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Identity Force

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Identity Force Credit Reports


Identity Force provides excellent protection from identity theft in the form of real-time monitoring, alerts and powerful tools.

By Editorial Team | 2nd January 2019

Identity Force is a company that specializes in protecting its customers from the threat of identity theft. The company was recently acquired by EZShield, one of the leaders in the field of digital identity protection and resolution. This has resulted in a comprehensive service that offers a wide range of tools.

While primarily concerned with identity theft, they also offer a number of credit security solutions that will be invaluable to those worried about their credit scores and ratings. Subscribers to the service have access to an impressively wide range of information and tools, and are sure to benefit from the service.


Identity Force has two main product packages, UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit:

The UltraSecure package comes with a 14-day free trial during which you can enjoy all of its features. It is primarily aimed at those concerned about identity theft. It contains numerous monitoring tools, alerts, protection tools and $1 Million identity theft insurance.

The UltraSecure+Credit package comes with all of the features of the UltraSecure package, as well as 3-bureau credit monitoring, scores, reports, a credit score simulator, and more. This is ideal for those looking to both protect against identity theft and keep close track of their credit ratings.

PlanPricing (per month)Pricing (per year)

Both of Identity Forces packages come with advanced monitoring tools:

  • Advanced Fraud Monitoring – Alerts you when your credit report is requested.
  • Change of Address Monitoring – Monitors if your mail is redirected.
  • Court Records Monitoring – Keeps track of court records to see if your identity is involved in criminal activity.
  • Pay Day Loan Monitoring – Alerts you to payday loans obtained with your SSN.
  • Sex Offender Monitoring – Monitors sex offender registries for your details.
  • Social Media Identity – Keeps track of your online presence and monitors for posts that could be considered cyberbullying or discriminatory.

In addition to these monitoring tools, the packages also include a number of alerts such as:

  • Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
  • Smart SSN Tracker – Alerts you if there is an unfamiliar name, alias, or address associated with your SSN.
  • Junk Mail Opt-Out – Removes you from frequently used marketing databases and stops pre-approved credit card offers
  • Identity Threat Alerts – Provides alerts when your information may be subject to a data breach.
  • Fraud Alert Reminders – Helps prevent identity thieves from opening new lines of credit in your name.

The service also includes a number of controls:

  • Medical ID Fraud Protection – Reviews your medical benefits statements to ensure that no one else is using them.
  • Online PC Protection Tools – Anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software to protect you online.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Two stage login to verify identity.
  • Lost Wallet Assistance – Quickly cancel and replace credit and debit cards.
  • Mobile App – Rapidly access personal identity protection from your smartphone.

There are also a number of recovery services should you fall victim to identity theft:

  • Identity Theft Insurances $1 million – Recover losses if your identity is stolen.
  • Fully Managed Restoration – Recovery services and help with all of the paperwork when restoring your identity after theft.
  • Toll-Free Customer Service – Team members on hand to help with all kinds of issues.

Those who have opted for the UltraSecure+Credit package will also benefit from the following:

  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring – Daily monitoring of your credit report
  • 3 Bureau Credit Reports – Instant access to your credit report online
  • 3 Bureau Credit Scores – Instant access to your credit scores
  • Credit Score Tracker – Track your credit scores over time
  • Credit Score Simulator – Explore how financial decisions may affect your credit score
Ease of Use

It is quick and easy to sign up for the service. You simply need to select a plan and provide the requested information. You will have immediate access to all of Identity Force’s services and can start to benefit from them straight away.

Those on the Credit package will also have immediate access to their credit scores and reports. The information is all presented in a clear manner, and the analysis tools are helpful and easy to understand. Even if you are a complete newcomer to the world of credit ratings, it will not take long to understand exactly what is going on.

Customer Support

The support section of the Identity Force website contains a huge amount of information. It is sorted into easy to navigate sections and there is a very clear FAQ section as well. You can reach their support team via email, telephone, and live chat. They are available 24/7 and those who fall victim to identity theft can contact their Restoration Specialists.

Comparison to other credit report services

As previously established, Identity Force offers some intricate monitoring tools that cannot be matched anywhere – they are adamant in protecting you from identity theft (i.e. impostors) and credit fraud. Identity Force monitors all of your personal information, such as driver’s licenses, social security number, addresses and more, and will remove it from suspicious websites on the Dark Web.

Another way in which Identity Force protects its users is through up-to-date news and advice on their site’s blog, most notably the data breach in September 2018 where customer information from several major businesses was compromised. The company helped raised awareness of the situation and encouraged its users to check if their personal information or credit score have been affected.

In comparison to other credit score and identity theft services like Identity Guard and LifeLock, Identity Force may be a little more expensive, but it offers more high-quality and comprehensive monitoring.


Anyone concerned with identity theft will find that Identity Force provides a comprehensive package of tools to help protect them. The service works smoothly and provides an excellent level of protection. Those also interested in credit ratings will find that the credit package provides them with a huge amount of information. In short, it is an excellent service and fantastic value for money.

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