Expert Honeyville Food Products Review 2021

HoneyVille has excellent stocks of emergency food supplies as well as having extremely reasonably prices. These guys are best if you’re looking to stock up a bug-out shelter but are also on a budget.

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Honeyville Food Products

rating: 4.8
  • Free shipping
  • Wide variety of products available including dehydrated fruits, vegetables, meats etc.
  • Detailed FAQ section featuring email and social media

Honeyville Food Products Food Storage


Honeyville Food Products is a company that specializes in the production and sale of food ingredients to the foodservice industry in the United States. This review provides accurate and comprehensive insights into its top features, its benefits, it’s setbacks.

By Editorial Team | 1st July 2019

Since 1951, the company has supplied food ingredients across several areas of the United States. Today, customers get the chance to enjoy a wide range of food products that includes dehydrated fruits, vegetables, meats, powders, and meals. Honeyville Food Products offers both baking ingredients and cooking ingredients that are gluten-free and nutrient-enriched but provides them on sale to the public.

Owned by Mr. Lowell Sherratt Jr., Honeyville is based in Brigham City, Utah. It serves as one of the best choices available for people to easily obtain meal ingredients. The store employs a different approach with respect to emergency food storage. This is obvious when you consider its attempts to facilitate the preparation of original recipes amongst customers by including items like corn, barley, oats, and other grains.


The option of variety provided by Honeyville in its long-term food storage is just one of its many features. Essential survival foods are on sale and readily-available for families trying to prepare for any unforeseen emergency.


The company has a great number of products, all of which are aimed towards delivering high-quality meals to families. The range of products available includes dehydrated fruits, freeze-dried food, wheat and grains, sugars, starches, corn and tortilla products, and dairy. In addition, it offers almond, coconut, and other flours. The meat products can either come canned or freeze-dried. All of the supplies have great resistance to spoilage, therefore making them more durable and long-lasting.

Despite Honeyville not providing all-inclusive meals, customers can rotate their food storage with special and different ingredients.

Food & Nutritional Options

Honeyville has a wide range of services, including selling food directly to food manufacturers and local bakeries. Its ingredients can be used to for lactose-free and gluten-free recipe, this to advertise and help families attain a better lifestyle and diet.

Food Storage

To stand out from its competitors, Honeyville has designed a wide range of food recipes and ingredients that customers can store and cycle on a regular basis. Honeyville freeze dried foods are ideal for long-term storage, meaning that customers can buy as much food as they like and store them in their pantry for a long period of time, and still get the benefits of enjoying them fresh.

Shipping & Pricing

Shipping utilizes the best delivery services such as FedEx and SmartPost to ensure that their customers receive their purchases in a timely manner and remain in pristine conditions. Delivery takes within an average of 3-9 days.

The company will ship a customer’s entire order to anywhere in the continental U.S. for a low $8.99 flat rate shipping. Unlike many other platforms, Honeyville allows customers to be eligible for free shipping if they get a hold of special free shipping codes, coupons, or discounts. 

The company has a money-back guarantee and offers refunds to customers if they are not fully satisfied with their order.

Customer Support

Since the beginning, providing great support has been an integral part of the company as they aim to put the customer first above all else.

The website has a detailed FAQ section with dozens of pre-answered queries relating to the brand’s products, order process, and its shipping and delivery. Furthermore, it has a strong social media presence, and by following their account, customers can get live updates regarding the company’s products and additional services.

The customer support team can be contacted through two different methods, from Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm (EST) i.e. toll-free telephone (888-810-3212) and email ([email protected]).


Since their launch in 1951, Honeyville has made great progress by becoming one of the best choices for go-to food supplies that are not only long-lasting but can also be easily stored and contain high nutritional values. Their Do It Yourself (DIY) approach contributes to making them stand out amongst its competitors.

Their products come with competitive prices, which enables customers to select the foods that best suits their budget. The products available include whole grains, flours, baking ingredients, corn products, hearty foods, and freeze-dried and dehydrated food. Due to how wide the collection is, getting to pick the right choice for your family can be easy. Lastly, the company’s shipping rates are relatively low which is a benefit when purchasing large food supplies.


  • Great customer service 
  • Low shipping rate
  • Low-priced products
  • Diverse numbers of food supplies


  • No emergency food estimator
  • Provides only local shipping

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