Sword Art Online Browser Game Review

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Sword Art Online

rating: 3.5
  • Four unique characters with different skill trees
  • Train and fight along side girlfriends and pets
  • The only game where you can choose to fall in love with and marry another player

Sword Art Online Browser Games


This browser-based game uses the latest in web technology to showcase brilliant skills while providing fast-paced battles.

By Moses Mbuva | 7th August 2018

Sword Art Online (SAO) Legend is a browser-based free multiplayer game. As a player, you have the option of choosing between four main fighters; Knight, Ranger, Priest, and Swordsman.

However, there are also some additional fighters; called pets. There are different types of pets that will help you fight monsters and complete quests.

The first type of pet you will get is a pixie, and it will receive automatic upgrades the longer you play the game. There is also a mount pet and a girlfriend pet, which are much stronger than pixies, but you will have to spend your own resources to upgrade them.

Game Concept

Sword Art Online (SAO) Legend is built on the idea that as a player you will need good sword handling skills to defeat monsters and powerful bosses. As you get stronger, so will your enemies and the game will get more challenging in no time.

During the battles, you will require to maintain your armory by upgrading weapons, get gear coupons, and make friends. If successful during the game, you will get rewarded with beautiful gear, a lover whom you can marry, and get the option to participate in exclusive events.

The maximum level you can attain is 80, and you will have to invest a lot of time to achieve that.

Until you reach the highest possible level, you will need to complete quests and go through different game zones. Each game zone is suited to your level and there is no need to be afraid of getting into conflict with monsters much stronger than you can handle, as the game adjusts the fights to your level.

After you reach Level 35, you will become available to participate in arena fights. Those types of fights are against other players and you will get incredible rewards if you manage to attain a high rank. But, don’t worry, even losing arena games will earn you some valuable loot which you can use to upgrade your character and become stronger.

More exciting options and challenges will unlock as you level up. You will be able to participate in different dungeons and instances which will reward you with exceptional gear and treasures you can use to upgrade your equipment, mount or girlfriend.

At Level 80, all the questing is done and you can now focus solely on fighting in the arena and exploring additional end-game content, like challenging instances and events.

Being the highest arena ranked member of a guild will make you generalissimo. It is the highest attainable guild rank and it will give you a range of options to choose from in how you want your guild to progress and which events to participate in.

Special Features
  • Character Creation – You have the option to choose between four characters who have different skill trees.
  • Get a Girlfriend – you can have a girlfriend to help you in battles and grow together with your character.
  • Special Events – there are exclusive events where there are rewards for participation, completion and special achievements you can aim for during the event.
  • Wedding System – Players have the option to fall in love and marry another player. This feature is noteworthy, as it’s not seen in many other online games.
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