The Best Chicken Coops on The Market


Having chickens in your own backyard is an excellent way to have fresh farm eggs every day. Also, looking after chickens can be a fun and exciting hobby. Having chickens at home is a sustainable and ecological approach to reduce your waste by feeding them scraps of unwanted food while getting eggs in return.

Just like humans, chickens need to have a safe home to feel at ease throughout their day. Chicken coops are an ideal haven for these little furry critters, especially during extreme rain, cold, or hot weather.  Choosing the perfect chicken coop for your needs and your new feathery friends is essential. We have reviewed the top ten chicken coops for you to consider if you’re planning on raising some hens and roosters this year.

Reviews of The Best Chicken Coops in 2020

Little Hen Big Chicken Coop – Best Chicken Coop Overall

This 14 square foot chicken coop offers durability and function. The Little Hen Big Chicken Coop is easy to move around as it features handles on the outside and solid wood frame. This cute chicken coop also fights away at any predators by locking when need be. Instructions state that it can be assembled in less than two hours and is durable to last for many years. This coop is our best overall pick for a reliable, cute, and durable chicken coop that will promote the happiness and health of your chickens.

Its solid wood frame is weather resistant, allowing for the chickens to rest comfortably whether there is heavy rain or sunshine. This ranch style chicken coop can hold around 6 chickens for optimal health and a stress-free environment. This is the ideal spacious chicken coop that chickens can enjoy in any weather or climate. The durability of the chicken coop is one of the many reasons why it is used by millions of consumers worldwide.

The Little Hen Big Chicken coop features 6 nesting boxes, a pull-out tray and a roosting bar to make sure your chickens’ home is hygienic and undisturbed. There are two doors for all-around access and a hinged roof to open up when having a peak on your feathery friends. The bottom of the chicken coop is enclosed by the metal tray and solid wood foundation. The metal tray makes it easy to clean their droppings with relatively minimal hassle.

There is a small ramp that chickens can use to enter and exit through the main door. However, there is no chicken run associated with this coop. This means that chickens coming in and out will be able to freely roam. A chicken run can be purchased separately, otherwise plenty of outdoor space can suffice and actually be more optimal for your chickens.

The Little Hen Big Chicken Coop is an excellent choice for chickens to roost in. It complements the owners and the chickens, allowing easy accessibility whilst maximizing space for the feathery family members.

SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop – Best Value Chicken Coop

This simple assembly chicken coop takes the spot for the best value chicken coop in our top picks.

The SnapLock Formex chicken coop is lightweight and easily transportable. It requires zero tools for assemble and can be adjusted to best fit you and your chickens needs. This chicken coop is a fantastic bang for your buck in terms of reliably and functionality.

This type of coop features a strong foundation of weather resistant qualities and is strong against all kinds of impact. Additionally, it is ultraviolet resistant, meaning there will be no external impairment to the coop after years of being outside. It is also tough against any tried water and chemical damage, this way nothing harmful can get into the chicken coop and on your chickens.

Your chickens can stay safe and warm inside as this coop includes double insulated walls, ensuring that in heat or cold, the chickens will be at the optimal temperature and protected from harsh conditions. It is also predator resistant, so no chickens will be hurt or taken due to its lockable access. In addition, it features large adjustable ventilation hoods for easy egg collection access, and there is a removable litter tray for quick clean up.

The size of the chicken coop allows for 4 nesting spots and removable dividers, allowing plenty of space inside the coop for you to manage. Additionally, the SnapLock Formex coop gives roosting space, offering tree 36-inch roosts.

This high-quality and best value chicken coop is responsibly sourced and made in the USA. It can withstand years of wear and tear and weighs in at 65 pounds so it can easily be transported from one spot to the next. The SnapLock Formex is our best value chicken coop as it balances functionality and price for an optimal home for your chickens.

Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop – Best Coop for Beginners

This all-in-one and easy to maintain chicken coop is perfect for beginner chicken owners. The Omlet Eglu chicken coop offers all the materials and features that a beginner chicken coop keeper will need.

The dimensions of this chicken coop are over 35 square feet of fenced-in space, with an over 6 square foot indoor roosting house. If you don’t want your chickens to always be out and about, the extendable chicken run is a fantastic option for maximal space.

For beginners that don’t know how many chickens you will eventually have, the extendable chicken run is a perfect option. It can expand so your chicken family can grow while you maintain a healthy space for them to thrive. The Eglu house is sustainable for 10 bantams, up to 8 medium chickens, or up to 5 larger types.

The coop is made out of 100% recyclable UV stabilized polyethylene, which means it is a sustainable choice and fast to clean. The chicken run is powder coated steel, resisting any rust or tarnish. The coop is insulated using a double wall system to keep chickens warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Unique ventilation offers constant and consistent air flow. The chicken coop is adaptable to many extra weather-proofing additions from Omlet. If you are located somewhere where it rains a lot, there is an extendable weather-proof clear covering that is easy to attach.

