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TomTom GO 52

rating: 4.6
  • Destination Prediction
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now
  • Works without cell or GPS signal

TomTom GO 52 Car GPS

By Editorial Team | 14th June 2019

The TomTom GO 52 arrives preloaded with maps of Canada and Mexico in addition to those of the United States. Since they are already on the device, you do not need a cell signal or GPS signal to get guidance, although having a signal will always be better. When using this GPS for cars from TomTom, you get to take advantage of 3D landmarks and maps, helping you visualize the key landmarks on your route.

The device uses a 5-inch screen, which is about average, although smaller than some devices you will find when you compare GPS systems. In terms of compatibility, the TomTom GO 52 connects to your smartphone, letting you take advantage of convenient features like listening to text messages and taking part in hands-free calling. GPS car navigation reviews also applaud the GO 52 for its compatibility with Google Now and Siri.

Features of the TomTom GO 52

The TomTom GO 52 features a 5-inch touch screen that has 480 x 272 pixels, for 109 PPI. The screen is capacitive and this best car GPS has an internal memory of 16 GB with micro SD support of up to 32GB. This is more interior space than many competitors. The mount that the GO 52 comes with is easily reversible for a high level of convenience. Compared to previous TomTom models, GPS reviews 2019 appreciate the upgraded performance of the GO 52. The upgraded processor means that taps, voice commands, and swipes are instant, allowing for quicker route calculation, destination searches, and even start-up.

The maps on the TomTom GO 52 include the United States, Canada, and Mexico, making it the best GPS navigation system for a car for those planning a continental road trip. There is also detailed traffic coverage across all three of these countries. The GO 52 comes with lifetime TomTom maps for all three countries as well, ensuring updated information at all times. Instead of requiring you to plug the device into a computer, the GPS updates via Wi-Fi. The user interface supports 28 languages, one of which is Indian, which actually includes 14 different languages. There is support for 33 spoken languages as well.

In addition to lifetime map updates, the TomTom GO 52 automotive GPS navigation system offers lifetime TomTom Traffic via your smartphone. Those particular lifetime updates also include lifetime safety camera information, letting you know about speed cameras. This supports average, mobile, and fixed speed cameras. At the same time, the feature will remind you the posted speed limit so you can avoid tickets.

One very convenient feature of the TomTom GO 52 is that all the maps stay on the system, so you do not need to have an active GPS or cell connection to use the system. When you do have a connection, you will get up-to-date information about traffic, but if you are in an area with poor or no service, you do not have to worry about getting lost.

As you drive, you also get Advanced Lane Guidance to help you prepare for turns and merges well ahead of time, promoting safety. One standout feature that drivers will appreciate is Destination Prediction, perfect for those who regularly drive to the same places. This TomTom feature will predict if you are likely driving to a destination in My Places that you frequent. The predictions become more accurate the more you use your TomTom.

For those interested in smartphone compatibility, the TomTom GO 52 is easily a best navigation option as it is compatible with both Google Now and Siri. This gives you full access without touching your phone, enhancing safety and the battery life of your smartphone. When you connect it to your smartphone, you can also take advantage of smartphone messages being read to you and hands-free calling.

Our GPS car navigation reviews suggest that drivers download the TomTom MyDrive to their smartphone, PC, or tablet. This feature lets you save your favorites, check live traffic updates, and plan your routes. As soon as you turn your TomTom GO 52 back on and it connects to your smartphone, all the changes you made get saved. This way, you do not have to be by your GPS to input destinations or favorites. Do not worry about the TomTom MyDrive app using up your data either as it typically uses less than 10 MB each month.

Expect to pay between $170 and $200 for the TomTom GO 52, which comes with a one-year warranty, the industry standard. The range of features helps this best car GPS stand out and offer great value. That value is only enhanced by the lifetime maps and traffic.


As you compare GPS systems, the TomTom GO 52 will stand out with its mid-range price point and long list of features. The mount is a bit clunkier than some other units, but you get a responsive touch screen display, the one-year warranty expected for the industry, and plenty of premium features. To add value, the TomTom GO 52 has free map updates for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as well as free traffic updates throughout the life of the device. You even get lifetime information about safety camera locations, saving you money on potential traffic tickets.

This is among the best GPS navigation system for a car for those who like smartphone-integration and related features. Connecting your smartphone to the TomTom GO 52 via Bluetooth is easy, allowing for hands-free calling, having messages read to you, and even full Google Now and Siri support. That support allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road, making the GO 52 a great choice for those with daily commutes. The Destination Prediction feature also helps the GO 52 from TomTom stand out, especially given its increased accuracy over time.


  • Destination Prediction.
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now.
  • Works without cell or GPS signal.
  • Lifetime TomTom Maps and TomTom Traffic via smartphone.


  • Mount is clunky.
  • Hard to detach from mount.

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