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rating: 4.9
  • Fully compatible with all platforms
  • Custom control panel available
  • DDos Protection

Gameservers Ark Hosting


Gameservers is one of the longest standing and most trusted game hosting service that aims to deliver the lowest latency, zero lag, and full game optimization through superior hardware and infrastructure.

By Editorial Team | 13th March 2019

Gameservers is a hosting company founded in 2000 as an original hosting provider for the DayZ mod for ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. Since then, they have expanded into dozens of survival games, providing high speed hosting for all of them at very low prices. AS Hosting added Ark: Survival Evolved to their list of hosted games in 2015 and they have been improving that service ever since. This company claims to have very sophisticated hardware which is reflected in their extremely fast load times, low latency and almost no lag. Furthermore, they have multiple locations all around the US and Europe to compensate for distance.

Slot pricing is very affordableNo refund policy
PC and PS4 hosting availableLimited geographical reach
Free DDoS protection and debranding
Free exclusive features

Gameservers offers a large number of features to make your gaming experience as pleasurable as possible. They offer free DDoS protection to stop any harm from coming to your server and to keep the gameplay smooth. Also, they offer free debranding which means you won’t see their logo in your game. They support game hosting on PC and PS4, but since cross play was incorporated, this is less and less relevant, with customers being able to play on whichever server they want. Also, AS Hosting offers a custom control panel which lets you configure the game to your liking in an easy and streamlined process, as well as a server config manager tool. The one addition that AS Hosting has over other companies is that they offer the possibility to switch your server location whenever you want from your control panel.

ARK: Survival Evolved Exclusive Features

Gameservers offers a few exclusive features that can rarely be found with other providers. They provide full cluster support, enabling you to travel between worlds/servers in your Ark: Survival Evolved experience. Also, this company provides a procedural map generator that will allow you to customize the map whenever you want, however you want. Whether you’d prefer to add more dinos, more loot or just a different horizon, it’s all up to you. This is one of the reasons that AS Hosting are one of the best Ark server hosting services.


When a company really cares about your positive experience with them, they make sure it stays positive no matter what, by making your experience unique. This is why Gameservers have worked so hard to implement every single mod for Ark: Survival Evolved they’ve come across. They offer complete mod support as well as 1-click installations for every mod in their database. You also get full database access so you can choose which mods you want to play. They automatically update all of their mods so you can be sure you’ll be playing the latest version. Finally, they provide a full mod manager GUI that lets you configure how each mod affects your game. This is why they have one-click access to The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Primitive Plus, and all Steam workshop mods.

Automatic BackupsNo
Automatic UpdatesNo
Location SwitchingNo
FTP AccessYes
Customer Support

Gameservers offers some of the best customer support in the industry. They offer a wiki page with enough information about Ark server hosting to satiate anyone’s desire as well as an FAQ page to answer all of your questions. Their customer support functions on support tickets, so just submit one and wait for your response without bumping the ticket – they get to everyone in 12-24 hours.


If you want free Ark server hosting, you won’t find it here, but you’ll find the next best thing – a very affordable and very reliable Ark server host company. With their use of superior technology, their constant software improvement and new game additions to their service, this company has demonstrated the reason they’ve stayed in everyone’s top picks. High quality but cheap Ark server hosting is hard to find if you don’t know where to look, but happily, you’ve just found Gameservers.

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