Elvenar Browser Game Review

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rating: 5
  • Start building your city from the ruins and grow it into a sprawling city
  • Flexible turn-based-combat system
  • Choose your destiny as either a human or an elf

Elvenar Browser Games


Build your own fantasy city and discover a world full of mysteries. This free game is easily accessible through a web-browser.

By Moses Mbuva | 7th August 2018

Elvenar is a strategy themed game available on both Android and iOS platforms. It’s built on the idea of players building a beautiful city out of an old abandoned town.

It is a 2D game that is browser-based and free to play. Elvenar is depicted to be an ancient and untouched town which has been lying idle for centuries. Players are tasked with making the city of Elvenar prosperous.

There are two featured races in the world of Elvenar; humans and elves. The difference between them is entirely cosmetic, as your choice will only affect how your citizens look and city architecture.

Game Concept

The game’s concept is for the player to build a nation. From an old town which has been abandoned, you will be required to manage the city and watch it grow into a modern town.

Activities involved include – connecting buildings to streets to foster growth, finding resources to develop the city, decorate the town and much more.

The game idea is to make Elvenar resourceful. Part of the game involves battles, and this will require you to have good military skills so that you can tame opponents. However, players do not need to worry about being a skillful strategist, as the game doesn’t feature player vs. player battles. Fights are more casual than expected and you can rest easy as long as your army is strong enough.

Research is an important aspect in the world of Elvenar. You will be able to learn new technologies and use them in making your city stronger as the game progresses.

Research points are hard to come by at the beginning, so if you’re planning to become a serious player, make sure to maximize your research downtime. Improved ways of gathering resources, modern building techniques, and specialized military training styles are just some of the technologies you will be able to obtain.

Special Features
  • Two City Styles – There are two city styles involved; Elf and Human. These two have different styles of play and artwork making the game interesting.
  • Turn-Based Combat System – You don’t need to send your battalion in battles automatically, with this feature you have the direct control of how you run the battles.
  • Diplomatic Option – You have the option of reaching mutual grounds instead of exploiting your resources into wars every time.
  • Different Troop Types – You will have to carefully decide on which troops you want to send to battle. They have various bonuses against fighting different types of enemies and making a right choice will help you win an otherwise impossible battle.
  • Engaging Quests and Missions – You will be presented with options to complete different special tasks, thus earning you bonus resources. It’s recommended to pursue this course of action as quests will get harder over time, but it will also introduce more valuable rewards.
  • Social System – Players can join a fellowship after they complete the game introduction. Fellowships are different alliances that players can form to help each other grow their cities. You can also communicate with other people and make good friends.
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