Expert Skylink Atoms At-1622bk Review 2021

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Skylink Atoms At-1622bk

rating: 3.8
  • Value for money
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Alexa

Skylink Atoms At-1622bk Garage Door Opener


Make your garage smarter than ever with this garage door opener from the house of Skylink which has almost everything that you could ever ask for!

By Editorial Team | 28th June 2019

With products like garage door openers, wireless alarm system, universal remote, and other electronic appliances under their portfolio, Skylink is, without a doubt, one of the most reputed smart home equipment manufacturers in the U.S.

Atoms AT-1622BK is the newest addition to the exclusive range of garage door openers of Skylink. Its innovative smart features, compatibility with other smart devices, powerful performance, and affordable cost makes it one of the best garage door openers available in the market.

Let’s know more about the product and if it is worth purchasing in this Skylink garage door opener review.


½-HP Powerful Motor

This garage door opener is geared up by a belt-driven DC motor which gives an output of ½-horsepower. The opener is capable of lifting a heavy door of up to 7-ft.

The opening and closing of the door are incredibly smooth and silent, thanks to the belts. The soft start and stop are important for durability as they reduce vibration, thus maximizing the life of all mechanical components.

However, there are more powerful motors available in the industry within the same price range, but the quietness and longevity promise of this opener makes it one of the best garage door openers that we have with us today.

Built-in LED Lights

AT-1622BK has what most garage door openers lack: an elegant built-in LED light pointing directly at the garage from the top. Many manufacturers exclude as it may cause frequency interferences, but this model has it built-in.

This is an excellent addition for people looking for illumination when they use the garage in night hours. Furthermore, the LED bulbs are long-lasting and compatible. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing them more often.

Auto Closer and Wireless Remote Lock

The auto closer feature ensures that the door gets locked as soon as you close it, without you having to lock it manually each time. This feature provides peace of mind irrespective of whether you forgot to lock it or not.

Additionally, you can enable or disable any pre-programmed lock on any device or keypad when you need to. Thus, if you have a home delivery guy outside of your house when you’re not around, you can temporarily disable the lock and then enable it once the delivery is done.

Battery Backup

The AT-1622BK comes with a built-in battery to provide backup during power cuts. So your garage door will keep on functioning even when there’s no power in your house. Estimates suggest it can open and close the door approximately 20-30 times when fully charged.

Keyless Entry System

You’ll get a keyless entry system which can be installed outside the garage for easier navigation. It is weather-resistant, wireless, and has backlit keyboards.

You can use it when you don’t have a keychain remote or your smartphone. But you need to have correct digit codes to unlock it.

LED Indicator

For easier installation, there’s an LED indicator placed on the wall console to provide guidance while programming and troubleshooting.

Safety and Security

Atoms AT-1622BK garage door opener is provided with sensors to sense the garage environment, especially the door. If the infrared security beams coming out of the sensors detect any movement when the door is closing, it’ll reverse the operation and lift the door up. The sensors also brighten or dim the lights as per movement inside the garage, but this is programmable.

Voice Control via Amazon Alexa

Easily control your garage door with voice commands as it is compatible with Alexa and SkylinkNet smartphone control which is sold separately. Atoms is probably the only garage door opener which is natively compatible with Alexa, which means there will never be any compatibility issues. To access this garage door opener from other IFTTT smart home platforms, you’ll require SkylinkNet base station. This base station also adds Wi-Fi functionality to your garage.


The Atoms AT-1622BK is economically priced between $175 and $200 range, which is significantly lower than some of its competitors from Genie and Chamberlain. Keeping in mind all the features and accessories that the product provides, this is one of the best garage door openers which attempts to meet most, if not all, of your requirements.

Furthermore, if you have an in-car remote control installed in your car, you won’t have to carry additional remotes. You can open your garage door from your car.

The only downside of this product is its limited warranty period. It provides six years of warranty on the motor, and one year warranty on the belt system and other parts. If you’re a newbie in home garage door opener installation, then you’ll need some professional help to install it, which adds up to the cost. But overall, this is definitely one of the best garage door openers available currently.


  • Value for money
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • Limited warranty

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