Trend Micro Antivirus Software Review

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Trend Micro

rating: 3.5
  • Uses web reputation technology to ensure you're browsing safe websites
  • Safegaurd for Children tool - to help protect junior computer users
  • Protection for up to 10 devices

Trend Micro Antivirus Software


A market leader providing internet security for the past 30 years, and counting. Has created innovative cybersecurity products for enterprises and small businesses.

By Moses Mbuva | 26th July 2018

Trend Micro Inc. is a cybersecurity and defense company founded in Los Angeles, California. It offers packages providing maximum security and powerful protection for up to 10 devices, internet security for up to 3 devices, antivirus and security for your PC and Mac, as well as mobile security, password manager tool and home network security. Trend Micro Antivirus security is excellent for blocking viruses by using web reputation technology to stop you from entering websites with hidden malware that might tamper with your software.

Package Features and Highlights

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security – Offers email protection (protects your email from various scams), safe web browsing (blocks suspicious websites that might harm your PC), avoids web threats (ransomware and other online dangers) and blocks/stops viruses and malicious software attacks (supports one Windows device).

Trend Micro Internet Security – Offers email protection, safe web browsing, avoids ransomware, stops viruses and software attacks, and features a ‘safeguard’ for your children (allows your children to surf the web safely, block unsafe content, and gives you the option to limit the time they browse and the content they can explore). Supporting up to 3 Windows devices, this package will completely shield your privacy on social media and block various dangerous websites from stealing your personal data. It guarantees a ‘faster and smoother’ system performance and fixes common problems at top speed.

Trend Micro Maximum Security – Offers safeguards against email scams, safe web browsing, protection against ransomware, avoid web threats (up to 250+M daily threats), keeps your children’s web experience safe, and secures your privacy on suspicious websites. Supporting up to 10 devices (available for Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS) including mobiles, this package will also protect and manage your passwords and secure your transactions.

PackageOld Prices (per year)Save (%)New Prices (per year)
Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security$39.9525%$29.95
Trend Micro Internet Security$79.9550%$39.95
Trend Micro Maximum Security$89.9556%$49.95
Best For

It’s most compatible with Microsoft Edge users, working seamlessly without the need to install a browser extension. Edge doesn’t allow third-party extensions in its browser and for most antiviruses, it’s difficult to warn users about dangerous sites or stop malware from downloading onto their browser. However, Trend Micro is able to warn you, an in-browser message will pop up whenever you might be in danger. It’s good for people who want a security suite with a quite simple and easy to navigate interface.

Trend Micro has the reputation for building security products that are easy to use. Parents who want to protect their children from cybercriminals can download the products including the ‘safeguard for children’ tool, which will limit their web experience and ensure that they’re browsing safely. In addition, we recommend it to people who want good malware protection.

Highly efficient at protecting you from malicious websitesAverage firewall protection, as Trend Micro Maximum Security relies on the Windows Firewall to protect you against various malicious software attacks
The user interface is easy to use and simple for beginnersThe Trend Micro Antivirus+ security does not include a vulnerability scan, as most other anti-viruses do.
The antivirus tool is good at detecting and removing threats
Uses web reputation technology to ensure you're browsing websites that are safe and malware-free
What They Offer
  • Safeguard for possible email scams
  • Parental controls
  • Security for your mobile devices
  • Fixing and optimizing systems
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Safety on social media
  • Protection and managing of your passwords
  • Financial protection
Ease of Use

It’s incredibly simple and easy to use, especially for beginners and people with less knowledge when it comes to using computers or software. Trend Micro Maximum Security provides an interface which is reliable and easy to use. The central console is divided into a few main sections that cover every aspect of your provided security tools:  Device, Privacy, Data, and Family. However, what’s most noticeable is the big Scan button in the very middle of the interface. Once you click or tap on it, Trend Micro Maximum Security will scan your device for viruses, malware, and other harmful threats.

While it is straightforward to download, Trend Micro does take a while to unpack its files during the installation. Once that’s over, you can select the language you prefer and customize your settings to make your browsing experience danger-free and stress-free. The installation doesn’t take much time, and once it’s over, we recommend you provide your email address to Trend Micro for various notifications and useful offers and news.

Detection Rates and Reliability

Trend Micro has a strong reputation for being fully reliable and having high detection rates. The antivirus engine removes malware threats from Windows almost perfectly, and the web shield is effective in protecting you from malicious websites. However, the firewall protection is average, you can’t set Trend Micro to scan removable drives when you plug them in, it lowers the boot time of your computer together with the browsing speed, and there’s no VPN service included.

Help and Support

Trend Micro provides its users with simple and efficient contact support options. You can chat with a Technical Support Engineer, ask a team member through Facebook Messenger, call Standard Support or Premium Hotline.

US address: 225 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 1500, Irving, Texas, 75062 U.S.A.

US Phone number: +1 (817) 569-8900

Trend Micro has offices worldwide as shown on their official webpage, along with their phone numbers and addresses.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro was founded in 1988 and has continued to show excellent results throughout its existence. Its IT specialists and advanced AI make them a leader in their field, a title well earned by the company since they excel in server, and endpoint security. Trend Micro will help you protect your devices, as well as your online presence at an affordable price and with undisputed efficiency.

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Moses Mbuva
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