One of the best features for a beginner who may not know if they like keeping chickens is that the Omlet Eglu offers 30 day no questions asked, money back guarantee. This is a generous warranty for those who are just starting out in raising their own chickens.

Overall, the Omlet Eglu chicken coop is very user friendly for any beginner. Features such as the extendable run, accessories, and wheels make it convenient to move around and position in your back garden.

Archie & Oscar Enrique Chicken Coop – Unique Design with Two Tiers

This two-tiered chicken coop is a solid wood choice with several access points for your chickens to enjoy the coop, the grass and the outdoors. It has a unique design with a chicken run situated underneath the coop, providing a very protected area for them to roam. The design allows for plenty of living space but minimizes the amount of space the chicken coop fills up.

The Enrique chicken coop from Archie & Oscar offers 3 door access for your chickens. Inside the coop, there are 2 roosting nests available for your pets comfort, and it can hold up to 4 chickens for ideal safety and spaciousness.

The design features a weather resistant roof to keep the chickens safe in any type of climate. There is a ramp for chickens to have easy access to the two-level coop. The fir tree wood that makes up the chicken coop is one of the most weather resistant woods and can hold up better than those constructed from cedar wood. Additionally, this coop is very aesthetically pleasing, featuring a brown and green mini barn look and a small side planters pot for herbs or flowers. As a multidimensional chicken coop, it offers incredible functionally. The metal removable tray offers a simple way to clean it out, it is durable and can withstand being washed over and over again.

What surrounds your chicken in its environment can potentially affect your eggs. The coop is BPA free, meaning there are no harmful chemicals in its materials that can potentially injure your chickens and infest their eggs. Consequently, this means that the eggs your chicken lays are healthy and BPA free.

One aspect to consider is that the coop’s dimensions do not allow as much enclosed roaming space as other coops. It only has about 7 square feet space of enclosed chicken run area. Therefore, this coop is ideal for the chicken owners who aren’t always going to keep their chickens cooped up.

Multi-Level Wooden Chicken Coop (Bed Bath & Beyond) – Best for Backyard Farmers

This chicken coop from Bed Bath & Beyond is a simple and functional chicken coop which is perfect for the backyard farmer. This solid wood chicken house is designed with several doors to go in and out of the coop and two roosting stations.

The weatherproof roof is an impressive feature with a natural shingle look but does not lack in durability. This coop can comfortably hold 4 chickens. This design is ideal for the backyard farmer that has space for chickens to roam because there is no chicken run connected. The assembly of this coop will require a few tools, but it is relatively simple to put together, measuring juts under 7 square feet. The design of this coop allows for a safe and very satisfactory coop that your chickens can call home. The chickens are safely secured that they will not be able to maneuver their way out as it features a metal bolt lock.

Besides the lock, the chickens can breathe easy due to the mesh-wire design on the sides. The mesh permits air flow within the coop but is strong enough to withstand pecking and picking. The solid fir-wood ramp allows for chickens to have convenient and easy access without getting their foot stuck like a ladder might.

Collecting eggs is a painless process, the two roosting stops are boxes that feature hoods on the top that can be simply lifted up. These hoods are able to stand on their own to limit your struggle when collecting the eggs.

Overall, this chicken coop can be easy to transport from one place to another since it is smaller, but it doesn’t offer wheels or adjustable parts. Unlike other designs, this coop cannot be taken apart then reassembled. It is most ideal for those who have a significant amount of backyard room for the chickens to roam freely and don’t plan on moving the coop.

Round Top Stand Up Chicken Coop – Ergonomically Designed

This uniquely designed chicken coop is unlike any other in the market as this Stand Up Round Top chicken coop features an ergonomically design coop to function well in yours and the chickens’ lives. Designed for an elegant and practical chicken keeper in mind, the real hardwood structure is durable and can be painted if you desire. The wood is not chemically treated so whatever surrounds your chicken will not end up in your eggs.

The wire that is a part of the over 7-foot-tall coop is galvanized and stronger than most other coops. This is to ensure that any predator trying to get a hold of your chickens do not stand a chance.

In terms of capacity, the stand up coop can hold up to 6 hens to which you can expect up to 36 eggs a week. There is plenty of room with the over 7-foot-tall ceiling and the 24.74 square foot area. This is a significant amount of room for your hens to stay happy.

One feature that is fascinating is its patented Galvalume roof which will not rust, it reflects strong heat rays, therefore it will not be sizzling hot in the summer. Additionally, the Galvalume patented roof is one of the strongest in comparison to other designs.

