Best ARK Server Hosting

Updated January 07, 2020

Want to buy or rent the best ARK server hosting? We have tested and compiled a list of the best ARK hosting providers, expert reviews and useful ARK server guides for you.

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NameFeaturesExpert RatingPrice
(min - max slots)
Visit Site
  • Best Ark Server Hosting Provider
  • 24/7 Support, Instant Setup
  • Custom Control Panel, DDos Protection
$0.99 / slot
10-250 slots
  • 2019’s Best & Most Trusted ARK Hosting
  • $1.20/slot and 10-250 slots
  • Price per slot drops with higher packages
  • Custom control panel available
Rating: 4.7/5
rating: 4.7
$1.20 / slot
10-250 slots
  • 2019’s Best & Most Trusted ARK Hosting
  • $0.75/slot and 30-100 slots
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Full mod integration
Rating: 4.5/5
rating: 4.5
$0.75 / slot
30-100 slots
  • Free web hosting available with your server
  • Request 48-hour trial
  • Decreasing slot price for larger slot buys
  • Multiple customer support channels
$1.28 / slot
10-100 slots
  • Free cluster support & map generation
  • Free web hosting and MySQL
  • 1-click installation of all mods
  • Locations all around the world
$2.40 / slot
20-70 slots
NameFeaturesExpert RatingPrice
(min - max slots)
Visit Site
  • Beats any price online or 1st month free
  • High performance and strong infrastructure
  • Custom server configurations available
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
$0.50 / slot
30-100 slots

Best ARK Server  Hosting – Choose the Best Server For You

Ark: Survival Evolved is quite the experience, especially when you decide to play multiplayer with friends and rivals alike! Your first step into this new world of multiplayer Ark Survival Evolved will be to set up your server. While you can opt to host the game for everyone on your local PC, this has its fair share of problems. If the machine has low specifications, you simply cannot expect it to run the game effortlessly. There are also the technical hurdles you’re going to need to learn to overcome, including port forwarding and modifying all the files needed to run the game.

You could, alternatively, set your main gaming PC as the host machine that can be connected to over the internet. However, if the computer doesn’t have the sharpest hardware specifications around, you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage compared to the people you’re playing against. Therefore, designating your local machine as the game’s server is not the ideal solution.

As it so happens there is a third much easier way; shared game server hosting has proven itself to be the best way to play the game with your friends, and this is for a multitude of reasons. The first is that they are optimized to provide a top-notch gaming experience that is smooth and free of interruptions. Even if a large number of players are playing the game at the same time, the performance won’t dip as a result.

There’s also the satisfaction of knowing that every saved server state is in a safe place. In other words, if one of the computers connected to the server crashes for any reason, you won’t have to worry about losing the last saved game state. Since it’s stored on the server at all times, you’ll be able to resume right where you’ve left off.

Going for shared game server hosting is also a good choice for those who are looking for the fastest way to jumping into the game without being bothered with all the technical hurdles of setting up a server. With these, their experienced team of professionals takes care of all such matters, so you can continue with what you came here for in the first place – to play the game with your friends and wasting as little time as possible in the process.

Best ARK Server Hosting – What do you need?

When it comes to choosing the best server for Ark: Survival Evolved, there is hardly a one-size-fits all solution. You’re going to have to go through each and every provider on the list individually and make your choice depending on your needs and priorities. In other words, it’s not as simple as going for the fastest or the cheapest server, as there are multiple factors at play. Let’s delve in to see what these are:

Latency of the server

Latency is one of the core factors that define the quality of the in-game experience. To illustrate it, it’s is how long it takes for a single packet of data to travel from one destination to another (in this case, from the client to the server and all the way back). Think of it as a round trip. Lower ping means a smooth experience, because the player’s actions make an immediate impact on the world. A higher ping, in contrast, means exactly the opposite – there will be waiting times before the consequences of each action or movement get to unfold.

There are multiple factors that affect it, with the server’s memory, network quality, and processor speed being some of them. But there is also the player’s local connection speed, which is arguably the biggest factor (but as the server owner or manager, you have no control over this one). The location of the server is another huge factor; the closer it is to the player, the better, because there is a shorter distance for the data packets to traverse.

