Expert Dirt Devil Quick Flip BD30025B Review 2019

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Dirt Devil Quick Flip BD30025B

rating: 4.6
  • Light and easy to manuvuer
  • Portable
  • Live chat, telephone and email are available

Dirt Devil Quick Flip BD30025B Handheld Vacuums


The Dirt Devil Quick Flip is a light and portable handheld vacuum with a comfortable and attractive design. The storage capacity might be a little bit smaller than other Dirt Devil cordless vacuums, however, don’t let its size fool you, it gets the job done and cleans up messes quickly and efficiently.

By Editorial Team | 8th July 2019

The Dirt Devil compact vacuum has a smaller storage capacity that fills up slightly faster than the rest and has a slightly less powerful suction power generation capacity. Nonetheless, it comes with a bunch of other benefits, including a generous warranty and a shorter charging time than other handheld vacuum devices. In this review, we will discuss all the positive and negative aspects that come with this Dirt Devil car vacuum to help you make an informed decision whether it is a worthwhile purchase for you.


Despite the Dirt Devil handheld vacuum having a few shortcomings, this vacuum cleaner has still proven to be useful and adequate at removing dirt. When we tested cleaning large particles on flat surfaces with no crevices i.e. sawdust on carpets, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip did an impeccable job, needing only a few passes.

However, in a similar test involving smaller particles involving pet hair, the vacuum fell short of the expectations as it required numerous passes to completely clean the area.



The Dirt Devil handheld vacuum has a smaller battery capacity that allows a maximum of thirteen minutes run time and six hours to fully recharge the battery. While the recharge time is less than the other handheld vacuums, the run time is a few minutes shorter.

However, in retrospect, some other handheld vacuum devices require an average of twelve hours of charge time to run for just fifteen minutes. Therefore, in comparison, the charge time is double than what Dirt Devil BD30025B needs for a minimum of 3 minutes extra, making this device more convenient to use.


This vacuum was designed to be more compact and lightweight (2.2 pounds) than other portable handheld vacuums. The reason being, it makes the device easier and more comfortable to maneuver whilst cleaning as users can operate the Dirt Devil BD30025B for hours without the risk of tiring their muscles. The small compact design is also ideal for storing, taking minimal cupboard space. The dimensions are 14.5 x 4 x 6 inches. However, this comes at the cost of the internal storage space as the vacuum has a smaller dirt storage capacity than other similar units in the market. Therefore, it may require occasional disposal of the waste because it fills up quite fast.

The vacuum has a cordless design. It can be taken to places without a power outlet and still serve its purpose wonderfully. This advantage also comes in handy when users need to access places within the house but are far from a socket.

Customer Support and Warranty

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip comes with a three-year warranty, this is more than what the majority of other hand-held vacuums offer i.e. a one-year warranty. The website has detailed information on the vacuum for the customers to easily access and analyze for themselves. In case of any concerns or questions to the manufacturers, their website has a couple of different methods available for contacting them, including live chat, email (which can be done via an online form), and writing a letter to their head office. 

The website features a FAQ section which is available at the footer, providing answers to a number of topics, including order, delivery, returns, and more.


The Dirt Devil handheld vacuum is a decent compact cordless vacuum that is ideal for flat surface cleanings, such as carpets and stairs. It works well with large particles like sawdust, but not-so-well when it comes to cleaning small particles or large particles in places with crevices. Its small design is ideal for portability and the continuous thirteen minutes of battery life is helpful for completing various tasks.


  • Shorter recharge time (six hours)
  • Cordless
  • Excellent for cleaning large particles dirt off flat surfaces
  • Compact and light weight design (2.2 pounds)


  • Lower suction power (16 V)
  • Smaller dirt storage space and needs constant emptying

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