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Best Background Checks 2020

Are you suspicious of your new neighbor? Hiring for a new job position? Wanting to conduct a self-background check? These sites will deliver fast and detailed results about a person’s (or group’s) criminal, commercial, educational, and financial records at an affordable price.

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Intelius has billions of records at your disposal!

  • Instant searches: no delays
  • Over 115 million reports served
  • Private and secure search
Rating: 4.9/5
rating: 4.9

Low prices for basic searches!

  • Print copies of the reports for free
  • Doesn’t require a membership
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


Rating: 4.7/5
rating: 4.7

Hot-spot for background checks for many years.

  • Offers many searches and reports
  • 100% Legit
  • 10+ million users

Good Criminal Conviction Database.

  • Search 600M records
  • 25M+ background checks run per year
  • Provides additional services i.e. verifications

Good background check service.

  • Range of different searches
  • Ability to search the Deep Web
  • Lengthy process


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BeenVerified Review


  • Unlimited searches
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Physical records collection option
  • Mobile apps are free for iOS/Android users


  • Outside of US clients wouldn’t be able to access it
  • Using Premium Search may not land you that much additional data

BeenVerified is one of the leading background check services providers at the moment. If you want to find a person, do a reverse number search, check an email, or conduct an in-depth US people search, this is one of the top picks to do so. You can also use them as a reliable relative finder. The brand excels at what they do with each passing year and we don’t see them going out of business anytime soon. In addition, their Monthly Charge policy enables unlimited searches for a monthly fee so you wouldn’t have to pay extra if something worth searching for comes up, too!

The pricing with BeenVerified is pretty straightforward. It comes quite cheap for the level of service they provide. Even the basic monthly subscription lets you carry out countless searches, and there is also a three-month deal to back up prolonged searches.

Continuing this mini BeenVerified review, getting the company’s services for a month costs $26.89 and three months add up to $17.48 – yes, getting the deal for a longer period reduces the price, so that’s a definite bonus, too. As for add-ons, BeenVerified enables country criminal court checks for $19.95 per use. Bonus search databases come at $9.95 per individual report. And all in all legitimate background checker at a reasonable price.

BeenVerified lets you do multiple search types depending on your needs. The Overview option is the most basic one granting customers full name, DoB, Address (current), phone number, email address, and some more goodies. Backing up the Overview report, the Known Associates Feature lets you search a person based on their known relatives. It doesn’t hurt to be entirely sure, so adding this option will only enhance your people search efforts.

Criminal and Civil feature gets you criminal records as well as civil ones. Any court proceedings and illegal actions will be presented to you if the person has been involved in them. You can even visit a physical court to retrieve the information yourself if you feel the need to.

Bankruptcies, professional records, Social Media, and Premium Data are the last of the list. They all aid you in forming an adequate people search picture – creditor info, filling records, educational/professional endeavors, social media profiles and activity, and more in-depth data are available through all these. We have been verified that the service performs optimally by several independent tests.

BeenVerified’s interface is simply splendid to use. Every menu option is available through a few clicks, their pricing information is clear, and the search form is a breeze to use by anyone. Be it a quest to search image or do a reverse lookup address, BeenVerified delivers solidly. The mobile version of the website is user-friendly, too, and almost any smartphone can run it. As for security, all of your searches are safe from third-party hands so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed while feeling unsure about someone.


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Intelius Review


  • Efficient detailed searches
  • Criminal Checks for State and Nationwide Searches
  • Customer Devotion
  • Quick searches available for all packages


  • Some reports come with paid Ads
  • Can be expensive for a monthly subscription

Getting an affordable background check service isn’t always an easy thing to acquire. However, Intelius is a leading provider in the field, with prices starting at a mere dollar. Gathering enough information about an individual can be tricky but the company is efficient enough to grant you a true people search right away.

They are considerate of their clients, come cheaper than most of the competitions, and have a variety of search possibilities for proficient users. Some background checking providers prefer working on a monthly subscription but Intelius doesn’t want to burden you that much. Unique searches come at the most affordable prices without any ties for long-term use.