To sum it up, you should look for a server that offers you the lowest ping time. It’s best to run your own tests to determine if you have the option. That way, you won’t be taking anyone’s word for it.  Some of the providers have set up demo servers to make the job easier. In this case, pinging the server or its IP address is all it takes.


Location of the best Ark server hosting plays multiple roles at the same time. Just as we discussed in the section above, the lag times of the players will be significantly influenced by this, so it’s best to pick a server that is the closest to where the vast majority of the player base is located. In case you have the funds to spare, it’s worth considering offering multiple game servers at the same time, so every player has the option to choose.

While you may find that servers are cheaper in the regions outside of your native country, do consider the latency this introduces into the equation. On the flipside, servers in other countries may be required to follow a different set of rules and regulations than the ones in your own. This includes any potential copyright or trademark issues with legal rights.

PS4 and Xbox One Ark Server Hosting

While most services are aimed at PC players, it’s important to consider that there are many players who will play ARK on Xbox One and Playstation. Most services will have a console option, though you should be aware that pricing plans will differ significantly.

While Ark hosting for Playstation is now available from AS Hosting , it’s far more common to host for Xbox. You can even host Xbox ark server on pc, saving you precious time if your friends are split between the two systems – though you would have to host a dedicated ark server if you want to do this in the easiest possible way.

Most servers will give you a choice to rent an ark server for Xbox and PC or rent one solely for Playstation as Ark supports Xbox and PC cross-play as Ark does not support crossplay with Playstation.


The point of installing mods is to improve the gaming experience of everyone involved. Not everyone will agree with the original vision of the authors; some may want to play the game in their own way. Which is fine! After all, when it comes to casual gaming, everyone should be able to customize their gaming experience just they way they want.

Here is where the mods come in. They are designed to tweak the game in various ways, whether it be altering the gameplay, the map, the dinosaurs, the administrative options, the display, or any other changes that affect the player experience. When choosing a server for Ark: Survival Evolved, make sure that the most popular mods are supported. Mods that are worth a mention: Play as Dino (let’s you play as a dinosaur and roam your Ark world), Stargate Worlds (travel through the universe through stargates) and Death Helper (finding your own dead body has never been easier) should not be left out.

You also need to make sure you have the freedom to install additional mods on a per-need basis. Again, ask the host directly to confirm. Will you be able to enjoy hands-free automated updates after installation or will there be a need to install them manually? If the latter is the case, is there a built-in tool for handling such requests or will you need to open up a command like? There are all important questions to be answered.

Number of slots

The number represents the grand total of players who can join a single game and play on the server simultaneously. As you’ve probably realized, the more players that can join at once, the higher the server costs are going to be. So if you’re only looking to set up a game for your local gaming buddies, purchasing a large hosting package with a generous amount of slots is not a sensible investment to make and other features should be prioritized instead.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to go commercial, don’t limit yourself and invest in a server with a high number of slots. The good news is that most hosting providers are willing to scale the price to encourage larger orders. In other words, the costs-per-slot are likely go down if you’ve decided to purchase a large hosting package. This, however, is not a given, so you should ask the hosting provider directly if that’s indeed the case.

Best ARK Server Hosting Saftey

A Distributed Denial of Service attack (or DDoS for short) can bring a server to its knees. This is a technique often used by hackers and cyber criminals. It involves them sending multiple queries from various locations all at the same time, thus clogging up the server and making it inaccessible.

To this end, hosting providers have come up with various means to combat such attempts. This can be done on both the hardware and software layer. Redundant servers are great for the purposes of reducing both the downtime as well as the recovery time in case the DDoS attack is carried out.

Again, certain hosting providers offer DDoS protection, some do it to a certain extent, and some don’t offer it at all. Now, depending on your needs, a lack of one may pose no problems whatsoever if, for instance, all you need a server for is to play a couple of games with your friends. On the other hand, when it comes to any kind of commercial server, this kind of extra protection is a must in order to minimize the risks of attacks and offer the lowest downtime possible.


