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rating: 4.2
  • Free migration service
  • Free debranding and DDoS protection
  • Game server discord bot available

ServerBlend Ark Hosting


ServerBlend is a hosting company established in 2014 that aims to have the highest quality at the lowest prices on the market and will either beat the competition’s prices or give you a month of free Ark dedicated server hosting.

By Editorial Team | 13th March 2019

ServerBlend was founded in 2014 and offers game hosting services for multiple games such as Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, TF2 and many others. Also, they offer Teamspeak 3 server hosting to enable quality vocal communication between teammates. They pride themselves on their high uptime, which rarely drops below 99.965% and is competitive with the highest uptimes in the industry. Server Blend provides stable and cheap Ark server hosting and this has made it a favorite among customers, especially in the last growth spurt of the game. Their OneBlend feature allows multiple games to be played on the same server, which is a nice little feature when you don’t want to rent multiple servers. Finally, they also offer a 45 day free trial of Enjin.

OneBlend feature allows multiple games to be played on one serverHigh minimum number of slots (30)
Voice features included in the cheapest packagesAdded customer support costs extra
Server centers all over the world
Discord bot allows you to control your game from Discord
Configuration Options

ServerBlend offers some of the most competitive prices in the market. They claim they will match any price and give you a month of free service if they can’t. Their slots cost less, but they have a minimum requirement of 30 slots per server.  If you don’t like their services, you can cancel for free and get your money back within two weeks of purchasing the slots. They accept USD, GBP, EUR and CAD, and you can pay with PayPal, credit card or Bitcoin. ServerBlend offers slots at a flat rate of 50 cents per slot with a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 100 slots.

Number of SlotsPrice (per month)

ServerBlend has various features that allow it to stay competitive in the game hosting industry. They have a TCAdmin control panel that allows you to control the conditions of your game, as well as a Discord bot that will allow you to control the game from Discord. They offer free debranding and free DDoS protection on all of their worldwide servers, which are features that usually require payment. Also, ServerBlend offers free migration from other companies which can make your transition seamless. The company likes to make its customers happy so they also offer Public pay, which lets other people pay you for the use of your server, as well as an instant install option that will allow you to skip all the technical stuff usually associated with setting up a server. You can even pay ServerBlend to send a professional to set up everything for you!

ARK: Survival Evolved Exclusive Features

ServerBlend offers multiple Ark: Survival Evolved exclusive features. They offer free cluster support, which means you can group together all of your servers and transfer things between them, but they also offer procedural map generation. This means that you can generate as many random maps as you like instead of just being stuck on The Island. With this feature, you can control the number of dinos on the map, the amount of water, grasslands, mountains, map size and pretty much everything else to custom build your map just the way you like it. Of course, there are standard values but you can alter them at will.


When looking for the best Ark server hosting, you’ll want to keep an eye out for mods and mod support. ServerBlend offers a mod manager GUI that will help you manage all of your mods and determine which ones you want to be implemented and which one should sit on the sidelines. Furthermore, ServerBlend offers 1-click mod install options as well as automatic updates to all of your mods. Also, they offer all workshop mods, along with all downloadable content, event maps, official maps, and modded maps. All of these features group together into a neat little package, but if you want extra mods that aren’t included, you can easily add them to your game with a single click. Do you want more dinos? You got them! Do you want to play in a PvP area? All you need to do is ask and ServerBlend will provide!

Automatic BackupsYes
Automatic UpdatesYes
Location SwitchingYes
FTP AccessYes
Customer Support

ServerBlend has amazing customer support reachable through phone, Skype, email and tickets. They may even join your server to fix any reported problem. Also, the owner of the company has posted a Discord link on their website, inviting anyone to discuss anything with them. All of these contact options are relatively quick, but if you want instant service, call them on the phone or on Skype.


When looking for Ark: Survival Evolved server hosting, Server Blend should definitely be amongst your top 3 choices. Their unique selling points – OneBlend, the 14-day money-back guarantee, the high-quality service and numerous features that make gamer’s lives easier are the reasons customers have been loyal to this company. Well, that and the fact that there are a ton of Ark server hosting companies out there, but rarely do any provide the level of service for the price offered by ServerBlend, as this company will beat anyone’s price or give you your first month free. Now that’s an offer that can’t be refused!

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