Let’s put it this way – you can learn more than the average informational volume about someone by using Intelius. Their single person search costs $0.95, and this is simply sensational. Address lookup, reverse number search, email check, and more come for less than a dollar. Also, you can get a detailed report for $6.95, which lands you criminal records, civil records, and additional in-depth information. Few things can stay hidden from Intelius’ search team as they have become one of the most proficient background search services in the industry.

Of course, there are monthly plans to conduct prolonged searches. 24-hour People Search comes at $19.95, Background Reports are $49.95 a month, while the Premium account for those is even cheaper – $39.95. Intelius Premier costs $19.95 and grants you a 2-day free trial, and the Premier Plus will cost you $29.95 for a full picture about anyone you seek hidden info on.

Diving deeper into the Intelius review, the People Search Report contains full names, phone information, addresses (past and present), date of birth, relatives list, and some more categories. Getting the People Search Plus Report adds Social Network and Email search. The 24-Hour People Search Feature lands us unlimited searches for a 24-hour period. Yes, you can literally check 100 people if you feel the need to. In addition to the basic package, this one offers current number/address data for just $9.95.

The Background Check Option covers criminal activity, with added statewide/nationwide searches. In addition, all searches can be requested from a mobile device – Android/iOS users can freely do a check on the go with the same speed as the desktop version. The reverse phone lookup option is also neat, so keep that in mind the next time an Unknown number calls you.

It isn’t a surprise that Intelius polishes their interface so it can serve customers better. If you need to find a person, the search options are easily reached and used even by beginners. Each search comes with multiple add-on options displayed right on the Service screen. Mobile compatibility is flawless, and security of all searches is granted by Intelius protocols and encryption.


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TruthFinder Review


  • Various background check additions
  • Well-organized search information
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Premium Options for In-Depth searches


  • No Single-Person searches without a subscription
  • Some data can be found without their assistance

Truthfinder is relatively new to the background checks field, with a start in 2015. However, they have used their time wisely to develop their interface and search tactics to deliver amazing results to customers. Conducting a people search with them is easy and comes at competitive prices for the industry.

Doing an email search, getting a reverse phone lookup, finding someone by their maiden name, or even getting Truthfinder to turn into a relative finder – it is all possible at swift and efficient rates. Even the Dark Web is within the reach of the service so we recommend them as a high-end choice when it comes to getting to the bottom of someone’s history.

Truthfinder aims to develop their services in the most efficient way so no single-person searches are available with them. It all goes through monthly subscriptions but this shouldn’t be seen as a negative side. However, each subscription package lets you launch unlimited searches so it’s more than worth it. Especially on the prices, they offer – the 5-day trial costs just $1, with the monthly plan starting at $16.71. getting Truthfinder by your side for three months will be $47.13 in total, and six months add up to $82.26 for the whole deal. Getting them long-term seems like a more reasonable idea but yet again, it all depends on your search needs.

All plans come with in-depth US people search information – full name, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, bankruptcy info, criminal activity, and more. the Premium Report Option costs $14.95 and adds a lot of information to the already big pool – voter registration, civil judgments, aircraft/watercraft owned, tax liens, business associates, and the list goes on. You can check its entirety at the Truthfinder website.

Truthfinder review continues with the possible search options for customers. The first one, People Search, enables person checks based on first and last name, and city/state of residence. Diving right into the deep waters, the Dark Web Scan lets you check informational volumes in the Dark Web – any information being sold there at the time of your search can be reached by Truthfinder, and this is a service very few background check services perform.

Public Records Search collects all public records about an individual. Arrest records are here as well. Truthfinder even lets you do a background check on a potential date met online. They think in line with the modern social network society, and this is quite clever of them.

To find a person with Truthfinder is rather easy – you can enter their website and see it for yourself. The menus are organized, as are search options and add-ons. Accessing a report is as smooth as it gets. Also, the search times on the site are very efficient – you wouldn’t need to wait more than 5 minutes to open a report. Mobile optimization on Truthfinder is outstanding – they are accessible on iOS and Android for quick searches while outside. As it goes for security, all of your search data is concealed and can only be seen by you and the operating employees managing your account.