Clustering sounds like a big techy word, but in a nutshell this is what gives you the capability to let the players choose from a myriad of different in-game worlds. Although each in-game world acts as a separate entity, the players are left with the freedom to choose where they want to play. For example, if one world is overpopulated and chaotic, they may simply choose to log in to another one.

As you might have guessed, the characters, items, and dinos stay attached to the same account and may be deployed on another world in the exact same state they were the last time you logged out. Now, do bear in mind that certain hosting providers may charge you extra for this so it’s another thing to consider when looking at various hosting services.

1. Looking for automatic mod updating? Try GTXGaming.

GTX Gaming claims the number one spot for offering the best for all-round Ark Server Hosting based on the excellent hardware specs plus the Automatic Mod Updater, a feature designed to make your life easier if you’re going to be using a lot of mods.

Thanks to the Automatic Mod Updater, you will be notified as soon as mod updates are available and the server will attempt to install them automatically, offering you a completely hands-off solution and seamless operation. In the end, the less time you have to spend on technicalities, the more of it you’ll have for enjoying the game.

Ark: Survival Evolved offers more than enough of these to choose from. Now, while the purists among you may want to stick to the original or the so-called ‘vanilla’ version of Ark, applying the mods is a great option to consider if you’re unhappy with certain aspects of it. In essence, they’re a fix for whatever is bothering your or an improvement that adds exciting new features to the game. But with so many to choose from, where to start looking?

First off, we have the Jetpack mod. While it in no ways fits the primitive survival theme the original authors had in mind, it does offer you the beauty of seamlessly exploring the island without limitations… As well as flying away from raging predators.

Speaking of dinos, would you like to be playing as one? With Play As Dino mod, this is now a possibility. Feel free to choose from 40 different dinosaurs and see how the game looks from the other side of the fence.

Last but not least, we have the Zipline System that significantly reduces the travel time whenever you find yourself in high-altitude regions and don’t quite fancy smashing your face into a nearby rock (this is often the case when using a parachute). All in all, the automatic mod updating feature is a practically must-have for heavy modders.

Now, what else makes GTXGaming Ark Server Hosting so great? There’s a lot of reasons, actually. First of all, this hosting provider pretty much ticks all the boxes in terms of what we’ve touched upon in the beginning of this article. While other companies will not hesitate to charge you extra if you’re using an excessive amount of resources (RAM and processing power), GTXGaming resources are unlimited. Furthermore, it comes with a powerful DDoS protection, so no one will be able to mess with your server uptime. Since there are so many regions to choose from, every player will have more than decent latency times at all times.

Full cross travel support is another perk. No matter what gear and equipment the players have amassed during playtime and what mods you’ve applied to any particular world, it will all travel with their player characters to the next world, should you choose to have more than one available. Apart from the automatic mod updating tool, there is also the automatic map generator, an invaluable tool that will automatically create new maps to keep things constantly fresh.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that every DLC that’s ever been released for the game is fully supported. In case anything goes wrong, you can restore the previous state of the server from one of the automated backups GTXGaming keeps making on a regular basis. And if you’d like to resolve any particular issue you can’t find an answer to for any reason, their helpful and friendly support team is available 24/7. Those nighttime gaming sessions won’t be ruined by a technical hiccup, that’s for sure!


  • Great access to cross-travel/clustering
  • DDoS protection
  • Unlimited Memory


  • While support is good, it lacks a live chat feature
  • Money-back guarantee is only available for 24 hours

2. Need to hop between worlds like it’s nothing? Host Havoc is the answer for your Ark clustering needs.

Clustering, otherwise known as world hopping among the players, is one of the best ways to handle a large chunk of traffic that’s coming to the servers. By having the option to choose from a multitude of worlds, everyone can pick something suitable for themselves. You may even have a world that’s dedicated to a particular activity or a party world or something of the like. If you’re running a commercial server that needs to handle a lot of people entering it, clustering is a great way to ensure everyone finds their place. For example, if one world gets overcrowded, another one is waiting right around the corner.

Host Havoc gives you all the flexibility you need when it comes to configuration. If you choose to, it’s not a problem at all to take a mod you’ve applied to one world and re-apply it to all the others, right along with all the tweaks and fine tuning.

