Expert Black & Decker Dustbuster HHV1320JR02 Review 2019

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Black & Decker Dustbuster HHV1320JR02

rating: 4.8
  • Light weight (2.4 pounds)
  • One of the quietest handheld vacuums in the market
  • Can be used on both small and large particles

Black & Decker Dustbuster HHV1320JR02 Handheld Vacuum


Black and Decker Dustbuster HHV1320JR02 is a portable, compact handheld vacuum that comes with excellent features that cut above the competition in many aspects such as longevity, convenience and efficiency.

By Editorial Team | 8th July 2019

The Black and Decker handheld vacuum model HHV1320JR02 was developed for utmost convenience and performance. The model is an improvement of the original design. It offers a more superior suction power (10.8 volts), longer duration, and weighs lighter and is better-designed than the original. Compared to other handheld vacuums, the Black and Decker surpasses the rest in the aspects mentioned above.


The small and compact design allows for flexible maneuvering by the cleaner. Black and Decker hand held cleaner is also cordless, allowing the owner to use it without having to be connected to a socket. It can be used to clean small particles from surfaces such as the car seats, seats at home, and any other places littered with small messes. The Black and Decker handheld vacuum can be used on both small and medium-sized particles.


The Black and Decker dustbuster HHV1320JR02 comes with some of the best features a handheld vacuum has in the market, including:


A long-lasting inbuilt rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the battery allows up to fifteen minutes of uninterrupted use. This is quite impressive considering the suction power that the vacuum has. The only downside to this feature is the recharge time. Once completely depleted, the battery takes approximately eight hours to fully recharge.


Black and Decker handheld vacuum is very light and portable allowing users to carry out cleaning for a long time without experiencing fatigue, weighing 2.4 pounds. The compact nature of the vacuum allows for easy maneuvering through tight spots with minimal turning space, and for convenient storage in terms of space, its dimensions are a small 12.5 x 7.9 x 5.3 inches and size is 14.4V.  It can also be charged in storage without taking too much valuable space.

When it comes to noise, Black and Decker’s Dustbuster is one of the quietest handheld vacuums in the market. The specially designed fan allows for the passage of air through the exhaust positioned at the back of the vacuum. The design reduces the airflow turbulence created during the exit of air from the vacuum thus significantly reducing the noise produced. Users can comfortably clean around a sleeping baby without causing any disturbance.

The exhaust design reduces the dispersion effect of litter by the exhaust air, therefore significantly reducing cleaning time.

Accessories and Parts

The vacuum has inbuilt tools such as a brush and crevice maneuvering tools. These tools, unlike in most handheld vacuums, are inbuilt and attached to the nozzle of the vacuum. They can easily be popped in and out whenever the need arises. This feature protects these parts which are easily lost. It is also convenient for the users through minimization of interruptions during cleaning.

Customer Support and Warranty

Black and Decker provides excellent customer services to their client. On their homepage, customers can easily access their contacts which have a decent turn-around-time when it comes to replies. Even before contacting the company, one can easily get the information needed from the detailed articles on their website and the frequently asked question section that covers a huge chunk of the common questions asked by a majority of the customers.

For this particular handheld vacuum, the company offers a decent two-year warranty to its customers, which is more than the average one-year warranty commonly offered in the market.


The Black and Decker dustbuster HHV1320JR02 is undoubtedly one of the best handheld vacuums in the market, offering a strong reliable suction power, better than most competitors. It is an improvement of the former version which was already considered a great product. It is tested and proven to successfully clean small debris such as cat and dog fur on the surfaces of cloths seats and carpets, to large particles such as sawdust. The inbuilt brush and crevice tool is an additional feature that ensures minimal loss of parts and easy maneuvering.

The battery life is impressive, considering the suction power it provides, however recharging of the battery might take a longer time compared to others. But all in all, the Black and Decker dustbuster handheld vacuum still remains an excellent handheld vacuum choice.


  • Impressive suction power (16AW)
  • Built-in brush and crevice tool
  • Lightweight (2.4 pounds)
  • Small size allows easy maneuvering (14.4V)


  • Up to 8 hours to recharge
  • 15 mins of use of full battery

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