Hot5 is a comparison site specialising in a range of entertaining, security and lifestyle topics. This page will focus on the importance of Background Checks and the best brands available. Background checks are used to gain access to a person’s past, specifically looking at any convictions, reprimands, cautions or warnings they may have received. Read our detailed reviews on the top background check sites to find out which brand provides you with the best results.

Common Background Checks

There are several different types of background checks used for different situations, here are a few examples of the most run background checks:

  • Employment Background Checks

Employers may run a background check to find out whether the job applicant is being truthful in their CV or interview, for example, if they actually graduated from university they say they attended or to confirm that they worked at their previous employment during the time stated on their CV (resume). Typically, an employment background check includes information and records from the past seven years, although some cities allow up to 10 years.

Furthermore, employers may look into their credit and driving history to access the person’s character and responsibility. Of course, some jobs may require these checks more than others i.e. a driving history search is better appropriate for a bus or taxi driver vacancy, to check for speeding tickets, license suspensions etc. An employment background check can include but is not limited to, criminal record, medical history, use of social media, and drug screening.

It is the company’s responsibility to keep its employees and customers safe, so to ensure that there is violence or criminal behaviour that could potentially have the company taken to court, it is highly advisable to run an employment check. This is seen as risk management and this works in the company’s favour as it helps them:

  • Build a culture and reputation of trust and goodwill
  • Create a safe working environment
  • Uncover potential fraud, theft, or criminal activity
  • Reduce turnover due to hiring the wrong candidate
  • Reveal false information on job applications or CVs
  • Provide proof to insurance underwriters that employees pose no risk
  • Protect themselves from liability in the case of violence.
  • Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check is required in certain situations where a person or organization needs to know about major criminal activity, including violent or sex crimes, fraud, embezzlement, or felony convictions. In instances where a criminal background check is necessary and has repercussions are:

  • Employment (i.e. healthcare and teaching)
  • Adoption
  • Military enlistment
  • A firearm purchase

A criminal background check includes the following record searches:

  • National criminal databases
  • Sex offender registries
  • County criminal courts
  • Domestic and global terrorist watch lists
  • Federal and state criminal records
  • Fingerprint Background Checks

Also known as an Identity History Summary, it is often used in conjunction with other background checks, most notably as a part of the pre-employment screening process. This kind of background check is mandatory for government-run institutions such as hospitals, fire departments, public schools, airports, and law enforcement agencies. Other professional licenses that could request a fingerprint background check are jobs in casinos, finance, and real estate.

A fingerprint background check will give an accurate reading of a person’s criminal history and reveal details like any arrests which have been made, and disposition reports. One instance where a fingerprint is unwarranted are for minor offenses like littering or jaywalking.

  • Credit Background Checks

A credit background check is a record of a person’s credit-to-debt ratio. It shows how an individual manages their credit and bill payment, currently and in the past. Also called a credit report, it’s standard to run this check when someone is applying for a car or home loan, credit card, or any other type of loan.

Many landlords also check credit reports to verify whether a person applying to rent property has a history of good credit and may be more likely to pay rent on time. A credit report shows the applicant’s full credit history, including:

  • Payment history
  • Unpaid bills in collections
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Recent credit inquiries
  • International Background Checks

This kind of background check ties in with the employment check and is run during a pre-employment screening. Employers will usually use an international background check if the job seeker has lived abroad, or if the company has offices abroad. It allows the employer to delve into the personal history of a person with a global scope. The report will show the person’s educational background, experience, credit history, any criminal charges or if they have dealt with a conviction in the past, and more.

The average waiting time for this kind of background is one working week (sometimes quicker), however with countries that have extensive protective laws in place or if it is a culture of secrecy, it can take up to several weeks before the results are sent back.

The purpose of running a background check is to provide trustful information about a person’s history and to help the employer or landlord decide whether their potential candidate or renter is reliable or could potentially pose a threat to others.