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  • One of the market leaders for more than two decades
  • Self-Learning Algorithm - this ensures higher quality matches
  • Try before you buy - free users can simply browse the site without paying a thing

Sign up and discover new ways to meet new people – get access to dating profiles belonging thousands of singles!

By Stella Bracwel | 2nd October 2018

It’s possibly the best kind of advertising when a company’s name becomes so entwined with the product or service it supplies it becomes one and the same. For example, a vacuum cleaner is often called a Hoover, Google is now a verb that represents all online search engines and is inextricably linked to online dating. With over 23 years of experience in this field, that should hardly come as a surprise.

Sign Up

The sign-up process (creating an account) will take about 30 minutes, so set aside a good window of free time. During this time, you will fill out standard information about yourself, such as your gender and ZIP/Postal Code. From that, you will answer questions based on the kind of person or people you want to meet:

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Background
  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Hair and Eye colour
  • Children
  • Religious, and more

Afterwards, you will answer the same questions to complete your profile, including uploading a picture. You can choose whether to take one from your Facebook account or from your Laptop/iPad device.

  • Try Before You Buy (free registered members can thoroughly explore the site, however, they are unable to send or receive any messages)
  • Vetted Accounts
  • Self-Learning Algorithm
  • Active or Passive (Match will deliver hand-picked matches to your profile every 24 hours)
  • Reverse Search (Match will bring up profiles of people who are looking for a profile like yours)
  • Active Rewards
Ease of Use

Very, very good – as they should be after being one of the market leaders for more than two decades! The online site is extremely user-friendly and simple to navigate and the Apps are highly rated in their respective stores.

Searching for matches has been refined over the years, with a number of useful features i.e. reverse search. In addition, Match will send you matches which will only get more accurate the longer you are on the site. There are also some fun games to play which can be used as great icebreakers, whilst the message service is straightforward and simple to use.

Safety and Security

Several years ago, Match was involved in a bit of a scandal when it was noticed they were using unencrypted HTTP to transfer login details, a huge security risk. That has now been fixed, and these days Match is considered one of the safest websites around. The fact the accounts are manually verified should go some way to keeping scammers out.


There are few different subscriptions available at reasonable prices – all to help you find the love of your life!

SubscriptionSavings (%)Price
One Month£29.99
Three Months33%£19.99
Six Months£9.9966%
Bottom Line

Match is a market leader which has been for a long time and probably will continue to do so well into the future.  The simple reason? It works. Almost everyone knows someone who met on Match – I went to a wedding only last year of a couple who met on the site.

The built-in algorithm is fantastic and means you aren’t tied down to the answers you give setting up the profile. The fees are pretty low too, especially for such a well-designed, intuitive, and premium service – exactly what you would expect from the market leader.

Reviewed by
Stella Bracwel
Stella is a fashion blogger and crypto-investor, who also happens to be a dating expert as well. She is a traveller who has taken up writing as a full-time profession, so she can always do her job and have fun on the go. With her vast array of knowledge, Stella could get you hitched as well as rich so keep an eye out for her articles! Read more.
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