with a hose to enable easy maneuvering around small spaces, and an automated brush is attached to the mouth of the vacuum just like in the case of bigger vacuum cleaners. The latter is most helpful for digging dirt out of fabric. 

Like many other products, there are still a couple of drawbacks to this device such as it is not ideal for cleaning crevices and it is corded, meaning it limits outdoor usability. In addition, it is also heavy and noisy.

Despite the cons mentioned in this review, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B remains to be one of the best handheld vacuums available with other really impressive outcomes. The Eureka customer service is outstanding with easy-to-follow tutorials and a thorough FAQ section, and timely responses from the support team.


  • Powerful suction (5 amp motor)
  • Comes with a hose
  • Washable and recyclable filter
  • Automated brush on the mouth


  • Corded vacuum
  • Heavy to use (5 pounds)

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