Forge of Empires 2 Browser Game Review

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Forge Of Empires 2

rating: 5
  • Free To Play
  • Grow and evolve you empire
  • Turn-based strategy game

Forge Of Empires 2 Browser Games


An online strategy game playable in your web browser. The game was developed by InnoGames and released on April 17, 2012.

By Moses Mbuva | 7th August 2018

Forge of Empire 2 is a strategy themed game that enables players to have an experience of taking over the leadership of an empire from Stone Age to early human civilization. The game is thrilling since you will need to have the skills to lead a battalion, run military campaigns, and protect the economy and much more. The most thrilling aspect of the game are the battles; you have the option of raging the war against the computer or take on other players.

Forge of Empires 2 has a fully-fledged economy system which relies on Forge Coins, diamonds and other resources to promote the expansion of your empire. Whilst Forge Coins are relatively easy to come by, other resources such as diamonds are highly valuable and can be used to rapidly progress the game. If you come across diamonds, then it’s important to keep hold of them for as long as possible and only use them when you really need to!

By taking charge of your own kingdom and developing it from the Bronze Age all the way through to the modern day, Forge of Empires 2 takes players on a journey through time. It is very similar in style to Sid Meier’s Civilisation in that it is a turn-based strategy game which is heavily influenced by the player’s creative input, however, it is a browser-based game and free-to-play.

If you are looking for a game where you are in full control and can spend varying amounts of time completing then look no further than Forge of Empires 2, the creative strategy game which has captured an audience of millions all around the world.

Game Concept

The Forge of Empire 2 is built on the idea of transformation. To arrive at the peak of the game, a player will need to see the various forms of transformation from early age to recent modernization time. Throughout this period of transformation, you will encounter the following experiences throughout the game; changes in the era, an economy transformation, adventures, lead wars, teamwork, and trade.

Forge of Empires 2 is highly interactive and requires careful concentration and strategic planning in order to be successful. The game focuses heavily on providing an immersive and realistic experience throughout each period of time it covers, from the Bronze Age to the Industrial Era and beyond, and serves to not only provide an entertaining gaming experience but provide something of a history lesson at the same time.

Special Features
  • Free To Play – You are free to play against the computer or multiple players.
  • Periodic Updates – There are exciting updates within the game such as holiday and different festive seasons.
  • Historical Eras – from old-fashioned houses and vintage collection, witness the changing humanity eras to modern castles.
  • Play in Your Browser – no need to download and install huge files; the game can be played from right within your browser.
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