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rating: 5
  • No unnecessary pop-ups
  • Best suited for travellers who are searching for a budget airline
  • Includes all hotels, rental cars, and flights in the search

Momondo Flights


Compare 1000+ airline and travel sites at budget prices, all offering luxurious flights and boutique hotels.

By Moses Mbuva | 7th August 2018

If you are looking for an ideal cheap flight search engine, look no further than Momondo. Formed in 2006, Momondo has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the most useful travel search engine site for travelers worldwide. On Momondo you will be able to search for flights, hotels, holidays, and rental cars. However, Momondo is the best known for cheap flights.


Momondo is absolutely free for visitors who use the website for flight search. When searching for flights, there are options to filter according to airline, airports, and alliance. Momondo has three different price points; cheapest flight, best flight, and quickest flight. Momondo is best suited for travellers who are solely searching for a budgeted airline, they can filter through the different prices. The site includes all hotels, rental cars, and flights in their search algorithm; therefore they’ll receive more results in their investigation.

Best for flight price analysisIt might be difficult to calculate complex flights
No unnecessary pop-upsMuch slower compared to Google flights
Nice impressive and simple to use interface
Detailed flight search filters
Customer Support

To ensure that each and every one of their customers get the holiday of their dreams, Momondo has a broad customer support team to provide assistance from user feedback to booking queries. Prior to contacting customer service, we advise visitors to check the site’s ‘Help’ (FAQ) section where they can find answers to popular questions regarding:

  • How Momondo Works
  • Prices
  • Booking
  • Services
  • Login
  • Feedback

However, if you prefer to chat with a representative from Momondo, you can call them on +45 3337 8080 (standard international call rate apply) or send them a letter to:

Momondo A/S, Løvstræde 1, DK-1152 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Note that Momondo is closed on weekends and Danish public holidays.

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Moses Mbuva
Moses is a full-time copywriter and stock trader. His life is occupied by three things; writing for a living, profiting from leveraged stocks for retirement and drinking coffee to stay sane. While a passionate financial markets writer, he is also interested in Crypto Currencies and gambling. To find him in his downtime though you would have to search for him on one of his hikes or fishing trips. Read more.
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