Assembly is rather easy, but it will require 2 people. It comes with pre-drilled holes and only needs a drill for set up. It will take around 4 to 5 hours from start to finish.

Generally, this coop is a high quality and well-thought-out chicken coop for you to enjoy. However, it comes with a retail price at over $1,000. However, this price tag is due to most of the materials being sourced from the US and it being manufactured within the USA.

Madeline Chicken Coop – Versatile and Comfortably Compact

A chicken coop that offers top versatility is the Madeline Chicken Coop. Chickens are able to climb up and down the ramp located inside the chicken coop so they can enjoy both the ground and their house.

The versatile removable divider allows for the nesting spot to go from one large spot to two smaller spots respectively. The upright design of the coop provides maximum comfort and does not force you to bend down to add feed, clean the tray or to open the coop. This coop features a nesting box on the side and 11 square feet of area for the chickens to explore. The double-tiered design makes up for the minimal space it encompasses. In terms of durability, the Madeline chicken coop is constructed of solid wood and a composite asphalt shingled roof. The materials that make up the coop are weather and water resistant, aiming to last for a very long time. One of the coop’s main appeals is the minimal assembly required, as the customer only needs a screwdriver to finish the job.

As mentioned above, the coop is smaller than most others. It is suggested that up to 2 chickens live here and no more. This is a great option for those that are limiting their number of chickens or need a small additional coop to keep a couple more chickens.

Generally, this coop is the best option for those who are looking for both simple and versatile. There is a chicken run located underneath the main house rather than next to it like other coops.

Tangkula Large Chicken Coop – Best for Chickens + Additional Outdoor Pets

This coop is a great choice for both chickens and other outdoor pets. This coop is designed with several doors and reinforced latches so you can reach your chicken or animal from any angle. There is no need to wait for them to approach you at the door.

Made from solid fir wood, galvanized fencing and green asphalt waterproof roofing allows for total stability and endurance for years to come. At 58 inches long, the Tangkula chicken coop keeps pets safe as well as providing them the freedom and space to thrive and breath comfortably. The design is majority open air space with fencing, so you can watch and observe your chickens without bothering them. This is a fantastic design for families with children who want to observe but aren’t mature enough to handle animals freely roaming just yet.

Additionally, the varnish is non-toxic, keeping you and your animals safe from disrupting chemicals. The safety of chickens and pets is highly important, so this coop has included a wide non-slip ramp on the inside for reliable, safe climbing.

One drawback about this coop is the open bottom concept. Although this makes it less effort to clean and is a great feature for the animals to roam, this can also be an easy way for predators to get in. If you live in an area that has many coyotes or raccoons, they could possibly dig underneath or lift up the coop since it only weights 44 pounds. While the lightweight, broad, open bottom design is convenient for moving, it is not ideal for keeping predators out. Another drawback is that it doesn’t have a specified nesting coop for chickens or a quick way to gather eggs. This coop may be better for only one or two chickens but more than that it could be frustrating for egg collection.

There are several benefits to the Tangkula Chicken coop like the strong, solid fir wood design and the mostly mesh base for effortless observation. Overall, this coop is a great choice for those with a few birds and a family.

Best Choice Products Wooden Chicken Coop – Best for Affordability

This coop offers an ideal home for chickens to lay eggs and enjoy the open grass with maximum protection. As a simple coop, it can still provide all the needs for basic chicken caretaking, it is quite effortless to maintain due to its smaller size and easy to remove tray.

This coop isn’t a super fancy multifunctional chicken coop but sometimes, simple designs offer the best outcomes. This chicken coop has mesh that surrounds the outside so you can look after your chickens. The simple wood design offers 66 square inches of space for the chickens to roost and roam, and there is a ramp that easily allows for chickens to go up and down from the house to the ground safely. It has a spacious house with a connected nesting coop for up to 2 chickens and acts as an easy place to pick up your eggs. Its design is one of the quickest on the market to assemble. It takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. This coop doesn’t have a bottom, so the chickens can rest in the grass. However, this could be a potential problem with predators so you may want to consider what possible dangers are in your area before buying this coop.

This is an ideal option for those that live in the city and may not have much room but want an authentic chicken coop. The coop is one of the easiest to clean because the tray is so large and convenient to remove. Additionally, the coop is lightweight, weighing at only 30 pounds.

For a simple and less expensive coop, this one is highly functional and covers all the needs for your chickens. The natural brown wood color is pleasing to the eye and is the perfect small home.

Pets Imperial Large Chicken Coop – Best for Roosting Space

Featuring a 4 foot and 6-inch run, the Pets Imperial chicken coop will give your pets plenty of space to roam and flourish. When dividers are added, you are able to have up to 6 roosting spaces available. This can maximize your chickens’ comfort and possibly help with egg production. One of the best features Pets Imperial chicken coop offers is it all around access to the entire coop. The roof opens up as well as the two side nesting boxes. Due to this, it is one of the easiest and painless chicken coops to maintain.

