People Looker Background Check Review 2020 - Legit or Scam?

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People Looker Background Checks


PeopleLooker has a user-friendly interface that makes searching a breeze.

By Editorial Team | 7th August 2018

PeopleLooker is a background check service, created to help you dig up any information you might be interested in. With PeopleLooker, you’ll find information you may not get on Google and you can try searching for anyone you might want. This successful website is known for its efficiency and has run over 1,000,000 background check reports. As far as it goes for people search engines, this one performs splendidly!

Different Reverse lookup services (multiple name search permitted)Additional charges on some information
A private, friendly and reliable service which is also privateNot very affordable
Unlimited search policy
No notifications are sent to the subjects you're searching!

With PeopleLooker, you can sign up for a paid subscription and gain access to run unlimited background checks, or you can sign in as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ customer, having the ability to just log in to see the reports you’ve purchased. US people search doesn’t come more convenient than that here.

There are two packages that PeopleLooker offers you, which include unlimited reports, unlimited sex offender searches, property lookups, phone and email lookups, criminal records and much more.

PlanPrice (per month)Savings (%)Price (total)
One Month$28.42
Three Months$19.8930%$59.67
Is PeopleLooker legit?

It is. We will explain why.

Most of the information found by PeopleLooker is found online or at government agency buildings. What makes PeopleLooker different is that you can search another person far across the state or even the country, without any trouble or even moving from your computer chair! Reverse lookup address, email search, Facebook people search, and more – the information you’d have to dig for months is now in front of you with just a click. It’s a great resource and it’s completely legitimate, compared to other services that might scam you and provide zero information.

This service has a lot of users and a great deal of them rate it five stars – it’s no wonder how PeopleLooker has already conducted over 1,000,000 background reports! PeopleLooker digs into various databases to pull out any information possible and combines all you might want to know in a single report, saving you time and effort. This service also keeps its users updated on any kind of news or any updates implemented. Trusted by many, this service can save you from a lot of trouble in a world where meeting new people can be a total nightmare. It can also be of help when conducting an employee checking service so the uses of People Looker are more than just various!

Types of Searches Available and Reports Available

Getting further in the People Looker review, there are only two packages available which are the subscription plans for one month and three months service. They also offer a 5 days service costing you only $1, which might help you understand how this background check service works.

All of the subscription plans provide you with:

  • Unlimited background checks
  • Unlimited contact information
  • Unlimited phone number lookups
  • Unlimited email lookups
  • Unlimited criminal record lookups
  • Unlimited address lookups
  • Searching and creating reports in less than two minutes
  • Four brilliant ways to dig up some new information.

You can use PeopleLooker for various purposes, such as:

  • Finding long lost friends and relatives you might be missing.
  • Finding more about your online date before you meet face-to-face! Who knows what a person might try to hide nowadays?
  • Monitor yourself by searching your own name! You might be surprised by what you may find.
  • Find someone’s new phone number, just by having their old one!
  • Verify buyers and sellers on craigslist or any other service before making any transactions that might go wrong!
  • Look up new neighbors and neighborhoods to make sure your children are safe.
  • Completely research someone before hiring them in your company!
Ease of Use

We have to agree that PeopleLooker is much more user-friendly than most background check services, making it much easier to use as well. The user interface is clean and well-designed, which attracts new people who are not so familiar with background check services to try their luck with this one! The instructions are clear and creating a report will take you less than two minutes! You don’t have to wait for long too – PeopleLooker is a straight-up service and will give you any information in seconds. You don’t need technical skills to run a search – users simply enter a name and a city/state and the results are already there. And if you don’t know, find here how and why you should run a background check on yourself.

Help and Support

PeopleLooker is known for having excellent customer service, claiming they ‘pride themselves on offering friendly and helpful support’ on their official website. We have to agree with this – it’s really easy to get help if you get lost or if something goes wrong!

Their US phone support number is: 1-800-218-3309

Their email address is: [email protected]

They’re open daily from 6 am to 11:30 pm (EST).

Their address is:

48 West 38th Street – 8th Floor, New York, NY 10018, USA.

They also have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram accounts where you can contact them too!

About PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is a new and innovative background check service, providing you a lot of information when searching a subject. It takes public information and combines it into reports that might help you a lot if you’ve got doubts about your new neighbor, roommate or pretty much anyone else! PeopleLooker is a customer-focused service working hard to create simple, fast and reliable reports that will meet your needs, no matter how thorough they may be!

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