Expedia Cheap Flights Review

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rating: 5
  • Discounts listed run up to 40%
  • The app is incredibly easy to use
  • Use Scratchpad - a bespoke feature to help you get the best deal

Expedia Flights


An award-winning travel provider in the UK, serving millions of travelers every year.

By Moses Mbuva | 7th August 2018

Expedia is an online travel search site that lists; vacation packages, hotels, flights, car rental, cruises, and vacation rentals. Being an Expedia member comes with several advantages such as; mile points, Expedia reward points, and credit card reward points. All these can be redeemed at the checkout. Alternatively, you can redeem these points to help children battling cancer at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Expedia has an extensive search parameter that will help you filter what you want according to your desired parameters.


Expedia doesn’t charge its site visitors. Therefore, it is free to use this site. You will not be asked for personal details when using this site. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Therefore, don’t expect any credit card leak information. The website runs many promos and discounts for specific hotels. Expedia is a good site to trim your travel budget because sometimes discounts run up to 40%+. Moreover, you do not need to be stuck on your desktop when making a booking as the company has its own mobile app.

It has an application called Scratchpad that helps you take down notes on your search travels. Therefore, you can easily monitor lowest flights on specific routeLimited language options; English, Spanish, and Chinese
Free mobile app for both Android and IOs devicesExpedia doesn’t cover comprehensive flights charges, compared to other search engines, there are cheaper flights options that aren’t listed with Expedia
It has worldwide partners
Discounts listed run up to 40%
Customer Support

If customers have any questions or concerns about Expedia or the use of their personal information, customers can get in contact via the customer services portal. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate with a dozen different topics readily available to browse through:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Flight + Hotels
  • Car
  • Things to do
  • Trains
  • Expedia Rewards
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Privacy
  • Other
  • Your Experience
  • Travel Alerts

Alternatively, send an email to their support team directly on [email protected] or call them at +44 20 3788 0445.

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Moses Mbuva
Moses is a full-time copywriter and stock trader. His life is occupied by three things; writing for a living, profiting from leveraged stocks for retirement and drinking coffee to stay sane. While a passionate financial markets writer, he is also interested in Crypto Currencies and gambling. To find him in his downtime though you would have to search for him on one of his hikes or fishing trips. Read more.
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