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Website Builder

Are you interested in creating a personal blog or a professional business website? These website building platforms below are not only user-friendly but come with inexpensive subscriptions based on your chosen plan. All of these commended sites offer stunning and customizable templates, a drop and drag feature for easier navigation, a media gallery (i.e. include images, videos, and text), and more. They are used by millions of satisfied customers worldwide and have collectedly created billions of successful and striking websites. If you need more convincing, have a read at our detailed reviews.

Browser Games

If you’re looking for some time to kill, here are some of the hottest browser games to play right now. But, why browser? Firstly, they are lightweight, meaning they do not use up your gadget’s memory – no additional software needs to be downloaded to your PC, tablet or mobile device. Secondly, you can play them anywhere and anytime you want. Thirdly, and most importantly, they’re FREE!


Finding the best string trimmer can be quite troublesome, especially if you’re not in a position where you can test each weedwackers individually. Therefore, we have closely reviewed dozens of weedeaters to bring you a diverse selection which we deem as being long-lasting, affordable, but most importantly, gets the job done. Each brand in this category offer exceptional warranties, useful features i.e. attachable tool heads, adjustable shafts, and more. To get a full understanding of why these weedwackers come highly-recommended, read our reviews. When in doubt, don’t pull the weeds out. Whack them instead!


Need a little assistance looking for Mr. Right or Mrs. Right? If so, Hot5 has rounded up the best dating sites guaranteed to match you up with the man or woman of your dreams. Online dating has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it is because of these three reasons: you are in control, dating sites expand your dating pool, and you can use the site/app to fit around your busy schedule (any hour of the day/night).


DNA testing is becoming more popular and available than ever so why not find out more about yourself and your family? Genetic testing has the benefit of revealing both positive and negative information regarding your health, ancestry, and more. Are you at risk of developing Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Cancer? Science has created a way so you can stop guessing and instead get the answers you need – everything you want to know is a cheek swap or spit away. Each brand that we recommend consists of large databases to give you strict, precise results (at an affordable cost).


Think you have a great deal on your holiday? Have you compared it to any of the travel sites below? Find the best flight, hotels, and car rental prices to anywhere in the world! Filter through hundreds of possible holiday destinations and find your perfect holiday package. Moreover, you can be linked directly to an airline or travel agent.

Job Search

Find your dream job by using any one of our highly-recommended job sites. Each job search engine gives users access to thousands of jobs worldwide, with the added benefit of browsing company details and reviews, CV building, and job advice from consultants, during which recruiters can post several of their job ads and message potential employers. These job search sites are incredibly helpful for both parties.

Psychic Readings

Are you in need of some guidance or insight? A powerful psychic reading can be an amazing experience as it will provide you with another perspective and encouragement on topics and issues which may be taking a toll on you. Psychics have become more accessible in recent years, instead of seeking them out for a face-to-face session, a reading can take place online via webcam, telephone, and even messaging. The brands featured on Hot5 offer a wide variety of services such as General Readings, Spiritual Guidance, readings focusing on Jobs, Love and Relationships, Dream Interpretations etc. Each brand that we recommend comes with a glowing reputation and genuine, accurate readings.

Antivirus Software

In this day and age of cybercrime, it is crucial to protect your PC and other devices from viruses, malware, and spyware – all of which can compromise your personal data and safety. But which Antivirus is the best? Well, that depends on your requirements. One of the reasons why we are featuring many award-winning antiviruses is because of their innovative and sleek features, including parental control for families who want to monitor their children’s internet activity. To help you make a satisfied decision, we have created in-depth reviews analyzing everything about the brand from its reputation to its customer support.

Background Checks

Are you suspicious of your new neighbor? Hiring for a new job position? Wanting to conduct a self-background check? These sites will deliver fast and detailed results about a person’s (or group’s) criminal, commercial, educational, and financial records at an affordable price. As there are many background check providers on the market, we have comprised a selection of reviews to help you make a confident and informed decision. All the brands you see are extremely reliable and offer accurate reports.


With so many VPN services at your disposal, how do you decide is the best for you? VPN services ultimately help you protect your data from snooping eyes and lets you access geo-restricted content worldwide. There are many different aspects to consider when choosing your perfect VPN such as if they have a no logs policy or accept cryptocurrency, the number servers and countries available, or if they have a kill switch? All of the brands that you can see on Hot5 offer these features and more, before choosing your VPN, we recommend reading through our reviews to gain a better understanding.

Tax Software

Are you confused by the entire tax filing process? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that there are companies on the internet that specialize in dealing with your problem. Some are free, some are not, but the best ones are here on this page. Scroll through the reviews below and see which one suits your needs the most – will it be super-powered from an elite website or will it be for free? Do you need it for simple tax operations or for complicated, multi-state tax return calculations? Either way, explore this page and you’ll find what you’re looking for, and if not – see you next tax season!

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