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Recently rebranded from, Legacy Food Storage will prepare you for whatever situation you face. You can get ahead of any emergency situation from a simple power-outage to a natural disaster with Legacy Food Storage. They sell quality survival packages as well emergency food supplies up to 1108 lbs in size in a single discounted package!

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Legacy Food Storage

rating: 4.6
  • Free shipping within the USA
  • Emergency Food calculator
  • Excellent customer support

Legacy Food Storage Food Storage


Legacy Food Storage produces a wide variety of emergency food rations, storage boxes, survival kits, storage tanks, deep well pump, long term food storage, and stoves that do not require electrical power.

By Editorial Team | 1st July 2019

Legacy Food Storage is a company that was founded in 2011, with its headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Legacy Food Storage and Preparewise merged and now has the practice of selling their products under both names. This company is focused on preparing families for emergency survival. Legacy Food Storage is a good choice for camping meals, and for long term food storage during emergencies. They have a lot of basic products for customers to choose from. They strive to remain ahead of their competitors in both quality and price. They are renowned for combining great-tasting meals with survival food and excellent customer service.


Legacy Food Storage food is stored in Mylar packaging, which is great at keeping the oxygen out and giving the food shelf life of 25 years. They offer a large variety of options and offer customers the choice of selecting between different packages, depending on their needs. Their food is available in six-serving Nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches with an Oxygen Absorber placed inside. Their pouches have an oxygen level of less than 2%, which is the bare minimum standard level of oxygen for long-term food storage.


Their website makes it easy to search for your desired food package by type, category, serving size, and in bulk. The listed foods usually add up to a daily calorific intake of 2,000 calories, which is the average necessary amount for adults. They offer a variety of breakfast foods which include multi-grain cereal, strawberry creamy wheat, oatmeal sprinkled with brown sugar, and old-fashioned pancakes. As for entrees, there’s a variation of gluten-free diets available, including but not limited to, pasta primavera, stroganoff, chili mac, southwest soup mix, and macaroni and cheese.


Their meal packages seem to offer the most value for money. The smallest package contains 120 breakfast meals, whereas the largest meal package has 1,440 servings with a total of four breakfast food variations and 2,880 servings of 19 different entrees. The latter is called the Premium 4320-Serving Package, and is described as the ‘ultimate family supply of food.’ The food in these packages requires hot water to be prepared, except for foods that are supposed to be eaten dry i.e. cereal.

Additional Features

They offer a tool on their website called the Emergency Food calculator, which serves as a guide for people who are unsure of how much food they should plan for. This calculator looks more like a chart and it shows a 12-month time frame for families of multiple sizes. It also states that one person will have to account for 1,080 meals if he wants to be able to have three solid meals a day. Moreover, they also a large number of emergency preparedness gear which contains fuel canisters and batteries. The shelving and deep well pump also make it easier to maintain the stockpile of supplies.

Shipping and Pricing

The service is only available to residents inside the U.S.

On their website, the meal packages range in price from $283 for 183 servings to $7,640 for 4,320 servings. All in all, this makes each serving less than $2, a cheap and affordable price. FedEx Ground is used for standard shipping of all their orders in the lower 48 States, with additional rates on orders that need to be shipped to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and APOs. They offer free shipping to the contiguous United States, orders usually arrive in 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. Note, this shipping time may increase during high demand times.

Legacy Food Storage offer returns for a majority of unused items within 30 days of delivery, but all returned orders are subjected to a $10 or 5% restocking fee depending on whichever is greater. Before returning any of their products, a customer care representative must be contacted to initiate the return process, so you can receive a Return Authorization Number (RAN).

Customer Support

Their website is well-designed and easy to navigate, with the FAQ section and Help Center being visibly distinguishable on the footer. Both pages are highly-informative on the types of food provided, as well as educational information for their customers. The topics covered include emergency food, survival gear, and fuel & energy facts. The help center also has tabs for customers to monitor their order and shipping status, making it easier to track the progress of their purchases and the remaining time of delivery.

The staff at Legacy Food Storage are helpful, friendly, and are always ready to answer questions to assist customers with their queries. The contact information provided on their website lists a phone number (888-543-7345) and email address ([email protected]), but there is also an online contact form available. For any Legacy Food Storage complaints, it is also advised to contact the company by these means.


This company offers a vast collection of food with great quality. Their lineup of survival gear is another factor that makes this company unique amongst other food storage brands. On their website, they talk about the careful effort and security measures put in place for manufacturing. This brand shows they can be trusted for your needs and will not let you down in times of trouble. We conclude this Legacy Food Storage review by saying their emergency food supplies is a highly-recommended option because it is nutritious and affordable with generous quantities which is helpful for any kind of emergency survival scenario.


  • They have a double nitrogen flush and moisture absorber in every packaging
  • They have a wide range of products to choose from.
  • They do not have any GMO, MSG or any artificial flavors.
  • They offer free shipping for domestic products


  • Their food packaging is inconvenient for camping purposes.
  • They do not provide drinking water in cans or pouches

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