As far as the regional support goes, Canada, Germany, France, US, and Australia are the options to choose from. This isn’t the greatest in terms of options available compared to other services. Their customer support department is where this particular host really shines. No matter what day it is (or what time of the day it is, for that matter), they are always there to answer your questions and resolve any issues you might be experiencing – 24/7.

If you’re not satisfied, you can ask for a full refund in the first 72 hours of using them, which is plenty of time to see if they suit your needs.


  • Responsive customer support
  • DDoS protection
  • Notably low latency


  • Modest selection of server locations
  • No automatic backups

3. Planning to go commercial? PingPerfect is the choice for anything branding-related.

Branding is an important part of your business. When thinking of reliability and quality services, the name and the logo of your company should immediately spring in people’s minds.. Doing a good versus an excellent job could mean the difference between barely managing to stay afloat versus being a huge success.

To that end, business owners who are after getting their name out there often find themselves in need of branding or rebranding their services. PingPerfect makes this incredibly easy; simply navigate to the webpanel and you can take care of everything from there, no need to contact the customer support at all. And the best part? Every time you decide to rebrand your services for whatever reason, you can do so completely free of charge. This also works the other way around – those who wish to remove intrusive branding of a the server host can also remove this and have a smooth, branding free experience.

As for their other strengths, they have the instant server setup, allowing you to turn the key and jump into action as soon as you register. You also get your own game panel, a place from where you can tweak and fine tune all the settings and little details you want. For those on the tech-savvy side, there is also a built-in FTP manager from where you can easily edit all the files and apply various hacks.

Their hardware is industry-grade, so you certainly won’t be experiencing any server-side lag. Their automated backup system lets you go back every single time you wish to undo some of the changes you’ve made or retrieve a server image from the past, which is particularly useful if you like to tweak the settings a lot. You can also switch the game at any time you want. Finally, there is the built-in DDoS protection, which allows you to resume playing without interruptions.


  • Free branding/rebranding
  • Flexible customer support
  • Built-in DDoS protection


  • Money-back guarantee is only available for 24 hours
  • Only 6 server locations to choose from

4. In search of raw power? ServerBlend packs all the muscle.

With a focus on processor speed (4.7 Ghz) and having SSD/RAID compatibility, ServerBlend is the server of choice for those who need some raw muscle to play with. Hardware specifications play a pivotal role in determining how well the game is going to perform, which includes responsiveness and latency. The SSD/RAID compatibility means that if something needs to be written from the memory to the hard drive, this will be done quickly and effortlessly, leading to a smoother in-game experience overall. This will reduce loading and saving times and increase play time.

This review would not be complete without mentioning ServerBlends friendly and helpful customer support that you can reach 24/7 through a plethora of different channels. You can either Skype them, open a ticket, or get in touch with them through phone or email. But chances are you won’t even need the extra support, because the control panel is so intuitive and simple to use. Installing and updating mods is a true delight.

Last but not least, ServerBlend is known for the quality of their network. Not only is it resilient to DDoS attacks, but it also allows for the lowest ping possible. You’re free to test this at your own leisure. In fact, you have a full 14 days worth of time to test things out. In case you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, they are willing to give you a full refund within the specified period.


  • Top-notch hardware and low ping
  • Automatic mod updates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 14 day trial


  • 30 slots is the minimum
  • Aimed at commercial servers, not casual

6. Does every millisecond of latency count? Nitrous Networks has you covered.

Latency, as we’ve discussed before, is one of the core factors that defines the quality of your gaming experience. Having a low ping ensures that every move you make is seen on the game in an instant and makes an impact on your surroundings. This is important, because in an ideal scenario, you want to respond to the enemy’s threats as soon as possible. At the same time, you also want a smooth gameplay without hiccups.

For all the European Ark enthusiasts out there, Nitrous Networks strives to be the best low ping provider out there. There are servers scattered around in Germany, Netherlands, as well as the UK, which provides a broad enough coverage that every European’s needs should be more than satisfied. For those who don’t mind doing a little bit of technical tinkering, you’ll be delighted to know that the MySQL manageable database is coming as standard.

