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  • Psychological profiling method: more effectively find your perfect match
  • Quality over quantity - Limited amount of matches sent per day based on the profiling
  • 80% of the members are educated to degree level

A global-leading dating site, creating on average 2000 new couples each month!

By Stella Bracwel | 7th August 2018

In recent years, online dating has become a part of the norm, with many new websites being introduced on a daily basis. The sites often need to do something a little different to stand out from the crowd. Some will work in a specific niche, some may attempt to create a brand-new niche all their own – and some, like Elite Singles, will end up doing a bit of both.

Sign Up

Before we get started with the sign-up steps, it’s worth pointing out that the process itself does take quite a while, especially the early steps. It’s also not possible to save your progress until you are quite a way through, so just set some free time aside before you start. Firstly, you begin with the standard e-mail address verification and username creation – nice and straightforward.

The second stage is the time sink, however! Elite Singles matching algorithm works on a psychological profiling method called the Five-Factor Model of Personality. To assess your personality, the site must collect data from you across five broad categories. To do that, they need to ask you questions. A lot of questions! It is going to result in more accurate matches, but it also going to take quite a while.

The next stage is… more questions! 11 questions to be exact, for which potential matches will get a read of your answers. You don’t have to do all 11, but it will give your matches a better idea of your personality.

Finally, with all the questions answered you return to your central member’s area page where you can start to build your profile. It’s worth noting that you can upload as many as 24 photos of yourself, a pretty generous amount.

  • Accuracy
  • Quality over Quantity (Elite Singles works by sending you through around 5 to 7 matches per day)
  • Time Saver
  • Know your Audience (At least 80% of the members are educated to degree level, and many of them are professionals)
  • Elite’s Messaging System for easy communication
Ease of Use

Elite Singles, as we mentioned above, is definitely set up for ease of use. In fact, you can leave a lot of the work in the hands of the site, and simply wait for your daily delivery of matches. This will be a plus or minus for some people, as it is certainly not as hands-on as some other sites and apps.

If you like a match, you send them a message, even if it’s just a simple smile. It’s also simple to block matches, so if the same person keeps coming up you can remove them from the search pool. You also get a very handy matching score (out of 100) for every match. This makes it easy to quickly judge which matches are the most compatible, saving you a lot of time in the long run.

Safety and Security

Just as with any dating site, there is the small risk that you could match with someone unsavory like a scammer. To combat this, Elite Singles has a range of features such as blocking, a dedicated e-mail address for security, and an extensive page on the site with hints and tips on how to stay safe.

We mentioned it above but it’s worth mentioning again as the Block feature is a very good security option. If you block another user, they will never appear in your searches again. You can also delete another user, and they will never be able to find or contact you again.


Elite Singles is not cheap, although given its target audience that’s perhaps not too surprising. As with many services, the longer you sign up for the more discounts you get.

Subscription Price
Three Months £49.95
Six Months £34.95
One Year £24.95
Bottom Line

While Elite Singles is not cheap and takes a bit of time sink to set up, once you’re onboard the process is intuitive and simple, and if you are looking long term, it will really save you time by doing the searching for you. You are also going to know yourself if the demographic on here is what you are looking for – because if you are tempted to sign up, you probably are a member of the target demographic yourself.

Reviewed by
Stella Bracwel
Stella is a fashion blogger and crypto-investor, who also happens to be a dating expert as well. She is a traveller who has taken up writing as a full-time profession, so she can always do her job and have fun on the go. With her vast array of knowledge, Stella could get you hitched as well as rich so keep an eye out for her articles! Read more.
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  1. Elite singles is a dating site definitely worth the investment. I just got a new subscription. Really good!