Best Blue Light Glasses in 2020

Blue light is the only light in the visible spectrum that is capable of passing through the cornea and lens of your eye and reaching the retina. Natural blue light cannot be avoided but a great deal of it is emitted from digital screens, such as computers, smartphones and tablets. This means that many people are being exposed to vast amounts.

It is known that blue light puts extra strain on the eyes, and this can increase the risk of macular degeneration as well as other vision problems. Furthermore, there is a great deal of evidence that blue light also causes dry eyes, headaches and can contribute to sleep problems.

This is where Blue Light Glasses can help. They contain special lenses that will filter out a large amount of the harmful portion of the blue light spectrum. Anyone who spends several hours a day looking at screens is likely to find blue light glasses hugely beneficial. If you are looking to buy your first pair, then read our reviews of recommended blue light glasses below.

Reviews of the Best Blue Light Glasses in 2020

Gamma Ray Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best Overall

Gamma Ray Optics is a small online retailer that produces a range of eyewear products including computer glasses, reading glasses and bifocals. The Gamma Ray Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses immediately stands out from the crowd due to their incredible price of only $18. However, just because they are a budget option, it does not mean that they sacrifice on quality.

The glasses’ amber tinted lenses will filter out harmful blue light emitted from digital screens to help alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of looking at screens. The non-polarized lenses also come with UV400 protection and glare reduction. Those who need reading glasses can select a lens magnification of 0.00x to 2.00x when ordering. The company suggests choosing a magnification of half of your normal reading power when using the glasses with a laptop or desktop, and your normal reading power for use with smartphones and tablets.

These are true budget glasses, which means that the options are limited. It is not possible to add a prescription and or any other additional lens options. However, the lenses help protect against dry eyes, visual fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and sleep disruption.

The glasses have a simple plastic frame with spring hinges and nose pads to ensure comfort. They are one size fits all and the unisex design means that they look great on all face shapes i.e. square, round, triangle, heart, etc. The plastic lenses mean that the entire package is light (just 22 grams) and sturdy. The glasses come with a glasses case and cleaning cloth. Gamma Ray Optics have such confidence in the quality of their glasses that they not only offer a 90-days money back satisfaction guarantee, but also a lifetime frame and lens breakage warranty.

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best Value

The Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses provides a great balance between cost and customization. There are two versions: Classic and Upgrade, which costs $29 and $34 respectively. The difference between the two is that the Upgrade version has a special hinge on the stems that allow them to be bent backwards 30-degrees. The Classic version comes in twenty-three different colors while the Upgrade option is available in two.

The polycarbonate lenses protect against high-energy visible blue light and UV400. They are high-end lenses with SHMC technology meaning the lenses are shock resistant, waterproof, dust resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, the lenses’ anti-glare properties ensure that there is no distortion of colors. All of these features will help to reduce eyestrain, which can lead to better sleep and headache relief. For an additional cost, prescription lenses can be added to the glasses.

The plastic frames have a wing unisex design with a stylish keyhole bridge to add a touch of sophistication. They have a full rim and round shape with a frame width of 140mm, a 15mm bridge, a temple length of 140mm, and a lens height of 45mm. The frames suit a variety of face shapes such as square, long, diamond, oval, and round, and there are helpful diagrams on the Cyxus website to help give an idea of what the glasses will look like.

Cyxus is an American company that has been designing a range of eyewear products since 2009. They aim to combine functionality and fashion in their products and produce computer glasses, polarized sunglasses, reading eyewear, gaming glasses, and more. They do not offer a warranty with their products; however, it is possible to return the glasses (unopened) within 30 days of delivery for a full refund, and you can choose to exchange the product within three days after delivery if you are not satisfied with it.

Warby Parker Haley – Best for Beginners

Warby Parker are well known for their extremely stylish eyewear design and the Warby Parker Haley frames are an excellent choice for women seeking trendy blue light blocking glasses. The glasses are a little pricier than some of the competitors. The frames start at $95, which includes prescription lenses, but it does not include the blue light filtering option, which costs an additional $50.

The frames themselves come in two designs; Opal Tortoise and Lavender Crystal, and there is also a wide width option for those with a broad face. The standard frames have a width of 140mm, an 18mm bridge, a 140mm temple length and a lens width of 53mm. The frames’ clean, continuous lines ensure that they are modern looking. They are made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and feature Akulon-coated screws for durability.

Warby Parker offers customers a variety of prescription and lens types. The prescriptions include single-vision, progressives, and readers. Those who do not need corrective lenses can choose the non-prescription option. With the Haley frame, all prescriptions cost $95, with the exception of progressives, which are $295. The blue light filtering lenses are scratch resistant and anti-reflective. They will block 100% of UV rays and are able to filter out a great deal of blue light from digital screens. This provides all of the usual benefits of blue light filtering glasses, such as reduced eyestrain, protection against dry eyes, headaches, and so on.