Aside from that, you have the hassle-free and easy billing, great DDoS protection, an instant setup, as well as a premium connectivity guarantee.


  • The lowest latency in EU
  • Seamless installation
  • Cluster support


  • No automatic mod updates
  • No automatic backups

Summing up

As you can see, choosing the server that best matches your needs is no easy task. The vast majority of the decision should be based on your priorities and preferences. If you and your group of friends are PS4 users, you should probably think in terms of choosing a server that supports the platform and prioritize that. If platform support is not an issue, the next thing you should look into is that the servers are physically located as close as possible to the players. This is the best way you can ensure seamless connectivity with minimal lag.

Price, obviously, cannot be overlooked when making your decision. Don’t go for the cheapest option you can find, but try not to splurge either. The solution is to take the middle path and choose a server that’s within your budget and covers the most important bases for your personal gaming experience. For example, while it’s absolutely essential for a commercial server to have DDoS protection to protect your business, setting up a server to play with your friends may not need to be digital Fort Nox. After all, who would go through all the trouble of launching a cyber attack against you just for the sake of messing with you and your free time? If there’s no profit to be made, you’re usually on the safe side. Much in the same vein, clustering is important if you’re running a commercial server that offers many worlds to choose from, but if you’re playing with some local friends, there may be no need to have more than a single world with only a couple of player slots.

Don’t forget about the mod support and the DLCs. The easier they are to install, the better, but you also need to consider the potential maintenance hassles. For instance, if there is no automatic mod updating support, you’re going to have to do it manually at regular intervals. You also need to be on the lookout for a professional customer support team that answers your queries in a timely manner and is knowledgeable enough to be able to resolve any issues you may be having… there is no way of knowing when technical trouble may arise. Of course, regular backups are a plus, at least as far as your peace of mind is concerned. Strong hardware ensures a smooth gaming experience with as little hiccups as possible.

Finally, the money-back guarantee is what allows you to test things out on your own to ensure you’re making a purchase you won’t regret. In the end, having some first-hand experience is the most reliable quality signal to rely on so, allowing you to have an absolute blast playing Ark: Survival Evolved. If you can, try to give GTX Gaming a shot, because they’ve earned the #1 spot on our list for a reason; their services simply tick all the boxes in all the categories we’ve mentioned, making them the best overall choice that caters to a wide audience of gamers.

Pros and Cons of a dedicated Ark Server VS a rented server

Before going through the technical details, you want to ensure that creating your own dedicated Ark Server is the right solution for you. Read through our pros and cons below before continuing. If you feel that renting a server for Ark hosting is more beneficial then you can visit our comparison page for How to choose an Ark Server here. We personally only recommend hosting a dedicated Ark server if you already have the hardware available and the knowledge to actually set it up. There is more that can go wrong than go right if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Hosting your own dedicated Ark Server


  • Complete control over who can join, slots available, game speed and mods in game.
  • No cost if you own the server or a smaller cost than a purpose built Ark Server to host a VPS server.
  • Main costs will be electricity and internet – Very little financial investment once you have your server up and running.


  • You have to do all the work and server maintenance (backups, bug fixes, optimisation).
  • Unless you run it off of a different network than your home network, you’re unlikely to have a fast enough connection for more than a dozen slots.
  • You’ll have to keep the servers running yourself for as long as you want people to be able to be online. This can be a lot of your free time gone.
  • If you don’t already meet the hardware requirements, buying the hardware for setting up Ark dedicated servers can be pricey.
  • You won’t be able to have an Ark dedicated server on MacOS

Hosting Ark on a Rented server


  • You can usually set the majority of settings in an easy to use UI, created by professionals.
  • You can have virtually unlimited slots and maintain a high server speed.
  • You don’t need to have any hardware or be knowledgeable of server set up.
  • Any downtime is on the provider, not on you.
  • They will fix any and all bugs for you. You might even get a small refund if that’s available in the Service Level Agreement you have with them!
  • These server providers are usually available to contact for any support 24 hours a day.


  • There are some more advanced controls you may not have access to.
  • You will be paying more than if it was a server owned by you.
  • You have no direct control over fixes and downtime, therefore you can’t actually do anything but wait if the service does go down.
  • You are restricted by the rules imposed by the server provider.


