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FoodInsurance are a highly professional producer of long-life foods. They also have emergency cooking devices and equipment for any emergency situation. If you’re in a hurricane state or a location where a natural disaster could cut your electricity or supply routes, then FoodInsurance could be a stocking solution for you.

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Food Insurance

rating: 4.5
  • Primarily focuses on the freeze-dried method
  • Pay-as-you-go program
  • Detailed blog featuring Live Chat facility and social media platforms

Food Insurance Food Storage


Food Insurance is a survival food service that sells products catering to the needs of families during a natural disaster, camping, or just when you don’t want to cook and want quick, great-tasting meals.

By Editorial Team | 1st July 2019

Food Insurance (or was founded in 2009 by Justin Ericksen and Jason Lindsey. It was initially started following Hurricane Katrina and a series of global disasters. It originally only offered emergency kits to help people follow FEMA’s guidelines, but then shortly expanded to include long-term emergency food supplies and non-food emergency supplies online. The company is based in Kaysville, Utah and currently run by Mark Hyland. 


Food Insurance focuses primarily on the freeze-dried method for keeping food for long-term storage and only has a small variety of dehydrated food. Their model has an emphasis on freeze-dried food. Their offerings are more aligned towards inclusive meals, although they also sell separate freeze-dried ingredients. The meals that come in the ‘long term meal plans’ have a shelf life of 25 years, while the meals in the backpack kits have a shelf life of 7-10 years.


They have emergency kits that follow FEMA’s guidelines. These kits contain a two-week supply of food for one adult, a heat source, a first-aid kit, and a water filter. Categories for these kits are the Emergency Plus, Essentials, and Gluten-free kit. They also offer several meal plans which are classified with either 632 entrées, 948 entrées, 1264 entrées, 1896 entrées, 2528 entrées, and 3792 entrées. They have free-dried fruits, meats, and vegetables on their product list. The emergency foods are offered in both à la carte form and as packaged goods which can last for up to a year. A few of the foods available include beans, meats, soups, and dairy items.

Survival Gear

The survival/tactical gear offered on their website includes equipment for solar power, cooking & fuel, heirloom seeds, warmth, and shelter. Their heirloom seeds include SEEDSAFE Garden 1-Acre which goes for a sale price of $48.43 and a SEEDSAFE Garden 7-Acres which goes for a sale price of $187.23. These products can be used to grow your garden, depending on the size you want. They also have a number of solar energy options on their site ranging from $15.05 – $2184.99. The warmth and shelter materials on their site include hand warmers, tents, blankets, and survival aids.


Their freeze-dried foods retain more of its nutritional value than their canned or dehydrated foods. Their bulk foods are packaged in an oxygen-free environment so there is no need for any additives or preservatives to keep it fresh. Their foods already contain all the seasoning and ingredients needed for a complete meal which makes them one of the best for camping.

The only action needed is a little time to cook in hot water to make it ready for eating.

Additional features

There is the opportunity of ordering bulk food storage containers for group rates and large organizations. For the larger emergency food storage package, the company offers a full survival kit in the shipment with an emergency stove. They also provide a pay-as-you-go program where customers can make flexible and convenient payments, which is a good option for those who don’t want a huge expense as they start to organize their food storage.

Shipping and Pricing

We compared Food Insurance’s price of a one-person, three-month kit to other competitors, and found out that Food Insurance’s kit was $300 below the average price. This makes the company ideal for budget-conscious buyers who care about emergency preparedness.

As for shipping prices, it ranges from the total cost of the customer’s order (per person) and goes as follows:

  • Total Price: $0.01-$49.pp = $9.99 (shipping rate)
  • Total Price: $50.00-$98.99 = $15.99 (shipping rate)
  • Total Price: $99.00-$149.99 = $18.99 (shipping rate)
  • Total Price: $150.00+ = free shipping

The delivery time depends on the customer’s location in the United States however, most purchases should take 2 – 5 days to arrive. When orders are shipped out, customers will be e-mailed a tracking number that can be used to monitor their shipment.

Customer Support

Another aspect that Food Insurance prides itself on is its blog which contains well-organized information and articles containing tips that educate customers about preparedness. As for getting in touch with the customer support team, the live chat option on the site is fast and friendly, and from our experience, the representatives handle queries in a timely-manner with descriptive answers about the company and survival food storage.

Furthermore, the support team can be contacted by telephone (1-866-946-8366) from Mondays – Fridays between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm. Their email address is also available to send questions and inquiries at [email protected] Lastly, they can also be reached on social media with the handle @Foodinsurance on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube. Their social media handles will also keep customers in touch and give them access to regularly-posted survival tricks.


Food Insurance offers a top-notch service which is ideal for those that prefer all-inclusive meals over single ingredients. The company is willing to educate its customers about emergency preparation and is even willing to send over samples for them to try. The food provided by this company has great taste, especially its pre-made meals. As established by our review, Food Insurance is a reliable company that can be trusted with everyone’s health and safety.


  • Amazing group rates which can be leveraged for price cuts
  • Lots of food plans available
  • Extensive options for survival food storage
  • Payment options and lower prices make it budget-friendly


  • Shipping rate varies
  • Limited choices special diets, such as organic and soy-free

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