The glasses come with a frame case and lens cloth. Warby Parker offers free shipping and a 30-day return or exchange policy, and the glasses come with a one-year no scratch guarantee. Another great feature of Warby Parker is their home try-on service. You can select five frames to try for five days and they will ship them for free. Afterward, you have the option of purchasing a pair or simply return the frames with the prepaid return label.

Zenni Optical Round Glasses – Best for Magnification Lenses

At present, there are not many blue light blocking options available for those who need bifocals or magnification lenses. However, Zenni have released an Optical Blokz line of products, which offer an extremely wide choice of prescription lenses and magnification, together with blue light blocking options.

Their standard Blokz lenses are excellent for indoor and outdoor blue light protection while they also offer a Blokz Sunglasses option, which are designed only for outdoor use. Those who are looking for the best of both worlds can opt for the Blokz Photochromic lenses, which turn dark in the sunlight and will return to being clear indoors. Other options include the Blokz Trivex lenses, which are impact resistant, making them perfect for sports or active children. The exact cost of the glasses will depend on which of the above you choose and the cost of your prescription, but the basic option for non-prescription Blokz lenses start at around $17 plus the cost of the frames.

The Round Glasses frames are available in three designs; Tortoiseshell, Navy and Brown. They have a round shape and full rim, and custom engraving is offered as an add-on. The frames have a width of 139mm, a 20mm bridge, a 142mm temple length, a lens width of 50mm and a lens height of 43mm. The frames themselves weigh just 16 grams, so they are an excellent lightweight option.

Zenni have a fantastic virtual tool to give you an idea of how you may look in the frames. The 3D Try On tool will record a short clip using your webcam and it is then able to superimpose different frames onto your face in a highly realistic manner.

Zenni glasses come with a 30-day warranty and the anti-reflective coating and photochromic films have a one-year warranty. There is also a 30-day return policy allowing you to return the glasses and receive a 50% refund if you do not like them or if you have made a mistake when ordering.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Glasses – Best Reading Glasses

If you don’t need prescription glasses but you spend a lot of time reading on your computer, smartphone or tablet, then J+S Vision’s range of Blue Light Shield Glasses are a brilliant solution. The company’s lenses are able to filter out around 90% of blue light while still allowing other less harmful types of light through.

One of the main reasons that J+S Vision’s products are so attractive is because they offer a range of frame styles at a very similar price point. You can select from a Classic Rectangle Frame, a Round Frame, a Wayfarer Style Frame or a special version of the Classic Rectangle Frame with Reading Lenses. Most options cost in the range of $25 to $29, while the reading lenses are $44.99. Each of the frames are available in Black, Clear and Tortoise designs. The frames have a unisex design and spring-loaded hinges.

There are two types of lens available; High Definition and Low Color Distortion. The Low Color Distortion lenses are designed for general daily use, up to about four hours a day, and color sensitive work such as graphics design. Whereas the High Definition lenses are intended for extended use, up to around eight hours of screen time a day. The main difference is that there is slight color distortion through the High Definition lenses which makes things appear a little yellow. If you select the reading lens option, then you can choose a diopter strength of between +1 and +3. All the lenses are also capable of blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

All of J+S Vision’s products come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty. The glasses come with a standard protective case and lens cloth.

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses – Best for the Unconvinced

If you are not sure whether it is really worth investing in blue light blocking glasses, but you are curious, then the Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses are an excellent choice as they are priced at just $11. This means that even if you find that they make no difference to your life, then you will not have spent a great deal of money.

The glasses’ orange lens feature Spectrum Control Technology (SPT) that absorbs around 98% of blue light from digital displays such as laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions. This way, the glasses are able to help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. They also significantly reduce eyestrain, making it easier to work for longer at the computer. The glasses have a wrap-around uni-lens design with integral side shields to provide extra clarity.

The Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses have a number of special features that make them very comfortable to wear. The custom fit three-position ratcheting lens allows for screen viewing at different heights and positions, and it will help prevent neck strain while working, sitting or standing up. The glasses have an adjustable temple length to ensure that they sit comfortably on your face. The nose bridge is molded-in for longwearing comfort and the temple tips are cushioned to prevent them digging into the side of your head. The glasses have an easy frame replacement system, which makes switching out the lenses fast and economical.

It is important to note though that these glasses are not designed to be worn over your regular glasses and as a result, they are not suitable for those who require prescription lenses. However, impressively for glasses that cost so little, they come with a lifetime frame guarantee.

