AVG Antivirus Software Review

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AVG rating: 5
  • High results when tested independently for malware protection
  • Compatible on Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Highly rated free and premium versions
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One of the most popular antivirus programs available. With this award-winning security, get protection against harmful viruses, malware, and spyware. 

By Aleksandar Spasov | 7th August 2018

AVG Antivirus, in its essence, provides simple antivirus protection on a basic level. The software has amazing scores regarding swift malware attacks, as well as an efficient detection of most commonly found malware. It works on Windows, Mac, and Android. While AVG offers paid subscriptions, the free version works just fine for the casual user.

Package Features and Highlights

AVG Antivirus Free – Stops viruses, ransomware, and the most widely spread malware threats. AVG Antivirus performs scheduled scans for PC performance problems and security updates in real time. In addition, it enables users to remove viruses remotely, using a mobile phone. This package doesn’t eliminate all possible intrusions to your system, but it does a good job eliminating what it detects.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition – This upgrade is quick to install, ensures hardened 24/7 protection, and a free email and phone support. It offers different features such as CyberCapture and Surf-Shield, as well as anti-spyware options, data encryption, file server security, a file shredder and more. It continues to provide protection against unwanted spam, tricky viruses, malicious malware, and even hackers.

AVG Internet Security – This software provides stronger computer protection, including added tools against spyware, ransomware, rootkits, fake websites, and Trojans. Moreover, users receive real-time scans, USB and DVD securing, and safer family network as the connection between all devices is synchronized and updated accordingly. Another bonus to this subscription plan is the Antivirus PRO which is designed especially for Androids.

AVG Ultimate – A combination between AVG Internet Security and AVG TuneUp Unlimited – users get PC, MAC, and/or Android optimization. The systems run smoother, faster, and in higher levels of efficiency. The pleasant addition to the picture is that every package comes with a 30-day free trial. You can try it, and see if you like how it works first-hand.

Package Price (per year)
AVG Antivirus Business Edition $35.99
AVG Internet Security $79.99
AVG Ultimate $99.99
Best For

AVG Antivirus is best suited for users with basic virus protection needs. The software is light, doesn’t slow down your system’s speed, and it doesn’t take up too much space. If you are looking for a quick set-up and excellent virus protection tools, AVG may be your desired antivirus aid.

Both beginners and professionals in computer engagement can benefit from AVG. From the easy install to the in-depth protection options, AVG Antivirus is as flexible software as they come. Users can start with the basics and then excel at antivirus proficiency with the upgraded software. The good thing is that all subscription plans present you with a high-end antivirus service.

PC, Mac, and Android users who do not wish to spend an abundance of extra funds on antivirus software will find AVG a perfect match for their needs. You can avoid spending unnecessary amounts on heavy antivirus software, and still receive the optimal defense against malicious threats.

Pros Cons
Fully functioning on-access protection for Windows, Mac, and Android Fewer bonus features than most rivals on the market
Surprisingly high results when tested independently for malware protection Average performance regarding more specific digital protection (anti-phishing)
Fast, easy-to-use, friendly interface
Accessible for proficient use even by novices in the field
What They Offer
  • Advanced antivirus module
  • AVG firewall
  • Private files protection via Data Safe Module
  • Webcam protection
  • Web and Email shield
  • Basic ransomware protection
Ease of Use

According to all performance tests, AVG is extremely easy to use with a user-friendly interface and a handy toolbar. Users of any expertise level can navigate through the AVG platform without a sweat. AVG is especially suited for people with less free time as it offers one-click scans and resolution processes. You can repair your computer while avoiding unneeded terminology and complicated actions.

The AVG software shows clearly what, how, and when something puts your computer at risk. It also presents various options for problem-solving, depending on your package choice. While advanced versions of the program may slow your device a bit, they wouldn’t disrupt your normal activity flow. The Smart Scanning feature adds up to that, too. While your computer is inactive, it “orders” the software to operate in optimal mode. Once the device becomes active, Smart Scanning shifts to low priority mode.

Detection Rates and Reliability

AVG Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus software out there. If not the very best. It scores amazingly when “attacked” by 0-day malware threats, and it shines at detecting common malware, and even ransomware. When we add the password manager, the secure web browser, and real-time scans/updates, AVG Antivirus becomes the most notable candidate for many users.

Help and Support

The AVG website offers users a complex list of topics in the desire to answer all possible questions. However, if your issue isn’t addressed online, then you can contact the customer support team, who are readily available 24/7. In addition to that, you can browse the Youtube AVG Channel for further information, or just to learn a thing or two. For the most dedicated users, there is a Premium Support option, depending on their preferences.

You can contact them via telephone on 0844 894 1000, or write to them at:

Olympic House, 995 Doddington Road, Lincoln, LN6 3SE, United Kingdom

About AVG

The history of the brand begins in 1991, although “AVG” first surfaced as a name in the industry in 1992, following Grisoft’s first product – “Anti-Virus Guard”, in the Czech Republic. In the following years, their license reached to UK, Germany and the U.S. The company strives to deliver flawless antivirus software and spans its services to Windows, macOS, and Android. With over 600,000 business partners and 27 years of expanding their idea, AVG seems to become better and better with each successful virus scan.

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Aleksandar Spasov
Aleksander is a freelancer from Bulgaria. He's travelled and is still travelling around the the world and has been writing and studying as he goes. He describes himself as a bit of a word freak and this is clear from his studies in English and Journalism. Although he is knowledgeable in a lot of areas, he has been researching and writing about anti-virus as his most recent interest. Read more.
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