Expert Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II SV780 Review 2019

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Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II SV780

rating: 4.5
  • Light weight (4.8 pounds)
  • Strong suction
  • Compact charging

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II SV780 Handheld Vacuum


Shark Pet Perfect II is a handheld cordless vacuum, ideal for cleaning all the surfaces around the house. As the name suggests, the handheld vacuum specializes in cleaning the pet hairs off the surfaces. This in-depth review will give you an honest and detailed analysis of whether to purchase this handheld vacuum.

By Editorial Team | 8th July 2019

The Shark handheld vacuum has a small and delicate exterior design which contrasts its strong power and suction. The product’s compactness and the charging stand consolidates all the parts of the Shark Pet Perfect vacuum into one tiny area, making it easy to locate it and avoid loss of any parts.


The Shark handheld vacuum can be used to clean after many other different kinds of debris other than just pet hair. The tests we conducted to compare its performance to other vacuum brands and products showed that Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II SV780 places among the best hair removing vacuums available in the market.

When vacuuming, some of the hairs required a little bit of nudging to get it off the surface. However, this was where the motorized brush came into play and lifted the hairs perfectly. The Shark Perfect Pet can also be used to clean other debris on any upholstery or carpet, such as lifting a pound of debris off the ground. With its powerful suction, cleaning small and medium-sized debris will be a breeze.



One of the greatest selling points of the Shark handheld vacuum is the charging stand. The vacuum comes with a charging stand features slots for all the accessories to the vacuum, allowing everything to be stored in one convenient place, avoiding loss with any of accessories.

The downside to this is that the charging system takes a whole sixteen hours to charge fully. Much as this is comparable to other rechargeable handheld vacuums, users only get ten minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming before they need to place it back in the stand for charging. This is a very short time, especially when users are cleaning a heavily littered area in their house or their car.

Being cordless is also a massive boost for this particular brand as it allows users to move around comfortably without being restricted by a cord. Were it not for the ultra-short battery life, it would have been ideal for cleaning during outdoor activities, such as camping.

Accessories and Parts

The vacuum comes with a long motorized detachable brush, which comes in handy with a heavily littered area and you need extra force to get the deeply seated debris off the surface. It is incredibly easy to attach and detach from the nozzle.

It also has a transparent 1.2-quart dirt cup that allows the user to monitor how much debris the vacuum is accumulating. Emptying of the dirt cup is easy, one press of a button and the lid pops out.

Customer Service and Warranty

On the official website for Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II SV780v, customers can easily get in touch with the support team through a number of different methods, including:

  • Online contact form
  • Telephone: 0800 093 0875

Opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm. Customers can get in touch for troubleshooting, faults with the product, payment inquiries, and more. Furthermore, there’s a ‘Tips & Advice” section which consists of blog posts and articles that customers may find helpful or interesting to read for cleaning their homes. Some of the pieces include, “What can I clean in my home with vinegar?” and “How to prepare your home for a summer holiday.”

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate around, with everything that is needed being accessible on the main menu or footer.

On the majority of their merchandises, Shark offers a one-year warranty, which is the average period of time available on the market. 


The Shark SV780 stands out amongst its competitors for a number of reasons, including being cordless, having a helpful customer support team, wonderful pet hair removal performance. A minor drawback to the product is its low battery life and the long charging life. But on the upside, the brand is compact with an excellent mountable charging unit that consolidates all the accessories as well as a strong power which allows customers to collect as much dirt while it is in use. With everything taken into account, Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II is a worthy investment for keeping your home clean from animal fur and other messes i.e. dust, crumbs. 


  • Has a wall unit charging system
  • Strong suction power
  • Excellent performance in pet hair removal
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Short battery life (10 minutes)
  • Long charging hours (16 hours)

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