Minimum requirements to create a dedicated Ark Server

If you’re still keen to host a dedicated Ark server then you’re going to need to ensure you have the following things set up and ready to go. Without having the following specifications, you’re not going to be able to host Ark: SE in this way. As with almost any hardware, there are minimum requirements that your dedicated server will have to meet in order to start hosting Ark Survival Evolved. See our checklist below to ensure you’re good to go before carrying on with the set up.

  • A 64-bit Operating system (you can go to Security -> System to confirm this on Windows)
  • Base RAM of at least 6GB
  • For every 100 players (slots) you will need another 4GB of RAM. This stacks for every 100 players, so for 200 you would need 8GB more RAM (14GB RAM in total)
  • Ensure that if you’re hosting at home (not on a private VPS network) you have at least 20Mbits upload speed. For less than 20 players you could get away with speeds of around 7-10Mbits.
  • Your computer or VPS is located as geographically close to other players as possible.

Choosing your Ark operating system (OS)

The final decision you will need to make is which OS you will run this on. While your usual choices are out of MacOS, Windows and Linux; you will only be able to choose Linux or Windows in this case as a server as MacOS is notoriously difficult to get a working dedicated server. Out of the other two the both have a few pros and cons.

Windows will probably be most peoples first choice as it can be used with Windows Server 2016 which has the most extensive features and is, in my opinion, a bit easier to set up and use. It will however incur a cost for use after an initial free trial, which can often defeat the whole reason you would want to go down the dedicated server route in the first place.

Linux is  an open-source solution, so is free to use. There are multiple systems that will run Linux, most popular is Ubuntu which is what we have based these instructions around. The main downside of using Linux is that it is more memory hungry. You’ll find that the required RAM we added in the bullet points above will need to be expanded by around another Giga-Byte base RAM and an additional Giga-Byte in order to work as smoothly as the windows one.

So, to summarise, Windows will likely cost you to use long term (though there is a free trial for a short period) though you will get bang for your buck and while Linux is free, it might be a little too advanced for beginners and will be more memory hungry.

Security risks

Like everything else when hosting your own dedicated Ark server, security is totally in your hands. For starters, you don’t really want to host Ark on a personal PC. You’ll want a separate PC, so that in the unlikely event that you have a breach, the intruder won’t have access to any of your personal files. You’ll want to set up DDoS protection to prevent attacks that will shut down your server, firewalls to prevent unwanted users accessing your system and finally you’ll want a strong password policy as well as changing the password often, to help prevent brute-force hacks. Providing you have some form of these types of protection and you continuously back-up your database then you should be fine on the security front.

Hosting a Windows Ark Dedicated Server

To start the instructions for Windows, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open steam, select ARK: Survival Evolved and click on Properties.
  2. Click on Local Files > Browse Local Files.
  3. Go to ShooterGame > Binaries > Win64, where you will find ShooterGameServer.ex.
  4. Don’t open this file right away, just keep it earmarked. First you’ll need to create a batch file. To do this simply open Notepad. You’ll need to type in a series of commands that will then be read by the command-prompt. Paste the following into your empty Notepad.txt file:
  5. Start ShooterGameServer.exe
    “MyArkServerName?SessionName=ArkServer1?ServerPassword=optionalPassword?ServerAdminPassword=secretAdminPassword?Port=27015?QueryPort=27016?listen” exit.

To quickly run through what this command does so you can set your own custom parameters for your dedicated Ark Server I have listed what everything means above. To give context each ‘?’ divides each parameter, so I won’t be adding them in below. To not include an optional field, simply remove it from the text along with the question mark following it.

  • MyArkServerNamechange this to what you want your map to be based on. For example: “TheCenter”.
  • SessionName=ArkServer1You should change “ArkServer1” to whatever you want your server to be called. Just make sure it is all joined up without any special characters
  • ServerPassword=optionalPasswordThis is a password used to access your server. As said in the security section this should be a requirement if you’re hosting a dedicated server on your own machine. Just change “optionPassword” to whatever secure password you can and distribute this to people you trust. For the best security ensure you change this password regularly.
  • ServerAdminPassword=secretadminpasswordThis is the password to the admin settings. Don’t share this and ensure that no else knows this password. Someone who has it would have the power to change your server in anyway they wanted, including shutting it down!