Many times, there can be issues with bugs or bees that can be worrisome. Besides this, you can frequently check on your feather family members as often as need be efficiently and with minimal hassle.

The natural wood is coated in an animal friendly timber, meaning there are no unwanted chemicals reaching your chickens or pets. There are a couple of accessories available for chickens and birds as the coop includes 4 perches that can be added and removed, so you can adjust however you prefer. One disadvantage to this coop is the durability of the wood. Although it is solid wood, it is not waterproof and this could be susceptible to mold or water damage during rainy climates. The best solution would be to spray the coop with extra sealant to ensure that it lasts for years on end.

Overall, this ergonomically designed coop is made to fit in a space efficiently and offers sufficient light as well as protection. There is a wide ramp inside the coop that chickens and pets can effortlessly use to move from the run to the house. Chickens and owners can both be satisfied with the easily accessible roof for cleanup and visiting.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Chicken Coop

Doors and Locks

It is very important for the safety and security of your animals to find a coop that has locks which are durable for each door. Predators and children can be creative when it comes to getting their hands on your chickens. Ensure that the door from the run to the house is able to stay open for convenience but can also close securely when required.

Nesting Boxes

Some chicken coops are more geared towards owning chickens and various small pets instead of being useful for egg collection. If you are looking for a chicken coop that offers convenient egg collection, consider one with easy to access nesting boxes. This will prevent any issues with maneuverability as well as possibly help you to save some eggs from dropping.

If you have more than one chicken, there should be more than one nesting box or a nesting box that can be separated into two. This allows the chickens sufficient space to be comfortable when laying eggs and happier in the long run.


There are coops that do not include perches in their packages. Being confined is not necessarily the most natural thing for a chicken, however, giving them an option of a perch can improve their health and well-being, and can offers them a sense of normalcy. Perching is a type of standing or sitting that allows for birds to rest and digest.

Around one foot of perching space is sustainable for a bird. Especially if you are someone that has multiple chickens or hens, a perch can give them some space away from other chickens for peace and quiet.

Adequate Chicken Space

This is probably one of the most important considerations whether you already have chickens, or you are looking into purchasing a few. It is suggested that chickens have around 15 square feet for space, especially if they are always going to stay in the coop.

If you are someone who may want to start with one or two chickens then expand to more or are unsure, consider getting a large coop. A larger coop will give you the option of expanding your feathery family and also more space cannot hurt the chickens. If you are concerned about space because maybe you live in a city, then it is important to realistically consider how big of a coop you can have and how that can fit into your home.

Giving your chickens adequate space to roam and live can help prevent parasites and mold and mildew from growing in your coop. Smaller spaces promotes them as well as loads of bacteria if they are overcrowded with chickens. Either way, it is not fun for you to clean up and maintain, or for your chickens to live in.


How big should a chicken coop be?

A chicken coop should be enough space for the number of chickens you own. For example, there should be about 15 square feet of space per chicken. This means if you have 4 chickens, there should be around 60 square feet of space for them to live happily. The more space, the better.

How to clean a chicken coop?

The chicken coop doesn’t have to be cleaned as often as you may think. Cleaning only really needs to take place 2 or 3 times a year. Chickens thrive better when they don’t live in a perfectly clean space. However, it is important to clean it every 5 to 6 months and to check on the coop regularly. Sometimes, bugs or mice can infest the coop and it is important to minimize their presence.

How to heat and insulate a chicken coop?

Many chicken coops offer double insulated walls or design. These are fantastic for doing part of the work but not everything. When it gets colder in the winter, make sure to add hay or some type of animal bedding to keep them warm and laying.

What to put on the floor of a chicken coop?

As mentioned on the question above, the floor of a chicken coop can easily be covered with hay or some type of bedding material. In addition to keeping the chickens warm and comfy, it will also provide easier cleanup in the long run.

How to keep animals (raccoon, snakes, rats…) away from the chicken coop?

The best way to keep animals out is to lock the doors on the coop, especially at night. Additionally, if the bottom of the coop is open to the ground, consider reinforcing the bottom with 2 x 4’s or a concrete slab. This way, no predators can dig under the coop and reach the chickens.


It is important to consider which coop is the best choice for your lifestyle and space and which one will prioritize your chickens’ well-being. Finding the right coop is crucial and can make or break your experience when caring for your feathery family.

Overall, chickens are a blast to take care of and to watch thrive in your very own backyard. They offer farm fresh eggs which are second to none. No matter which coop you decide to choose for your home, chickens will bring so much fun and joy into your life. Becoming the owner of your very own coop is a very exciting first step.