Expert Dyson V6 Trigger Review 2019

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Dyson V6 Trigger

rating: 4.5
  • Light weight (3.4 pounds)
  • Two-tier cyclones
  • Online videos and tutorials for first-time users

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum


The Dyson V6 Trigger cordless vacuum is undoubtedly the brand ambassador of the Dyson line of vacuum cleaners. While it is not a newly-released product, Dyson V6 Trigger Pro is still the face of all the handheld vacuums produced by the brand. This Dyson V6 Trigger review will help you understand what makes this product special and why it is used by millions of people worldwide.

By Editorial Team | 5th July 2019

The Dyson V6 Trigger vacuum is one of the five vacuums produced by the company under the V6 series, the others include the V6 Baby + Child, V6 Top dog, V6 Mattress, and V6 Car + Boat. This vacuum exploits the handgun design to bring comfort and easy usability to the clients. From the weight and design to the color (metallic grey), the Dyson V6 Trigger vacuum mimics a real gun, with reference to the use of the name “trigger.”


The Dyson V6 Trigger cordless creates suction through the action of two-tier cyclones through centrifugal actions. The suction is then directed through the nozzle to lift and suck in the debris in its path. This debris is then stored in the transparent dust cup.

The vacuum performs slightly better than average when it comes to cleaning after pets. In a trial carried out, the Dyson V6 Trigger Pro was able to clean 80% of pet hairs. But when it comes to removing debris from the hardwood floor or carpets, the performance of Dyson V6 Trigger Pro is average, the vacuum struggled specifically with removing debris from crevices.



The design of the Dyson V6 Trigger Pro is attractive and comfortable for the user to hold with the trigger and other controls within reach of the fingers.

The vacuum comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The vacuum accrues all the benefits of a cordless vacuum, which includes flexibility and mobility. It takes three hours to charge the battery and six minutes to deplete it fully. This performance is below what other handheld vacuums have to offer, but still functional.

The Dyson V6 Trigger Pro measures 16.3 inches long and 6.1 inches tall, making it one of the smallest most portable handheld vacuums in the market. The small size also comes with the advantage of having a light weight of 3.4 pounds.

Accessories and Parts

Other Dyson V6 Trigger Pro accessories include the crevice tool, a charger, a lithium-ion battery, a reusable filter (to be washed every month) and a combination tool. All these accessories contribute to its commendable function. The Dyson V6 Trigger Pro produces less noise than other handheld vacuums. When measured, it was found to produce 81 decibels. This is almost ten units less than the sound produced by a blow-drier.

Also, the dirt cup is made of transparent plastic. This feature makes it easy for the user to monitor the rate at which the cup is filling and empty it accordingly.

Customer Service and Warranty

Dyson offers one of the best customer services in the market. The website is well-designed and user-friendly, with the tabs arranged in plain view on the main menu. To get in contact with the customer support team, there is a live chat room which allows customers to engage with the manufacturers in real-time. The company also offers videos and tutorials to brand new users seeking help and guidance.

The FAQ page is well-organized, adequate, and comprehensive to cover most of the queries that clients can across during their first time using a Dyson product. Customers can get in contact with the support team from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday to Sunday between 8 am to 6 pm via telephone (0800-298-0298) or email (

The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty to any purchases, which double the average that is offered on the market (one year).


Dyson V6 Trigger Pro is impressive with its gun-like design and light weight. Despite all these, the handheld vacuum falls slightly short in terms of performance in pet hair removal and picking up large debris i.e. sawdust. The battery time also falls short in comparison with other vacuums in its caliber. Fortunately, it takes a short while to recharge so users will be back to cleaning where they left off in no-time. 


  • Light weight (3 pounds)
  • Short recharge time
  • Cordless vacuum
  • Multiple accessories for different tasks


  • Short battery life (6 minutes)
  • Pricey

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