Hosting a Linux Ark Dedicated Server

If you’re using Linux, you will need to modify your syntax. Follow the above instructions for Linux too, until you get to the text in the .txt file. This will need the following syntax instead. This is because while Windows can use Batch, Linux uses Shell. You’ll need a text editor to do this easily, I would recommend Notepad++ as my first choice.

Put the below text into the editor:

#! /bin/bash

Paste this into the Linux server files folder, and then add to the end. You should be able to find this with a quick google, but it should be something like: ARK_SERVER_FOLDER/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ – where ‘ARK_SERVER_FOLDER’ will vary from person to person. The parameters have the same meaning as the Windows one do so use the points above to work these out.

Finally you will need to make this file executable – which means you should be able to actually run it in a way that these parameters take affect on your server. You will only need to do this once and after it’s done your server will be open to run. Open the terminal found under the same directory and add the command:

$chmod +x

And then to run your server use the command:


You can use this command to start the server up whenever you need it.

Steam Online Server Installation

Using the above steps you should have already started hosting your very own Ark dedicated server, the next step is to take this to the web so you can play with your friends who live elsewhere. There are two methods for this; the first is “the easy way” and involves doing this installation from the Steam application itself. While this method is ideal for this seeking to host an Ark map for the first time or those who aren’t comfortable using a command line system, this method will restrict what in your game you can edit and have power over. While easier for the hosting novice, it will present less options and flexibility you can control.

Steam UI

  1. Open steam application and go to Tools -> ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server, right click and select “Install Game Key”.
  2. Install the game on the following path (this might be a little different if you’ve changed any of the file paths): Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK . You will need a little more than 2GB to comfortably download and install this.
  3. The next part is applying the settings we covered earlier. Use the relevant script (the shell script for Linux and the Batch script for Windows) to apply the settings for the server.
  4. Now save the file. This is, again, done differently depending on your OS.
    1. For Linux: Save the file as and make the file executable by right clicking and selecting Properties -> Permissions -> (tick) Allow executing file as program.
    2. For Windows: Save the file as startserver.bat and change the file type to “All files”.
  5. To start the file up, simply open the folder, open the terminal and type “./”. Windows users can simply double click the file.


You can download SteamCMD from google, just a simple search will do it. This is a command prompt version of Steam which is useful if you want to host Ark Survival Evolved on another computer to the one you’re using. We’ve divided up what to do next into a windows and a Linux part:


  1. Create a new folder and install SteamCMD in it. For the sake of this example, name is “SteamCMDInstall”
  2. Next create another text file and write the following;
    @echo offstart “” steamcmd.exe +login USER PASS +force_install_dir “C:STEAMCMDINSTALL” +app_update 346110 validate +quit
  3. Save this in the same way as before: Save the file type as “All Files” as SteamCMD.bat. Add this to “SteamCMDInstall”.
  4. Run SteamCMD.bat as an administrator which should force open a command line window. You’ll see that it will begin downloading the appropriate files so you can have you own dedicated Ark server.
  5. Now create another text document and add the following snippet:
    start ShooterGameServer.exe “MapName?SessionName=ArkServer?ServerPassword=password?ServerAdminPassword=strongerpassword?MultiHome=YourLocalIP?Port=27015?QueryPort=27016?listen”
  6. You’ll see that the main difference here to previous snippets is the inclusion of setting up your local Ip address. The ports mentioned are the ports to set up dedicated servers through steam. Save this in a text file the same way as the previous one and name it: start.bat. Save this in: SteamCMDInstall/ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64/

Double clicking that last .bat file should now start your server!

