Expert Craftsman 57915 Review 2021

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Craftsman 57915

rating: 4.5
  • Affordable price
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, outdoor keypad and two remotes

Craftsman 57915 Garage Door Opener


If you are looking for a minimalist best garage door opener with just the right amount of features and no drama, then this opener from the house of Craftsman 57915 will fulfil all your needs perfectly.

By Editorial Team | 28th June 2019

Craftsman 57915 is a perfect pick for people who don’t want to pay an extra price to access smart home compatibility feature. Focusing on other important features, Craftsman 57915 has everything that other garage door openers provides except the battery backup.

The product comes equipped with two remotes and an outdoor keypad and works on an ultra-quiet belt drive. It is geared up by an incredibly powerful motor but comes with limited warranty options. It also uses provides you with an app through which you can control the garage door and access it from anywhere.

Is that all? No. Let’s talk more about each of the features of the product in this garage door opener review.



First things first, this garage door opener from the house of Craftsman is reasonably priced, but it could have been better. Precisely, the product is available for $230 which is around $30 more than the industry’s standards.

When compared to other models in this price range, you can easily get, Chamberlain B970 in the same price bracket but with smart home compatibility.


The Craftsman 57915 is equipped with a powerful 3/4 horsepower motor which is normally found in high range garage door openers. It facilitates an ultra-quiet belt drive. Thus, next time when you open your garage door, you do not bother your neighbors with the noise.

Safety and security

For trusted safety and security, this garage door opener uses safety sensor beam technology and rolling code protection that prevents any sort of hacking and intrusion into your garage.

Additional features

Apart from the effective basic features, this garage door opener includes several additional functionalities which are great to have. These include a wireless keypad, 2 remotes, motion activated lighting, timer to close feature, emergency release, and built-in Wi-Fi.

As you might guess, the motion activated lighting helps in conserving energy. Such a sensor turns on the light only when a movement is detected inside the garage. The timer to close feature helps you in closing and opening the garage doors automatically as per the set schedule. The built-in Wi-Fi and the Craftsman smart garage door app let you set the time to close the door even when you are not at home. The app also provides other functions through which you can control the garage even from a distance.

However, what might disappoint you is the fact that the system does not include smart home options. Even with the smart garage door app and Wi-Fi connection, it isn’t compatible with any of the smart home platforms.


This is another point where this garage door opener disappoints its customers. The Craftsman 57915 does not provide a lifetime warranty coverage on motor and belt but it does include a 10-year warranty on the motor and a three-year warranty on its belt and parts.

Final Verdict

Garage door openers have undoubtedly emerged to be a ray of hope in this world. You no more need to bother yourself and open the garage door while parking your car, and this garage door opener from the house of Craftsman just fulfils its objectives perfectly well.

Featuring an appreciable warranty coverage, a powerful ¾-horsepower motor, and a quiet belt-driven lift system, the product has pretty much everything that you will ever expect.

Add to that, it also flaunts a range of attractive features like motion-activated lighting and a timer to close feature along with a built-in Wi-Fi. It also comes along with various advanced accessories that are often not included with budget openers like a wireless keypad and a pair of three-button remotes.

Although the product is pretty impressive, the only probable issue that we found with this product is its incompatibility with smart home platforms which makes it less appealing when compared to other models available in the market.

What are your views on this? As far as we are concerned, we have mixed views on this one. Are you a proud user of this garage door opener? How is your experience so far? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Affordable price
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, outdoor keypad and two remotes


  • Limited warranty and lacks battery backup
  • Not compatible with smart home

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