Expert Genie MachForce Connect 4063 Review 2021

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Genie MachForce Connect 4063

rating: 4.1
  • Solid warranty
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Easy to use

Genie MachForce Connect 4063 Garage Door Opener


Open and close your garage doors effortlessly with this wonderful product from the house of Genie!

By Editorial Team | 28th June 2019

If you’re always worried about the speed at which your garage door opens and closes and wished that it could be faster, then Genie MachForce Connect 4063 is here to please you. That being its USP, it is a premium screw drive smart garage door, therefore it comes with many advanced features that you’d expect from a smart home garage door opener (like Wi-Fi, smartphone control, Safe-T-Beam smart sensors, pre-programmed remotes and much more).

Equipped with a 2-HPc DC motor, it is strong enough to lift 7-8ft heavy doors. Thus, it provides an ultimate combination of speed and power.

Here is an obvious question – is the product worth your time and money? Well, let’s find out in this garage door opener review!


Strong 2 HPc DC Motor

If strength and power are your primary concerns, then this certainly is the best garage door opener for you. The product is powered up by a 2-HPc DC motor which provides it immense strength to lift the heavy door up to 8 ft.

With add-ons, it can easily work on 10-ft doors. It’s ultra-quiet and doesn’t make noise or vibration during opening or closing. There is another 140 volt DC motor that works along with a direct screw drive system

This dual pairing provides extra power and unparalleled durability. The extra power delivered ensures that it opens and closes the door faster than its competitors, and it does so twice as fast.

Aladdin Connect

This garage door opener has its own Smartphone app, Aladdin Connect. As it is built-in, you won’t have to buy additional hardware and just simply connect the opener to the home Wi-Fi network.

With Aladdin Connect, you can open and close the garage door with your smartphone even when you are miles away from your home. The app is free and enables you to set up multiple users and virtual keys for each one of them.

Safe-T-Beam Sensors and Safety

Safe-T-Beam is a trademark product of the company which throws a virtual beam around the door for better monitoring. If it detects any movement when the door is being closed, it halts the operation and reverses it back to the open position. The entire door opener is enclosed with a rail design which provides extra safety and reliable operation.

Dual Auto Seek Frequency

The smart system is programmed to work on two frequencies – 315 MHz and 390 MHz. Both of these frequencies are produced by the remote. This means that nearby frequency emissions won’t interfere with its operation and it’ll respond to the command smoothly.

Intellicode Security

Intellicode is another trademark feature of the company which prevents piracy or duplication of the radio signals transmitted back and forth between the garage door opener, remote, and smartphone. This encryption technology is highly useful against hacking and cyber-attacks.

Pre-Programmed Remote Controls (pack of 2)

This garage door opener comes with a pre-configured and pre-programmed remote. This means that you won’t have to set anything up, just unpack and you can start using. This makes the entire installation process easy.

For activating the smartphone app, you’d have to get the four-digit code that’s placed behind the wall control panel. Thus, always remember to get the code first before fixing it in the wall, otherwise, you’d again have to screw it out just to get the code.


MachForce Connect 4063 comes with accessories like 2 pre-programmed remotes, a wall-console control panel, and Safe-T-Beam technology powered garage door sensors. Additionally, you also get HomeLink and Car2U integration by default with this model. This makes it one of the best garage door openers available with us today.


A bit on the higher side, this garage door opener costs around $250 along with miscellaneous installation charges ($50 on average). Overall, this door opener delivers an excellent performance, all thanks to a range of amazing features like safe T-beams door safety sensors, Aladdin connect smartphone technology, and so on.

However, there are a few areas where this product could have performed better. It has a comparatively weaker smart home support. Additionally, the four-digit code is placed behind the wall control panel which makes the installation tough. But the presence of additional features like garage lights sensors, and compatibility with other smart home equipment make this product the best garage door opener.

What are your views on this? Have you ever used Genie Machforce Connect 4063? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Solid warranty
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Easy to use


  • Provides weak smart home support

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