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Ready Store

rating: 4.5
  • Ranges from 3, 6 and 12-month supplies
  • MedicineGarden SEEDSAFE
  • Three brands of food storage

Ready Store Food Storage


Ready Store specializes in their field of emergency preparedness and food storage manufacturing, as established by their website which is one of the most comprehensive survival platforms for survival items and kits in the United States.

By Editorial Team | 1st July 2019

Ready Store (or thereadystore) was founded by Jeff Davis and his wife Amy just after the 9/11 disaster. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Saratoga Trading Company, established in 2002 and headquartered in Draper, Utah. The company started with their main focus on the 72-hour kits which the owners felt many people in financial trouble needed at the time. It grew to sell more than just 72-hour kits, and today it offers all types of food storage, emergency supplies and a lot of other preparedness items, so much so that they now have two warehouses to accommodate all their products, making them have one of the largest online distributions of any emergency preparedness company.


Ready Store supplies food packages ranging from short-term supplies to 3, 6 and 12-month supplies. Saratoga Farms, a brand of theirs also offers their food stored in pantry cans and #10 cans. A collaboration with Mountain House provides the brand’s entrees in packet form. Their site supplies several brands for purchasing, such as Yoders, Datrex, Mainstay, WonderMill, OvaEasy, EasyPreptrade, Mountain Horse, and Saratoga Farms.


The Ready Store has an extended range of food items suitable for storage and survival such as vegetables, breakfasts, beans & legumes, basic meats, eggs, and fruits. Its nutritional catalog includes high-calorie bars, pasta, potatoes, snacks, sauces, and seasoning. Apart from the pre-made food options provided, they also underscore the importance of seeds and plants for self-sufficiency, providing a carton of seeds for a medicinal value called the MedicineGarden SEEDSAFE. Borage, Cayenne, Echinacea, and several more seeds are contained in this carton. Another carton called the HomeGarden contains cantaloupe, spinach and carrot seeds.

But that’s not all that is available as survival items like first aid & medical kits, storage shelves, sanitation & hygiene materials, and warmth & shelter materials can also be purchased on their website.

Food Storage

Ready Store has three brands of food storage: Mountain Horse, Saratoga Farms, and EasyPREP. Saratoga Farms products are stored in cans and buckets while EasyPREP food is first stored in pouches then placed in buckets. These additional brands make the Ready Store essentially equipped to cover all your needs. A wide variety of packaging options is also provided, Saratoga Farms can be purchased in #10 cans, Mylar pouches, and 6 can samplers called ReadyPacks. Some traditional food storage items are also packaged in 6-gallon buckets called ValueBuckets.

Product Quality

Generally, the food items provided by the Ready Store have exceptional quality, however, the only exception is their lower-priced 72-hour kits (basic line). They are comprised mostly of lower quality items and you will be better off purchasing higher quality items separately and assembling on your own.

Additional features

The Ready Store holds education as one of its most important virtue. They established an online community called The Ready Nation which educates people about emergency preparedness, food storage, as well as feature other tutorials. The website is rich with information on any product produced by them.

A blog is run by Ready Store site called ReadyBlog which has a large collection of informative articles, tips, and tutorials updated on a daily basis. Their YouTube channel is also stacked with videos, offering useful tips and guides to learn from. Useful items on the website also include food storage, water, and MRE shelf life calculator.

Shipping and Pricing

The prices of some of their items are the lowest you will find online. They have regular food storage sales and promotions which can help to reduce costs on higher-priced items. A customer loyalty reward system called ReadyRewards assigns points for every dollar spent, and these points can be cashed in later for discounts on orders and must be used within 1 year of receiving them.

They have a reasonable shipping tier price system which is based upon the customer’s total order price:

  • Total Price: $0 – $100 = $6 (shipping rate)
  • Total Price: $100 – $150 = $9 (shipping rate)
  • Total Price: $150+ = $12 (shipping rate)

Delivery time depends on location in the United States, however, most purchases should take 2 – 5 business days to arrive.

Their return policy allows damaged or defective items to be returned within 130 days of the original shipping date. However, a downside is that the customer must pay for the return shipping in addition to a 15% re-stocking fee.

Customer Support

Their website has a great design and is optimized for mobile phones and tablets. Every product clicked on the website has information on specifications, nutritional value, customer reviews, what’s in the box, videos, and even incorporates the use of high-resolution pictures.

The website has a FAQ section, as well as a live chat feature. This company offers excellent customer service, especially as their customer care representatives are very fast to respond and courteous. Their contact phone number is 1.800.773.5331 and email is [email protected] Customers can also contact the brand on social media via Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Furthermore, any Ready Store complaints can be put in an online form available on their website.


From the extensive research carried out on this thereadystore review, we conclude that this company is a reliable source that customers can trust to help stay prepared. They have also received several awards for their education and their food storage capabilities. Their wide variety of products and support structure for customers makes them one of the best in the food storage industry. The website makes it easy for customers to shop as well as compare the items with the best prices around. The Ready Store is a must for people who buy preparedness supplies regularly because their ReadyCLUB membership offers a lot of benefits.


  • Price match guarantee ensures the lowest prices for products
  • Educational resources provided on the website can come in handy in emergency situations
  • Wide seed selection can help to grow a large garden with a lot of variety
  • ReadyCLUB membership


  • No canning kit for preserving fruit and other food
  • No specific gluten-free foods

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