PROSPEK Premium Computer Glasses – Best for Computer Magnification

If you have healthy eyes but you feel them straining after prolonged computer use, then PROSPEK’s range of Premium Computer Glasses are an excellent option. They do an excellent job of filtering out harmful blue light and depending on which frame you pick, you can select magnification lenses with between 0 and +3 magnifications, increasing in increments of 0.25.

The glasses are in the mid-price range, costing around $35 to $40. It is suggested that for computer work, you select a magnification of half your normal reading power and for smartphones, tablets and books, you should select your normal reading power. Unlike other glasses that claim to block all harmful blue light, PROSPEK instead filters 50% of all blue light, allowing wearers to see the rest of the spectrum without a yellowing effect, which many people are keen to avoid.

In addition to blue light blocking, PROSPEK glasses will also block 100% of UVA and UVB light. The lenses are anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-screen flicker, anti-glare, anti-fog, and anti-oil (which means that your fingers will not leave prints on them). Furthermore, the lenses filter out electromagnetic rays.

PROSPEK currently has six different frame designs available, some of which are for men, some for women, and some are unisex. All of them have very similar properties, they are lightweight (between 15g and 22g), offer low color distortion, and feature polycarbonate lenses. However, only three of the frames offer the readers’ option; the Artist, the Arctic and the Professional. The Artist is a women’s frame while the other two are unisex, and, as is the case with all PROSPEK frames, they are all very stylish.

Impressively, all of PROSPEK’s glasses come with a lifetime warranty, meaning that they are built to last, and they come with a case and lens cloth.

Felix Gray Turing Glasses – Best for Sophisticated Chic

If you are looking for a truly stylish option, then Felix Gray’s Turing frame with the blue light filter lenses are an excellent choice. The frame has a sophisticated round shape, together with barrel hinges and the Felix Gray signature keyhole bridge. They are very professional looking glasses that are suitable for both men and women. The frames have an arm length of 140mm, a bridge width of 21mm, and a lens width of 45mm.

The non-prescription and the reading glasses version costs $95 while the prescription version costs $145 (all versions come with a case and lens cloth). It should be noted that only single vision is available, and it comes with premium 1.67 high-index lenses. Felix Gray recommend that those who spend many hours staring at their screens, such as programmers, should opt for slight magnification as this also helps to reduce the strain on the eyes.

The frames have an arm length of 140mm, a bridge width of 21mm and a lens width of 45mm. They are made from handcrafted Italian acetate and in addition to filtering blue light, the lenses also eliminate glare and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. The blue light filtering technology is embedded in the lenses, allowing them to block 50% of all blue light and close to 90% of the highest range blue light (the harmful part of the spectrum) without distorting color. The lenses are also virtually clear, meaning that they have no blue-reflective coating and an almost unnoticeable tint.

All Felix Grey lenses come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The company also offers a 30-day risk-free return policy, meaning that you can change to a different frame style or color without any additional costs.

Peepers Shine On Glasses – Best for Bedtime Reading

If you enjoy reading in bed on your smartphone, tablet or any other device with a digital screen and you want to bring a bit of sparkle to your eyewear, then Peepers Shine On glasses are a fantastic choice.

The frames come in five different colors; pink, tortoise, black, green, and taupe. They feature an eye-catching channel of glitter embedded on the top that bring a fun shine to the glasses. The frames were designed as a celebration of the company’s third consecutive year being included in Oprah’s Favorite Things. They are made from polycarbonate, a lightweight material, and they feature spring hinges. The frame width is 133.8mm, the eye size is 52.5mm, the temple length is 145mm, the frame height is 42mm, the nose bridge is 18.5mm and the optical fit is 53-18-145.

The lenses make use of the company’s Focus™ Eyewear technology, which is designed to filter blue light from digital screens and other harmful sources. They are able to block at least 40% of high-energy visual (HEV) blue light emitted from screens. The lenses also have seven layers of anti-reflective coating and provide protection from UV light. They are distortion free, have a dual anti-scratch coating, and are made from acrylic aspheric. When buying the glasses, it is possible to choose between no correction lenses or reading lenses with a strength of +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 or +3.00.

At just $25, these glasses represent excellent value for money, especially as they come with a complimentary canvas case. If you are unhappy with the purchase, then you have 90 days to return the glasses and receive a refund or electronic Peepers gift card. However, the company does not offer any kind of warranty on the frames or lenses.

Tom Ford Blue-Block Square Glasses – Best for the Sophisticated Man

If you want a true sophistication in your eyewear, then look no further than the Tom Ford Blue-Block Square Glasses. They are not cheap, starting at over $400, but they represent the height of eyeglasses fashion.

