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  • Extremely quick
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  • Emphasizes on Email Automation

Drip Email Marketing


Focused mainly on automation options, Drip exclusively offers advanced tracking/events.

By Aleksandar Spasov | 28th November 2018

Despite being relatively new to the email services scene, Drip is quickly acquiring positions among the top providers in the business. Marketing automation with it seems incredibly easy to customize, set up, and execute, so we shall be giving Drip some bonus stars in performance. Smarter email sending has become a part of every successful business, be it a physical or virtual-based one. Brands like Drip let us create sophisticated and engaging content without annoying our subscribers. This way, we are able to generate much more sales and retain a big percentage of our customer base with ease. Reaching better user engagement via Drip is the first step to make our small business not so small on the map!


Drip has a very simple pricing scheme and we have to say – we totally like that. No need for complicated counts and planning how to get the most of it for the lowest price. The Starter Plan at Drip is absolutely free and lets us reach out to 100 subscribers per month. This is, however, a small number, so unless we are a local store looking to get their customers a good treatment, we advise going for some of the paid options here. The basic plan gets us up to 2,500 subscribers for $49 monthly fee, and the Pro Plan goes up to 5,000 subscribers for $99/month.

Drip doesn’t support a bonus coupon system but they do offer a full year of services on the price of ten months. In addition, we get to experience a 21-day free trial with Drip – we get access to all of Drip’s features before we make the final decision.

Nice event segmentationFewer third-party integrations
Engagement increase due to lead scoring usageLearning curve requires more time for beginners to master the software
Email Blueprints available to use from the start
Unopens Auto-resend
Best For

What makes Drip a unique email marketing software is that while it supports tags, it goes one step further and records the date and time of the product purchased. Thus, it helps users in keeping a track of a large customer base and monitor their activities. Also, it enables you to track the pages your customers visit and allows you to send coupons if they do not buy the product within 24 hours. Drip also includes a JavaScript library that helps you get pop up leads from your website. If you love personalization and experimenting with email templates for email advertising and email marketing and can handle a large customer base, Drip is a dream come true for you. It is also aptly suited for companies who rely on e-marketing and wait to convert website visitors into loyal customer. Besides, it is for the ones that deal with a lot of products and courses. With visual workflows, your work gets quickly done without much hassle and loading issues.

Email Campaign Creation

Drip, in counter to many rivals, emphasizes Tags and Events rather than Lists when it comes to email campaign creation. We can add tags both manually or via automation tools – opened emails or clicked links get to “hang” a tag on customers so we can approach them better. It is extremely easy to set up such a tagging system, and we appreciate the simplicity Drip has to provide for our business. The trigger links can also be placed on any of our pages which helps with campaign tracking, too.

The two automation features here are Workflows and Rules. Workflows lets us build visual automations with various conditions to apply when needed. Rules, on the other hand, are similar to providers like ConvertKit – they operate on the Trigger-and-Action scheme. There are both benefits and limitations to this. For simple automations, we get to experience the easiest of setups – one-off automation rules carry out our orders quickly and without any issues. For automation wizards, however, Drip may seem a little too simplified. However, this enables it to be immensely fast compared to some leading competitors like Active Campaign, for example. When we dig deeper, we can see that Drip can also swarm us with options, we just need to get used to finding them quickly in the dropdown menus.

Tracking Campaign Performance

In Analytics, we have A/B testing to start us off – split tests are available for every campaign we have – names, delivery times, and email content are all there. Drip’s dashboard shows us everything else we need to see in order to enhance our business – the marketing perspective here is amazing as we can see First-Time Visitors, Form Opens, Form Closes, Web Subscriptions, and Web Conversions all on one screen.

Broadcasts inform us of Email Opens, Email Clicks, Conversions, and Unsubscribes for each email sent. Again, everything is shown in a single scale and cross-referenced to give us the greater idea of how did we do with a certain email campaign. Auto-responders show Subscriptions and Conversions, too. Reports, lastly, break down subscriber growth, opens by the hour, and hard bounces to complete the picture.

Help and Support

As goes for support, we have the Drip’s Knowledgebase, a Facebook community, Drip Live Coaching, Webinars, and an email contact form to resolve all of our issues. Response times there vary between a couple of hours and 48 hours but the customer support team solutions are great, so we don’t mark it as a downside.

Comparison to Competitors in the Market

Even with a Zapier integration, Drip works significantly faster than Active Campaign and many other such email marketing platforms and services. Also, in comparison, Drip has a simpler interface than most other email automation companies. Much affordable than MailChimp, it also offers a fairly sound A/B testing environment to its users. Though it shares a lot of common features with ConvertKit, its complex email automations are far more advanced and therefore justifies the price it charges.


If we are aiming for an extremely fast and efficient email service provider, Drip may very well make the cut. They are new, exciting to engage, and know how to aid us in improving our business. Their subscription plans can suit any type of business, and email tracking there is plainly incredible!

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Aleksandar Spasov
Aleksander is a freelancer from Bulgaria. He's travelled and is still travelling around the the world and has been writing and studying as he goes. He describes himself as a bit of a word freak and this is clear from his studies in English and Journalism.Although he is knowledgeable in a lot of areas, he has been researching and writing about anti-virus as his most recent interest. Read more.
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