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GTX Gaming

rating: 4.8
  • 2019’s Best & Most Trusted ARK Hosting
  • Game switching available
  • 26 data centers all around the world ensure low lag and latency
  • All maps and DLC content supported

GTX Gaming Ark Hosting


GTX Gaming is the leading game hosting company that provides one of the best ARK server hosting services due to their numerous features and specialized, powerful hardware.

By Editorial Team | 13th March 2019

GTX Gaming is a game hosting company founded in 2007 that has since expanded to host over a hundred different games. This company offers some of the best Ark: Survival Evolved hosting services due to their almost unbelievable number of data centers all around the world as well as utilization of the latest technologies in very, very large quantities. They pride themselves on quality, performance, and professionalism as the main pillars of their philosophy. GTX Gaming has consistently offered some of the most impressive customer support, features and options in the game hosting world, which is why they are one of the industry leaders.

Ludicrous number of featuresRefund period is only one day
Very low lag and latency numbersHigh starting price for 10 slots
12 years of experience as a game hosting company
Fantastic customer support
Configuration Options

GTX Gaming offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry at higher levels. They have a minimum of 10 slots per purchased server and a maximum of 250 which is surely enough to satisfy even the largest clans in gaming. They accept several currencies such as American, Canadian and Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros and Russian Rubles. GTX Gaming also accepts several payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Moneybookers, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and a number of other cryptocurrencies. There is a 24-hour free trial that you can cancel before paying the invoice the next day.

Number of SlotsPrice (per slot)Price (per month)

GTX Gaming provides a large number of features to accommodate for both casual and professional gameplay. They only host on PC servers, but since cross play came out, it rarely matters. Also, they offer free but extremely powerful DDoS protection which shields you from any outside hacker attacks, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. Their automatic offsite backup feature ensures that you don’t lose any data by continually backing up your server information. Furthermore, GTX Gaming provides free debranding as well, so you won’t see their logo in the game. GTX Gaming offers the only control panel viewed as the leader in this industry – TCAdmin. Also, they offer their own unique web interface that lets you control your server as you wish. Finally, GTX Gaming offers a Steam workshop manager to help you run your server.

ARK: Survival Evolved Exclusive Features

GTX Gaming offers a number of exclusive features for Ark server hosting. They provide free cluster support which means you can play your game as the same character across multiple servers as you see fit. Also, they offer free and full procedural map generation which allows you to create your own maps with variables determined by you and only by you. They also offer free game switching – the ability to switch a server from another game to Ark: Survival Evolved or vice versa. They support all Ark maps that have been publicly released as well. Selected Ark dedicated server hosting services provide these features at a price, but GTX Gaming provides them for free.


GTX Gaming aims to give you the best Ark: Survival Evolved server hosting so they allow for literally all the mods that can run without crashing. They provide full mod support as well as a mod manager GUI which helps you run and maintain all of your mods. Furthermore, they offer one-click installations of every mod available. They keep a database of all mods and if they don’t have a mod you want, you can just submit it and they will add it to their database, which you can peruse at your leisure. Also, GTX Gaming just added an automatic update feature to their mod system, which means you’ll always play the latest mods.

Automatic BackupsYes
Automatic UpdatesYes
Location SwitchingNo
FTP AccessYes
Customer Support

This is where GTX Gaming truly excels, as they’ve been building their customer support strategy very carefully over the past 12 years. You can contact them by email, support ticket, Discord, and phone in the UK, USA, and Australia. Also, you can contact their manager directly by email! Their typical response time is 5-10 minutes, which is far lower than most Ark server host companies out there. If you want, you can even show up to their address in London, which they have posted on their website.


Cheap Ark server hosting with so many features, options, mods, and cheap prices is not only hard to find but most of the time it’s impossible. Luckily, GTX Gaming is the company that has it all. When looking for a server, the features are always important, but this company also has experience and a proven track record when it comes to game hosting, especially for Ark: Survival Evolved. A secure, high-functional game server that can be easily managed as well as purchased at an affordable price is the gold standard of the hosting industry possessed by GTX Gaming.

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