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rating: 5
  • Has a free to download mobile app
  • Absolutely free to use Kayak for searching
  • Uses advance price tracking to show current pricing trends of destinations

Kayak Flights


Search for your ideal vacation with Kayak! Browse through holiday packages as well as discounted rates on hotels, flights, and rental cars.

By Moses Mbuva | 7th August 2018

Kayak is a popular search engine for cheap flights, travel, destination, and hotels. It helps travelers get the most out of their travel expedition by doing a comparative analysis of flights, rental vehicles, hotels, cruises, trains, and destinations. You will get the best value for your money with Kayak because it has over a million partners. Let’s slice and dice to know more about Kayak.


It’s absolutely free to use Kayak for search purpose. Kayak generates its revenues from the partners it has on its website. On Kayak’s website, the prices indicate their reflection on the actual charges for hotels, rental cars, and other listed services provided to customers. To get the best price bargains on Kayak, it’s good to check for discounts, offers, promotions, last minute deals, and other cost-saving means.

Nice and simple user interfaceSome Kayak partners have poor standards and have negative customer feedbacks
Has a free to download mobile app compatible with both IOs and AndroidThere is no loyalty program
Multiple cost savings deals
There is a price trend predictor
Customer Support

Kayak has one of the most thorough FAQ sections we’ve seen across many travel comparison sites. To begin with, there are several quick links which will take the customer to another webpage where they can have their query or issue tended to immediately, for example, Find my Bookings, Airlines, and Hotel Owner.

Underneath the quick links are five additional categories:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Cars
  • Trips
  • Account

Altogether, there are over two dozen commonly asked questions which have already been answered. Some crucial questions that you can find includes:

  • Do flight prices include baggage fees?
  • Where do the star ratings for hotels come from?
  • What is Kayak’s refund policy?
  • How do I merge two trips together?
  • Where can I find my booking confirmation?

Furthermore, customers can provide feedback via an online form, such as an inaccuracy with a price on the website. But from our experience with the Kayak, this is yet to happen.

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Moses Mbuva
Moses is a full-time copywriter and stock trader. His life is occupied by three things; writing for a living, profiting from leveraged stocks for retirement and drinking coffee to stay sane. While a passionate financial markets writer, he is also interested in Crypto Currencies and gambling. To find him in his downtime though you would have to search for him on one of his hikes or fishing trips. Read more.
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