Best ARK Server Hosting – Rentals & Buys

As gaming evolves, so must everything else that references it, and as more and more games need to be hosted in order to be played, hosting services pop up left and right. This is why Hot5 is expanding into the game hosting sphere – we are dedicated to bringing only the most reliable information to our customers who want to relax with their favorite game. At the moment, ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the major games that requires hosting if you want to play in peace. A few years ago when Minecraft came out, nobody was ready for the surge of private servers and the exponential growth in hosting demands. This time, Hot5 is prepared and we want to offer you the best and most affordable Ark server hosting services, so we have added this category to our website. So, what do you need to make the best possible Ark hosting server?

About Best ARK Server Hosting

In the past two decades, gaming has grown up. It is no longer smirked upon by the high-tech castes, who have embraced it for its flexibility and profitability. When you put the progress of gaming on a timeline, you will see that it hasn’t stopped growing as an industry ever since its creation. While many games are self-sufficient, some function better when you provide some leeway for the game mechanics to do their magic. Ark: Survival Evolved is another in the long line of games that run better when assisted externally, and in the last four years, this game has shown us that not only does it run better when hosted on an outside server, but that it has to be if you really want to have fun.

ARK servers are usually large, bearing dozens, if not hundreds of player slots, which can place a lot of stress on your machine. However, since you wouldn’t be here if you were looking for free Ark server hosting, you probably know that you have to pay to enjoy your game in peace. Alternatively you can host your own Ark Server, if you have the expertise and are willing to put in the time. In this category, we will bring you the best Ark server hosting platforms to make your choice easier. We’ll even show you how to choose the best Ark Hosting for you.

Importance of ARK Server slots

All of the best ARK: Survival Evolved server hosting platforms we present here have at least one thing in common – they all come with a limited number of player slots. As you may suspect, player slots are the number of players that can join your server. Usually, the servers with the weakest infrastructure will only allow for 10-15 slots, but those with higher capacity may go in the hundreds. There are a lot of slot packages offered up in the industry, but the rule usually goes – the more slots you want, the less they cost per slot. However, that also means you pay more since there are indeed, more slots.

If you want to get the best ARK dedicated server hosting with only 10 slots, it’s likely that they will cost you anywhere between a dollar and two dollars per slot, depending on the company. However, if you want to create your own server to monetize, or if for any other reason, you want a server with hundreds of slots, usually the price will be between 23 and 50 cents per slot. Companies will usually offer some form of a money-back guarantee which may last between 24 hours and a week, depending on the hosting company. Decent but free Ark server hosting is hard to find, so until you do, you’ll want to make sure you can get your money back if you don’t like the service. Usually, hosting services will accept American, Australian or Canadian Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds as payment but this may be expanded to other currencies such as Russian Rubles and Danish Kroner.

Features and Mods for Best ARK Hosting

Before you go rent or buy ARK: Survival Evolved server hosting, you should know what you’re going to use it for. Do you want to play on The Island or do you want to diversify your game with various features and mods that aren’t part of the standard layout? Your Ark server host may be able to provide some or many of these features and mods. There are two types of features in Ark: Survival Evolved – the standard ones and the exclusive ones. While the standard ones include supported platforms, type of control panel, protection against DDoS attacks and debranding, advanced ones such as cluster support and procedural map generation are also part of the game but may sometimes be pricey if you don’t get them for free.

In the beginning, the type of hosting platform you wanted to run your game on mattered a lot since there was no cross playing available. That is to say, people playing on Xbox couldn’t interact with those playing on PC. Now that issue is no longer in place, but it’s still nice to know what kind of platform your server is running on. Cheap Ark server hosting will usually come with as few features as possible, but you can always find a hosting service that won’t cost as much and will still provide many or all of the features you need.

Also, you will need to keep an eye out for mods. If you want to play Ark vanilla, stick to The Island and fortify as much as you want, but if you want to go off-road, you’re going to want to pay attention to the modding services offered by hosting companies. These are usually things like 1-click mod installations, auto-updating mods, a GUI for managing your mods and even mod support from the hosting company. The perfect hosting company will have all of these included in the price, not paid separately.

Finally, you’re going to want to concentrate on maintenance features available with your server, such as FTP access, location switching, automatic backups and updates and so on. Alongside these, companies will often provide 24/7 customer support through email, live chat and sometimes a ticket system, which can be vital to preserving the type of gameplay you want on your server.