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Identity Guard

rating: 5
  • Use of IBM Watson® Artificial Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Dark Web monitoring
  • Instant enrolment after 10-minute setup

Identity Guard Credit Reports


Identity Guard offers comprehensive protection against identity theft as well as in-depth credit rating reporting.

By Editorial Team | 2nd January 2019

Identity Guard is a well-established and highly respected company that offers individuals and families tools to protect their identity. They stay abreast of the latest developments in the digital world in order to provide their customers with total protection in the modern age. Identity Guard has a number of price plans, each offering different services, ensuring that everyone can find the protection they need.

Their artificial intelligence technology is continually monitoring billions of data points and they will provide immediate alerts if you appear to be at risk. As part of their services, they offer credit reports from the three bureaus. Thanks to monthly reports, those enrolled will be notified immediately if there is a change to their credit profile. This makes it an excellent service for those who need to monitor their credit scores.


Identity Guard offers three pricing plans, for individuals and three for families.

The Individual Value package is $8.99 per month and offers comprehensive identity protection for those interested in extensive monitoring. It includes IBM Watson® Artificial Intelligence, which monitors huge amounts of information to alert you about threats to your identity, Risk Management Score, which measures how well you manage your risk of identity fraud, and Dark Web Monitoring, which will alert you if any of your personal information (such as SSN or credit card number) is used on the Dark Web. It also offers $1 million insurance on losses incurred due to identity theft as well as safe browsing tools and an anti-phishing mobile app.

The Individual Total package, at $19.99 per month, brings with it 3-Bureau Credit Changes, that will alert you if your credit profile changes, a monthly credit score, alerts to changes on your bank account (such as name or address), and alerts if requests are made to open new bank accounts using your information.

The Individual Premier Package, at $24.99 per month, adds an annual credit report with information from all three bureaus, social insight reports that analyze your Facebook presence, and more alerts based upon your banking activity.

The family packages offer very similar features but with additional tools for child identity protection. The Value package will alert you if your child’s personal information is found on the Dark Web, and the Premium package will alert you to instances of potential cyberbullying and provide access to the Megan Meier Foundation for assistance.

PlanPricing (per month)
Individual Value$8.99
Individual Total$19.99
Individual Premier$24.99
Family Value$14.99
Family Total$29.99
Family Premier$34.99

Identity Guard is primarily focused on identity theft rather than credit ratings; however, a case of identity theft is highly likely to affect your credit rating. As a result, all Identity Guard packages include the following features:

  • IBM Watson® Artificial Intelligence
  • $1 million insurance with stolen funds reimbursement
  • A U.S.-based dedicated case manager
  • Risk Management Score
  • Online identity dashboard
  • Mobile Application

They will also alert you to the following regardless of your package:

  • Personal information appearing on the Dark Web
  • High-risk transactions
  • Potential threats detected by IBM Watson® Artificial Intelligence

If you are interested in your credit score and have the Total package then you will receive the following:

  • Monthly credit score
  • 3-Bureau credit changes
  • Alerts about bank account takeovers
  • Alerts about requests to open checking or savings accounts with your information

Those who have opted for the Premium package will also benefit from:

  • 3-Bureau credit report
  • Social insight reports
Ease of Use

It is very easy to set up your Identity Guard account, you simply need to provide some basic information, such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, and Social Security Number, in order to create your account. It normally takes no more than 10 minutes to create an account, and your coverage starts immediately.

Once you are enrolled, the service is very easy to use. You will receive alerts and other information through the mobile app and emails. The information is always displayed clearly and it comes with advice on what action you should take if necessary. Thanks to this, you can effortlessly protect your identity.

Customer Support

Identity Guard offers fantastic customer support. Before you have even created an account, you are welcome to phone them with any questions. Then, as a member, you can reach them via telephone and email. They promise to answer emails within 48 hours and their phone lines are open from 8 am – 11 pm EST on workdays and from 9am-6pm EST on Saturdays.

Comparison to other credit report services

Security is Identity Guard’s number one priority. Despite offering more affordable plans, it is one of the few credit monitoring services to utilize a secure ID vault to store its users’ passwords. Not a lot of its competitors have this feature, including Experian and LifeLock.

Identity Guard is BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited and sits with a very impressive A+ rating and has a 7.7 out of 10 score on Trustpilot. These reviews alone show the unbiased high satisfaction it has earned from its millions of customers. Another aspect which makes this company different to its competitors is that it is one of the few credit score websites to identify its corporate owner, Intersections Inc – a strong indicator of its genuine transparency and purpose.


Identity Guard 8 am a comprehensive set of tools that will go a long way to protecting you from identity theft. While the Value plan doesn’t deal directly with credit ratings, anyone who is particularly concerned about this will find all the tools they need in the Total and Premier plans. If you are concerned about your credit rating and identity, then Identity Guard is a service very much worth having.

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