The frames are available in black, grey and Dark Havana. They are made in Italy and have a squared style that is enriched by the metal ‘T’ logo decoration while the lenses are engraved with the Tom Ford name. The lens width is 51mm, the bridge width is 18mm and the temple length is 145mm.

The lenses are not corrective in any way, but they are designed to prevent and relieve eyestrain by filtering out blue light from digital screens. There are no other options as standard, such as anti-scratch coatings or the ability to order them with prescription lenses. However, it is possible to replace the lenses if you do wish to order your own prescription lenses with blue light filters.

All Tom Ford products come with a case and cleaning cloth. There is complementary shipping and returns, meaning that you will not have to pay to return the product if you do not like it. It is possible to return items for up to 14-days from the delivery date. Furthermore, the glasses come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

These are certainly a very pricey option, but the Tom Ford brand is admired around the world and the glasses are a true designer item. Anyone seeking to protect their eyes while enjoying the feel of wearing designer eyewear would certainly do well to invest in a pair of these.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Blue Light Glasses

Check the Prescription Lens Options

If you are already a glasses wearer, then you need to be sure that the glasses you choose have a prescription lens option. More specifically, you will need to make sure that they offer the type of prescription lenses you need i.e. single-vision, bifocals, or anything else. If you don’t need prescription lenses, virtually any type of frames will be suitable.

Examine the Lens Color

You have probably seen many blue light filtering glasses with colored lenses. This is not done for aesthetic effect; rather, the lens color affects how much light the glasses are able to filter.

Clear lenses can block up to 40% of blue light and they are ideal for relieving digital eyestrain. They are the best option for those who need to see true colors on screens.

Yellow lenses can block up to 75% of blue light and serve the same purpose as clear lenses but result in a yellowish tint.

Orange lenses can block up to 99% of blue light but they are not ideal as your body does need some blue light during the day to stay alert.

Finally, there are red lenses that can block up to 100% of blue, green and violet light, and these are designed for use in the evening.

Check the Returns and Exchange Policies

When shopping for blue light glasses online, it can be hard to envision exactly how they will look on your face. That is why it is always important to check the returns and exchange policies. If you are investing significant amounts of money in your glasses, you want to be sure that you can change them if you are not satisfied.

Check the Frame and Lens Warranty

Very often, blue light glasses will have separate warranties for the frames and the lenses. It is important to be aware of all the warranty information before you buy, especially if you are investing in an expensive pair of designer frames or in very expensive prescription lenses.

Look at the Additional Lens Features

In addition to filtering blue light, many glasses will offer additional features. For instance, you may wish to look for lenses that are anti-glare and anti-reflective, as both of these can help to reduce the strain on the eyes, and you may also wish to look for lenses that offer protection from UV light.

Check the Frame Size and Weight

You need to be sure that the glasses are going to be comfortable to wear, particularly across the bridge of your nose and in the temple area. To that end, you need to check the dimensions of the frames to ensure that they will fit on your head securely without placing uncomfortable pressure on your temples. Many websites offer clear guides on how to measure your face when choosing glasses.

FAQs: We answer all of your questions about Blue Light Glasses

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses have special lenses that filter out the harmful part of the blue light spectrum to help reduce eyestrain and other associated problems such as headaches and insomnia.

What to look for in blue light blocking glasses?

When buying blue light blocking glasses, you should check how much blue light the lenses are able to filter out, whether the glasses support your lens prescription (when applicable), whether the glasses come with a warranty, and if the seller has a fair exchange policy.

How do blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses contain special lenses that are capable of blocking the blue part of the light spectrum. There is a variety of ways that this can be done, through special coatings applied to the lenses, with colored lenses, or with filters that are built into the lenses themselves.

How to test blue light glasses?

The best way to test blue light glasses at home is to put the glasses on and look at the lenses to see what color the reflected light is. If it is blue light being reflected, then you know that they are filtering some blue light.

How to clean blue light glasses?

You can dip the glasses into warm water and rub them with a cleaning cloth or you can purchase a lens cleaning solution, spray it onto the glasses, and then rub it with a cleaning cloth.


Anybody who spends a significant amount of time working at a computer or looking at the screen of a smartphone or tablet will certainly benefit from a pair of blue light blocking glasses. There are some excellent options that are highly affordable and you will begin to feel the advantages, such as a reduction in dry eyes and headaches straightaway. As is always the case, those who need prescription lenses will have to pay a bit more, but it is clear that the extra investment is worthwhile. Purchase your blue light blocking glasses today to discover for yourself what a large difference they can make.