Expert Dirt Devil Accucharge BD10045RED Review 2019

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Dirt Devil Accucharge BD10045RED

rating: 4.7
  • Short battery recharge (6 hours)
  • Detachable brush
  • Reusable filter and dirt bag collection

Dirt Devil Accucharge BD10045RED Handheld Vacuum


Dirt Devil Accucharge is one of the earlier models to conform to handheld technology. It comes as a cordless hand vacuum with decent battery life and its pure hard plastic casing protects it from damage to offer durability.

By Editorial Team | 8th July 2019

This particular handheld vacuum is no stranger to online criticism from both the customers and critiques alike. The all opaque casing and the design depicts a vacuum cleaner of the earlier generations. Visually, it is one of the least appealing handheld vacuum, however in terms of functionally, it effectively gets the work done and is even recommended for those with health conditions like asthma. Even amidst the criticisms, the Dirt Devil Accucharge has its usefulness.


The Dirt Devil classic hand vacuum is a cordless device which is regarded as one of the best in the market. It can be used to vacuum dirt off of different debris sizes from a range of surfaces such as house seats, car seats, tables, beddings, staircases, and mats. This particular vacuum, however, performs differently depending on the place being vacuumed and the characteristics of the debris.

For instance, the Dirt Devil Accucharge performed poorly in regards to cleaning animal hair as it required multiple passes and still barely managed to remove half of the fur. It was when vacuuming of hard floors and flat surfaces that the product really shined, and the vacuum can also be used in areas with crevices such as the fold of the car seats. Furthermore, the vacuum comes with a crevice tool to be fitted on the mouth which ensures that the Dirt Devil classic hand vacuum does an excellent job in cleaning the hardest places and corners of the house.

The following are some of the features of the Dirt Devil Accucharge hand vacuum that contribute to its performance:


This vacuum cleaner is built to perform with an 15.6 cadmium battery that supplies adequate power for the motor to run for a continuous seventeen minutes nonstop. It provides the user with more times than other cordless handheld vacuums to complete chores before the charge gets depleted.

It has an impressive recharge time of only six hours. This is because it uses the Accucharge technology that reduces the charging rate as the battery charge nears full capacity. This technology helps prevent the battery from being damaged by the excess current. You can leave the vacuum on charge for the whole day without damaging the batteries.

Accessories and Parts

This brand of vacuum is fitted with a detachable brush and a crevice tool that aids in getting some of the debris in crevices while brushing off some of the sticky ones. The only downside to this is that sometimes they don’t work perfectly. The brush is a manual one; this is somehow outdated, seeing that there are some handheld vacuums fitted with automated brushes.

Inside the opaque casing, there is a filter and a dirt collection bag that allows emptying, washing, and reuse every time the need arises. The filter fitted in the Dirt Devil Accucharge hand vacuum is a high-efficiency particulate air filter and removes up to 99.6% of all the particles in the air before release. This feature is friendly to asthmatics and those with allergies.

The vacuum lacks a hose, therefore making it less flexible, but on the upside, it weighs only three pounds.

Customer Service and Warranty

If you need help, you can reach the support team via the phone number (0330 0 26 26 26) and email (through an online form provided on the site). Dirt Devil provides several quick links regarding popular queries on orders, delivery, returns, and more.

One of the factors that stand out in their customer service is the generous three-year warranty, this is more than other companies offer to their clients, especially as the average offered in this market is a one-year warranty.


Dirt Devil Accucharge BD10045RED is a unique portable handheld vacuum with reasonably decent battery life. Regarding its performance, the Dirt Devil classic hand vacuum can use some improvements, such as lack of a hose. The nozzle can use some minor improvements to increase the surface area being cleaned at a particular time.

From the trials done, the vacuum was seen to only take up approximately half of the animal hair on a surface, which we classify as a  below-average performance. On the plus side, it is fitted with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. Even with the average performance in many areas, the HEPA filter comes as a huge advantage, very few handheld vacuums have this feature. Asthmatics and people allergic to dust should consider getting this vacuum. The Dirt Devil warranty is also impressive in comparison to other vacuum cleaners.


  • Long battery life
  • Charging system that protects the battery
  • High-Efficiency Particulate air filter
  • Hard plastic casing for protection


  • Works poorly in removing animal hairs
  • Low suction power

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